John Klar: The Tax Structure Commission

Vermont’s “Tax Structure Commission” has proposed imposing a sales tax on groceries (including bread!). In truth our Vermont bureaucracy perpetually seeks new “revenue streams” that flow from taxpayer pockets. Vermont’s fiscal stability and future economic health depend on reducing government spending, not fashioning ever more areas to siphon off wealth in the name of “helping” us.

6 thoughts on “John Klar: The Tax Structure Commission

  1. Don’t be concerned. Communist are experts at redistributing income have be doing it for over 70 years. The State will provide. Works like a charm!

    • John Klar for Governor. He knows how to clean the crap out of the barn!!
      and the Capital!!

      Unfortunately our formerly esteemed Gov Scott’s primary skill is to move dirt from one side to the other, not able to clean out the barn of years of whatever dried manure on a barn floor is called.

      John Klar for Governor – time to make the entrenched bureaucracy

  2. The situation shows how the mindless is controlling the state and the mindless that voted for them. On the flip side of controlling is Baruth and company with gun control. The concerned citizen doesn’t have a chance. It seems there’s too much idle time in Montpeculiar. They aren’t being paid for thinking.

    Taxation and gun control, so much for LIFE, LIBERTY AND PROPERTY, was a nice dream. Noticing in the video I wonder if John had the sheep in the video on purpose indicating that the people in VT are like sheep. The sheep are in the barn, the socialists are in the barn under the dome. Anyhow it’s a good comparison.

  3. It’s a tax ponzi scheme. It costs a ton of money to convince the poor that communism is good.

    When have taxes gone down in Vermont?

    Bribe the student with loan forgiveness.
    Bribe the state and teachers retirement fund.
    Bribe the crony capitalists with grant money.

    See they bribe a ton of people in our state, give the money away and guess what they say yes, gee socialism isn’t all that bad. This is how they’ve converted EVERY country and government. It is a complete poverty trap, that benefits cliff? It’s on purpose. You’ll never leave.

    The fix is in. They are hoping you don’t notice how despite having the highest tax rates, money to the poor, the highest minimum wage, Vermont is completely unaffordable! Huh…

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