Joint Rules Committee approves vax and test policy for all who enter Capitol Complex

The Joint Rules Committee of the Vermont Legislature on Wednesday approved a vaccination and testing policy for legislators, legislative staff and members of the public who wish to enter legislative spaces in the Capitol Complex.


The Vermont Statehouse

The policy, published on the General Assembly legislative web site yesterday, applies to the Statehouse, 1 Baldwin St., 2 Aiken Ave., 4 Aiken Ave., 133 State St., 109 State St. “and other locations being used for legislative purposes.”

The requirements for entry, according to the final approved draft, include that all individuals must comply with the Legislative Face Mask Policy written by the committee on Sept. 7.

In addition, legislators and legislative staff are “strongly recommended to perform” a weekly, at-home rapid COVID-19 test provided by the General Assembly, and show negative results to enter any legislative space. Moreover, they must either prove “fully protected vaccination against COVID-19,” or provide proof of “a negative NAAT COVID-19 test” each week.

All members of the public who wish to enter the Capitol Complex “are strongly recommended to demonstrate fully protected vaccination against COVID-19, or on a weekly basis provide proof of a negative NAAT1 COVID-19 test.”

The policy, if subsequently approved by the Rules Committee of each body, takes effect Jan. 3, 2022.

Full details of the committee’s legislative vaccination and test policy may be read online here.

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13 thoughts on “Joint Rules Committee approves vax and test policy for all who enter Capitol Complex

  1. Fortunately, the disconnected thugs in Montpelier have grown so boldly accustomed to enriching themselves while subjugating Vermonters with impunity, that they do not perceive how much they will help conservative candidates in 2022. The more extreme the government’s violations of basic rights and civility, the more true Vermonters will rise up, wherever born and from whatever political perspective.

  2. this is more difficult than going to hospital….


    Gov says nothing…
    VTGOP says nothing…..

    Uniparty grows stronger, much stronger when no light shines on them.

  3. Welcome to Chinarmont. Where only the privileged, approved, indoctrinated, controlled, and brain washed can participate by paying to play.
    Government holding citizenry hostage using a sales pitch that profits ONLY the pharmaceutical companies (since the efficacy of these jabs is clearly a BIG FAIL) to maintain their steep rise in profits over the past two years (BILLIONS AND BILLIONS…more money than you and I will see in 10 lifetimes) is called a COMMUNIST FASCIST GOVERNMENT.
    NAME IT.
    Resist. Do not comply.

    Oh…and if they won’t allow us to participate in government?
    Throw the tyrants out!
    The oldest way of dealing with tyrannical legislators, governors and leaders is tarring and feathering, benign relative to the crimes against humanity these so called Vermonters are enacting against their families, neighbors and friends, let alone constituents.

    We cannot access government now without permission.
    Grok that.

    • Pretty convenient huh? It most assuredly will keep out anyone who believes in science and freedom! The people’s house, lol.

      Everybody else is pretty much back to work as normal, but not the leaders.

      What sayeth the VTGOP? They are very, very quiet while our whole state is being openly subverted. Could they be uniparty right? Oh it can’t it can’t be true?

      When the VTGOP does nothing while people are needlessly dropping dead in hospitals because we don’t allow simple treatments used world wide.

      When the VTGOP does nothing when the people’s house has draconian rules for admission, not applied anywhere else, NOT even HOSPITALS.

      You have a party aiding and abetting the enemy, you have a group led by New world Order pimps….we need to rid ourselves of these allegiances.

      The VTGOP is co-conspirator, that is why they are broke! That is why 112,704 peolpe stand by and give no support. That is why they can’t recruit.

      That is why our star is in the spot we are. We promote and allow, people like Benning, trouble makes in the party and they run for Lt Gov! That is how Molly Gray got inoffice, because Benning and company didn’t ask for a judges ruling, she didn’t meet the qualifications to hold office!

      If we do not prove the party, do us all a favor and change the name to uniparty right. We voter see no difference.

  4. I’ll have more to say about all this later, but for now I’d like to alert readers to two developments regarding the vaccines:

    1. RFK, Jr’s new book on Fauci. This demonstrates that Fauci has been busy manipulating drug trials for some time with regard to dangerous AIDS drugs like AZT. Children were used in trials without informed consent or required legal guardians, and trial authorities manipulated these children cruelly (even allowing some to die without stopping treatment); Africans were subjected to extremely poorly run trials with dangerous drugs without informed consent, in order to push through approval. This has been happening for years; these AIDS drugs were Fauci’s baby, and he deliberately sabotaged safe, inexpensive treatments in order to push through these expensive and dangerous drugs (sound familiar?) Everything in the book is carefully referenced. Central fact: drug trials have been deliberately manipulated to get approval of dangerous and ineffective but expensive drugs, and this is largely business-as-usual, and Fauci was a major player in this. It’s about the appearance of science, but the reality of malfeasance.

    2. This video shreds the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial and points out clear violations of accepted scientific protocol for drug trials. The Pfizer trial also gives the appearance of science but the reality of malfeasance. The efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine is, in reality, far below the purported 95% number; it’s actually below 1%.

    So from these two sources we can see that this malfeasance has been going on for some time. We’re not just being experimented on with dangerous vaccines, but we’re part of a tradition of malfeasance at the highest levels. No amount of song-and-dance can alter the hard facts concerning this. No amount of song-and-dance can cover up that these vaccines cause huge increases in d-dimer blood levels, indicating widespread clotting and accounting for reports of heart attacks and other ailments after vaccination. The attempt to cover up this clear evidence is malfeasance. How about we have “data” on d-dimer levels after vaccination, Dr. Levine? You talk about data all the time: let’s see it.

    Do the Governor and Dr. Levine and our legislators understand that what we are seeing today in the push to get these vaccines out is deliberately manipulated science and data in order to sell product? It’s not real “science” and it’s not real “data.” Stop talking about the science and data– these hardly mean anything anymore, they’ve been so abused– and start talking about integrity and decency, if these things even mean anything to our legislators.

    Vermont wants to be the leader in this and the leader in that. How about we become the leaders in integrity? Or is that a bridge too far for our legislators and our health department?

    The answer to stopping Covid-19 is safe early treatment, but once again Dr. Fauci is up to his old tricks in working to block these. It is not dangerous vaccines, and it certainly isn’t pumping our children with these products, which is the height of negligence.

  5. Totally against forcing the vax or the mask on people. Now, forcing representatives or you can’t get in to do your job. The rules keep changing to better the odds for one team. This is worse than bullying.
    I continue to judge these rule twisting, vax/mask mandators as WRONG and put them on Yahweh of Host’s altar for his righteous action.

  6. lol, What’s it take to get booted from the VTGOP?

    Will they boot him when he raises heath care for people who aren’t sick?

    Guess this isn’t the peoples house anymore, been taken over by the NWO, will the change the flag?

    Uniparty games, the silence is deafening…..

  7. What a bunch of crap/ If the masks work, why the vaxx? If the vaxx work, why the mask? Oh and if you test *negative*, you’ll be allowed in the Statehouse, but still have to wear the mask…even though you don’t have *it*? And, if the vaxx’d and the unvaxx’d can BOTH get this thing and get sick, WHY AREN’T THE VAXX’D BEING TESTED, AS WELL???
    I couldn’t ask this at the live hearing because, of course, the public is not allowed to comment online nor in public.
    “It’s beginning to feel alot like Ger-mannny….”

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