Fauci misled Americans on COVID; ‘I was stunned at what I saw,’ Dr. Scott Atlas says

Dr. Scott Atlas had a front-row seat at the White House as a member of President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force. Now, he’s telling all in a new book, “A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America.”

“The American people need to know the level of incompetence, the lack of rigor, the lack of critical thinking. I was stunned at what I saw,” Atlas says of his time at the White House. “We had bureaucrats in charge of the policy and that policy was the restrictions and lockdowns. And it failed.”

Atlas blames three public health officials: Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator; Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; and Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

He joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about his time on Trump’s task force, President Joe Biden’s failures, and a new academy he founded at Hillsdale College.

Watch the full interview by The Daily Signal.


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8 thoughts on “Fauci misled Americans on COVID; ‘I was stunned at what I saw,’ Dr. Scott Atlas says

    • Spot on!

      The Breggins book is another good one. Global predators: exactly what’s happening. And we ARE the prey.

      At some point this will snowball and the people who are in denial– “oh, that can’t be true!”– will have no choice but to open their eyes and see.

  1. It’s interesting to note that the recent VT DOH Covid Dashboard states that 100% of Vermonters 65 years of age and older have received at least one dose of the vaccines. Based on what I read here and on VDC, I find this statistic as hard to believe as the rest of VT DOH’s numbers.

    • We’re a 70+ couple, not vaxxed, guess the 100% number is as fake as it looks.
      Why would anyone in their right mind believe this stuff?

      And get your hands off the pregnant women and children.
      Are you insane?
      Do you think we are that stupid?
      The emperor has no clothes.
      Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. Spot on.

    According to RFK, Jr., Fauci virtually controls the NIH, which is the parent organization of his NIAID. He directs many billions in funding that goes out to his principle investigators (PIs,) who are mostly academics who give him the studies he wants or else they’re no longer PIs.

    This is in the tradition of butchered science that serves pharmaceutical interests that’s been going on for some time. See here: https://rosemarycottageclinic.co.uk/blog/2020/01/15/corruption-of-medical-research-in-the-words-of-the-worlds-top-journal-editors/ Books have been written about the widespread corruption of medical science. But, they’re not going to teach this in medical school even though it’s well-documented, if the medical school depends on funding and research grants from pharma (and from Fauci.) The public won’t hear about this when, for example, Pfizer sponsors the news.

    Redfield and Birx formerly led the military’s AIDS research, and in 1998 they both published a paper in the NEJM claiming that the AIDS vaccine they’d developed was curing AIDS at Walter Reed. But, the data was fabricated, and an officer accused Redfield of engaging in data manipulation and inappropriate statistical analysis. An Air Force tribunal on scientific fraud found Redfield’s work unethical and recommended full investigation by an outside body. Redfield confessed that his vaccine was worthless but avoided a court martial because by then huge funds were flowing to AIDS research and no one wanted to jeopardize that funding by highlighting a bad actor. (RFK, Jr’s book, page 281.)

    Birx was a lifelong protege to both Redfield and Fauci.

    Fauci, of course, specializes in manipulating science, so Redfield and Birx and he were the perfect trio. Fauci cut his teeth on manipulating science to sell dangerous and expensive AIDS drugs for the pharmaceutical industry, and this trick involved one more necessary element that Fauci became expert in: brutally suppressing safe, inexpensive treatments so that the pharmaceutical products would find daylight.

    This is what we’re up against. It all depends on fraud, and Fauci is the master of it. The VT DOH is being paid off through Covid money and NIH grants and who knows what else, so they look the other way while this massive fraud is perpetuated. Covid could have been over in early 2020 but that’s not what the fraudsters wanted. People have died but they don’t care: their agenda siphons money from you and me through tax dollars that the US government uses to buy vaccines and other products from big pharma, and pharma consolidates power and wealth while the wealth and well-being of we, the people, is wrecked in the process, to be replaced by government handouts and “treatments” that make us subservient.

    The truth is coming out and there will be hell to pay.

  3. Thank you Lord.

    Look at this a second opinion, from a doctor, oh the horror. Once people get off their smart phone propaganda feeds and investigate, ther is a whole new world out there.

    Thank you True North, thank you for being a beacon of free speech in a state where open commentary, science, truth and love are void. Thank you, thank you, thank you….

    And all they wanted for Christmas was

    math + protocol
    Mono clonal antibodies
    Vitamin D, Zinc, Aspirin

    Will our governor allow our medical system to operate with the patients best interest? Or the United Nations?

    Where is the VTGOP on all of this? They are very late to the party. Many people are wondering what is going on???.? Here is an open forum of free speech and nothing is being said. Talking doesn’t even cost any money. So what gives?

    Are you waiting for national to national to tell you what to do??? Lol
    Are you waiting for national to help us out?
    Uniparty does not workin the interst of the people, you need to chose.
    Uniparty does not defend the constitution, you need to chose.

    Is power and money your idol?

    If you wonder why your bank account is empty, here’s your sign.

    • Dear VTGOP,

      There are spheres of authority. By Gods grace and the people of VERMONT , you are placed in a leadership role. All ultimate authority comes from God. Yes we are supposed to follow our boss, so yes national has some authority.

      However, when people are needlessly dropping dead, because we do not allow easy simple, affordable means of treating cOvid, all in the name of power, money and control, I think we are completely missing the point.

      Love God with all your heart. ( not national GOP)
      Love your neighbor as yourself.

      Saving the life of your neighbor, attempting to save their life would be a wonderful first step.

      For many of us this would be a wonderful Christmas present. Take the step, be bold, have faith. Even if you go down, you’ll go down showing love. God Speed.

      Merry Christnas

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