Klar video: ‘I’ve had more of my signs stolen’

“I’ve been horribly attacked, my signs are being stolen, and to me that’s just a reflection on the other side. Let’s keep having the conversation and having our free speech rights here in Vermont.”

7 thoughts on “Klar video: ‘I’ve had more of my signs stolen’

  1. Sometimes what is most important, is not what is being said, buy what is not being said and what is not being done and by whom?

    for example?

    Where’s the governor on “toning down the rhetoric?”

    Where’s the party on their “fair play?”

    Vermont is the mondern day roman empire, king of cancel culture. Instead of cancelling those how speak the truth on crosses…..they are more “sophisticated” and censor, ban, steal and fire you from your job, to get you to do what they want.

    Remember 2 years ago? Canceling businesses?????????????
    for what??????

    Reporting to the police stolen property…..

  2. John, we all know the only way DemocRATs can win is to cheat, or in your case
    steal your political signs, as we can see Vermont has an overabundance of fools.

    Too bad these clowns don’t understand, we all know who John Klar is, and what you
    stand for…………… and that’s Vermont !!

  3. As much as I appreciate John’s efforts to bring civility and fairness into Vermont’s political cesspool, I wish he’d get more fire and brimstone behind his retorts. We are in a war with a far-left/RINO army that has no reservations to playing down and dirty. They are well financed and well organized. John, as well as many others in the VTGOP, need to decide once and for all: play along like a well trained elephant or pick up the Sword and start swinging it with authority. Otherwise, it’s all just rhetoric and pantomime.

  4. The left has run out of idea’s that support what the public wants so their only
    option to continue their destruction of our current society is bully tactics and criminal
    activity. stealing signs, voter fraud, blatant lies, which they know the leftist media will
    cover for them.. Keep up the fight John, your winning by being a big threat to their
    agenda and their showing they know it by their actions.. if we could just drill this into
    the drone voters we’d be all set.

    • Possibly a good idea would be to electrify the signs… a good ‘ol shocking
      may put the thief’s willingness to destroy what’s not theirs on hold…

  5. Democrats and progressives steal signs. They cheat, they lie, slander and bully, and they never pay a price for these actions It is unreal.

  6. Mr. Klar, you must keep in mind that your political and ideological opponents delude themselves into thinking that they always hold the moral high ground and ANY activities they engage in, legal or otherwise are justified in their minds. That is what freedom-minded Vermonters are up against.

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