Less than 25% of US adults say they would get a COVID vaccine right away

By Kaylee Greenlee

Only 22% of American adults said they would get an approved coronavirus vaccine right away, according to a new survey by research firm Civic Science.

Nearly 18% of respondents said they would wait six months or more to get a vaccine that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, while 17% were unsure about when they would get an approved vaccine, according to Civic Science. However, responses to the amount of time someone would wait to receive a vaccine did not mean they weren’t worried about the pandemic, according to the survey.

“Despite surging COVID cases, it’s clear that hesitancy to receive a future vaccine that will very well lessen the potency of the virus is running rampant across the country,” according to Civic Science.

“Just because people would wait months or more doesn’t mean they are not concerned about what’s happening,” according to Civic Science.

Respondents who said they would wait for the longest before getting an approved vaccine said they were “much more or somewhat more concerned” about the coronavirus recently, according to Civic Science.

Whether the respondents knew someone who contracted the coronavirus appeared to impact their decision on when they would receive a vaccination, according to Civic Science. Respondents who said they would not get the vaccine at any time were most likely to not know anyone who was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Respondents who knew someone that had the coronavirus were just as likely to say they would get the vaccine right away as say they were unsure, according to Civic Science.

Americans between the ages of 35-54 years old were slightly less likely than the rest of the adult population, those 18 to 34 and over 55, to say that they would receive a vaccine immediately, according to Civil Science.

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2 thoughts on “Less than 25% of US adults say they would get a COVID vaccine right away

  1. I think 25% is even generous.
    Howie Carr in Boston did a Poll Question Of The Day asking if people would take this and only 3% said Yes.

    This anti-vax movement is huge and it’s been going on for a long time now.. well over 10 years.
    I don’t know anyone at all that has said they are taking this.
    Why would you want to take a vaccine for something with almost 100% recovery rate?

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