Josh Hawley, Bernie Sanders team up, pressure Congress for direct stimulus checks

By Andrew Trunsky

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley and Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders joined forces Thursday, introducing an amendment that would provide direct cash payments to Americans as part of any additional coronavirus relief that Congress passes.

The unlikely allies agree that Congress should not leave Washington before passing a relief package, and that any such package must include direct payments to help mitigate the economic hardship inflicted on millions of Americans due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“What I want to make clear today is that this must be part of any COVID relief package and if there isn’t a COVID relief package, then I want a vote on this stand-alone legislation,” Hawley told reporters Thursday.

“You can’t tell me you can’t find $300 billion for working families. You just can’t tell me that isn’t possible,” Hawley added.

“It is absolutely imperative that we provide $1,200 for every working-class adult and $500 for each of their children,” Sanders said during a speech on the Senate floor Thursday. “Congress cannot go home until we address this crisis.”

While several Democrats have called for direct cash payments for working families, most congressional Republicans have objected over the price tag, citing the need to address the already record-high federal deficit.

The Trump administration proposed a $916 billion plan this week that included $600 stimulus checks, but Democrats rejected the offer since it excluded any federal unemployment assistance.

Moderate lawmakers from both parties compromised on a $908 billion plan that included $300 unemployment checks for 16 weeks. Though the plan has the backing of congressional Democrats and President-elect Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has objected over the bill’s size and its lacking of a liability shield for businesses from coronavirus-related lawsuits.

Republican leadership has accused Sanders of threatening to delay the passage of a stopgap bill to keep the government funded unless his and Hawley’s proposal gets a vote, an accusation that Sanders did not deny Thursday when pressed by reporters.

“Let’s play it by ear,” Sanders said, according to Roll Call. “They can blame me for anything they want… But people back home by the millions are going to be blaming this Congress for inaction for leaving their children to go hungry or get evicted.”

Hawley has said that he will support a stopgap bill, but will continue to press Congress to pass a bill that includes direct cash payments as well.

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5 thoughts on “Josh Hawley, Bernie Sanders team up, pressure Congress for direct stimulus checks

  1. Bernie,

    Where in hades do you think these Socialist-inspired checks come from?

    You think they just grow like leaves on a tree?

    Are you some kind of Santa Claus?

    You were rejected way back in the Primaries.

    You never made it to the finals.

  2. Bernie’s desire to keep socialist / liberals in his pocket, give money away to attract attention.

    When BO was running for Prez, it was on the net about a young girl in FL that said she’ll vote for BO. She would get a free car, free gas and many other things, free. I wonder how she made out. Wish the media would have a followup story about her life style now and how did it turn out for her.

    Wonder how the free money Bernie’s dishing out will turn out for them. Free money, no working for it.

  3. I don’t agree with any of this.

    End this fake scamdemic, which they are now openly calling a Re-Set..
    End it all and let people get back to work in the normal fashion.
    We The People own this nation and we are all done with this baloney, let people get back to living their lives and there will be no need to further sink our country into even deeper debt.

    Americans don’t want money from the government, we want to get back to work.

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