Bernie Sanders, Democrats mourn executed man who set two youth ministers on fire

By Jake Dima

A host of Democratic politicians said the execution of a man convicted of burning two youth ministers in 1999 was an injustice in Friday social media posts.

Brandon Bernard, 40, was killed by lethal injection following a two-decade old conviction lighting a vehicle on fire after an accomplice robbed, shot and dumped two youth ministers in the trunk, according to CBS News. Bernard, who became the ninth federal inmate to be executed in 2020, was the subject of pleas to commute his sentence from numerous celebrities and advocates, CBS reported.

“Brandon Bernard should be alive today,” Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote. “We must end all federal executions and abolish the death penalty. In a world of incredible violence, the state should not be involved in premeditated murder.”

“This is absolutely sickening,” Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted. “Brandon Bernard should still be alive. Abolish the death penalty.”

“Let’s call this what it is: state-sanctioned murder,” Democratic Missouri Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush tweeted. “I’m thinking of Brandon Bernard and his family—the system failed them. We cannot allow this to continue. The Biden-Harris administration should commute the sentence of every single person on federal death row.”

Bernard’s legal team raised a concern that both the youth ministers, Todd and Stacie Bagley, were dead by the time he lit the car ablaze, and five out of the nine jurors who originally sentenced him to death said they would have decided life in prison had the information been available at trial, according to CBS. The 40-year-old’s attorneys made a last minute plea to the Supreme Court on Thursday ahead of his execution, but their motion was denied, CBS reported.

“Without this process, my family and I would not have the closure needed to move on in life,” Tod Bagley’s mother said, according to CBS. “It has been very difficult to wait 21 years for the sentence that was imposed by the Judge and Jury on those who cruelly participated in the destruction of our children, to be finally completed.”

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8 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders, Democrats mourn executed man who set two youth ministers on fire

  1. If the victims were in The Bern’s direct family members and had to suffer through the legal system sitting and listening to the defense posturing to vindicate the perpetrator, have him lavish in prison many years while wanting justice to be served. Let’s hear the reality aspect Bern.

    Running for Prez again to lose, but make mega $$$$? No sympathies here. I have crying towels for you.

  2. It’s always the same thing with all of these people on the Left.
    The person that committed the crime is the victim and the real actual victims are just ignored.

    It’s dangerous now to live in a deep blue state because if you are ever the victim of a crime, there is a good chance that you might not see justice.
    The whole system is sympathetic to the criminal and not the victims.

  3. It just goes to show how off the rails the independent socialist and the other wrong thinking democrats have gone. Not a tear for the victims just a whole lot of compassion for vicious killers

  4. This thug was NOT put to death by being locked into a car trunk, set afire, He had a trial!
    He was NOT to be burned to death, while being asphyziated
    Who says they were dead, not just injured, when locked in the trunk

    How did Scott and Stacy get dead? Not by their own hands! A gang of murderers!
    What happenned to the someone’s who did kill these two victims.

  5. This is just another POS, that got what he deserved and justice was served,
    just think of the atrocity this animal did to these two !!

    Something his victims didn’t deserve………………….

  6. Why would anyone want to deny the death sentence to someone who has not only earned it but someone who has demonstrated by his own actions his approval of killing, even his approval of killing individuals who almost certainly did not agree to be killed?

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