Letter: The real ‘threat to democracy’

Editor’s note: This letter is by Kathy Wagner, of Sandgate.

I read a short summary of the discussion of the Bennington 4 candidates, Joe Gervais, Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz. Why is it that Democrats want to demonize everyone who went to the Washington, D.C., rally on Jan 6, 2021? They can’t get off the ‘threat to democracy’ narrative. I wonder if Mr. Bongartz was as sick to his stomach in the summer of 2020 when their Democrat controlled cities were ravaged by BLM and Antifa — breaking store windows, stealing whatever they could carry, burning buildings, cars and beating up innocent civilians? Did you come out against that Mr. Bongartz? No attempts were made to get that months-long chaos and destruction under control.

To me the real threat to democracy is the policies of this Democrat run administration which are destroying our economy, our culture and our sovereignty. Most destructive perhaps is the ideological curriculum that is seeping into our grade schools. Rather than teaching civics, U.S. and world history, reading and math, the Democrats are becoming obsessed with white supremacy, hating our great nation, gender identity and social justice issues. Does that prepare our youth with a positive outlook for a successful future? I don’t think so.

Regarding what Ms. James said about renewable energy in contrast to “rid(ing) the wild swings of global oil prices”: under President Trump we were energy independent and prices were low. Can you say the same for costs of solar and wind? Vermont is one of the least sunny states in the Union and wind must be pretty constant to provide even minimal energy. Ask the Germans how their green policies are working for them now.

I’ll be just voting for Joe Gervais.

Kathy Wagner

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2 thoughts on “Letter: The real ‘threat to democracy’

  1. For me,,,thier “democracy is nothing more than all the corrupt thieving ways they’ve manipulated We The People through all thier smoke and mirrors magic games. Where intricate ponzi shemes and pilfering of our hard earned sweat equity,,,and it all came to a halt in 2016 when finally someone who KNEW all about thier BS and thievery decided to run for president. THAT”S the real THREAT to thier “democracy”,,,the lies exposed, the truth be known, thier wole house of marked cards came tumbling down,,,and STILL they panic over losing the rest of thier “democracy” We are a Constitutional Republic, and will never be anything else. The jig is up, the ship is sinking, and the rats are scrambling. It’s over, and if not this day then very soon and they know it,,,those that are still asleep, I guess deserve to be, but the rest,,,now are wide awake 🙂

  2. The Progressives are Fascists. They are Utopians. That fallacy was strongly held at the beginning of the twentieth century, the belief that the nation could be far more efficiently run by a national government, that free market competition was so wasteful that once government took over we’d all live on the Big Rock Cand Mountain, that all our needs would be met by a few hours of work a day. Some even proposed community kitchens where (efficient, waste-free) meals would be served to all (think of the efficiency if we all lived in dormitories). Some countries tried it: Germany, Italy (hard to imagine that), Spain, the USSR. It didn’t work, but the Progressives are still convinced they can do it, they won’t make the mistakes of their forebearers. Which is why King Biden’s regime is operating so smoothly, giving us everything we need. Problem: They decide what you need and how much, not you.

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