Statehouse Video: Lawmakers consider panel to look for ‘systemic racism’ in state government

In recent weeks, the House Committee on Government Operations has been evaluating a measure, S.281, that would set up a five-member panel to look for “systemic racism” and racial disparities in state government. The bill also would create a Chief Civil Rights Officer within the executive branch.

Watch video of the committee hearings held at the Vermont Statehouse.

S.281 – Systemic Racism Mitigation (4/11/18)

S.281 – Systemic Racism Mitigation (4/4/18)

3 thoughts on “Statehouse Video: Lawmakers consider panel to look for ‘systemic racism’ in state government

  1. Systemic racism against whites is OK, since “white” isn’t a race…
    Funny though, it used to be about hiring the most qualified, regardless of race. White people have turned themselves inside-out over guilt about “racism”. It was never about equal rights and justice though. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three do.
    Imagine a world in which we are judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. Nahhh, that’s raycisss!

  2. Any chance we could have a panel to ferret out systemic ignorance, especially of economics and the Constitution?

  3. This nonsense looks like just what is – nonsense – and a cleverly disguised attempt by the State to establish a state-run quota system in Vermont. If an employee doesn’t choose the minority in a job interview no matter how better qualified the other applicants are, then that decision will be labeled racism and the outcomes will be awful for the employee and the other applicants. Fear works in dictatorships. How many minorities are there in Vermont? It can’t be a large group either of minorities or immigrants or even illegal immigrants. So what is the game plan here? Likely more state control of behavior through intimidation and produce growth in convenient political job choices.

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