John Klar: Progressives take over Vermont — Part 3

I have explained in previous installments that the new racism being implemented in the name of social justice is just that — racism against white Vermonters without regard to guilt. Vermont has received a steady influx of progressive “settlers” over the past 50 years, who boast of how they have taken over the state. If locals complain about flatlanders, they are cowed and condemned by the majority newcomers. This ideological colonization is worse than any past invasion — these elitists are overtly racist and proud of it, and manipulate Vermont’s own laws and government to enslave all who do not bow to the new religion. Vermont’s director of racial equity states that Vermonters don’t own their land, and she calls to redistribute land and wealth “equitably” to choke the lives of poor white residents who just wish to live freely.

John Klar

This is how Racial Equity Director Xusana Davis proves Vermont is not racist. Her job position is completely at odds with any concept of white supremacy — she is black and in a position of authority. She is an elite, and a wealthy graduate of two of the most prestigious colleges in America. She gets a fat salary with benefits to denigrate poor white Vermonters who have never experienced her amazing privileges. Hardly a white supremacist government.

Xusana Davis has succeeded as a child of immigrants where American blacks do not. Xusanna is not ADOS (African Descendant of Slavery). She is an elitist pretender, just like former Lt. Gov. Dave Zuckerman, who lives off income from his massive trust while demanding Vermont land be given to black people.

The divisions in America are not determined by skin color as Xusanna and other zealots preach, and Xusana is the proof. Her success is a product of merit, and she was not held back by skin color — many people of color even benefit from Affirmative Action policies. The same can not be said for people (black or white) raised in inner city poverty. The difference is obvious in the statistics, especially with regard to college admissions:

A wildly disproportionate share of black students who gain admission to elite colleges are from immigrant backgrounds—Harvard professors Henry Louis Gates and Lani Guinier have estimated that as many as two-thirds of black Harvard students are immigrant-descended, compared to only about 10 percent of black Americans overall. Backlash against this trend among black Americans who are descendants of enslaved people is already occurring, most prominently at Cornell, where a student group demanded that the college disqualify African immigrants and their descendants from consideration under affirmative action policies.

The same pattern arises with Jews and Asians, who thrive in America (and Vermont) above whites. The left points out wealth disparity and resulting “inequity” as the chief proof of alleged systemic racism, yet ignores that that division clearly transcends race lines — remember Obama, who got elected president twice and owns a massive mansion? This is elitism, is it not? How does a white supremacist nation elect black people it enslaves, anyway?

Vermont voted for Obama at the highest rates of any state but Hawaii in both elections. Vermont has a proud historical record in the Civil War, supposedly fought to free slaves — but Vermont’s dead are now labeled white supremacists who killed Abenaki? How far will liars lie to enslave people in this modern ideological colonization?

Davis says even tourism efforts are tainted with racism:

I’m just thinking about one example — tourism and marketing. When we promote Vermont, we can say with words that we want to attract diverse people. And then when we show photographs and imagery, why are we only showing the same White people, who are of the same age group, who look to have the same ability level? Are we are pattern matching?”

She complains that Vermont is 94% white, wants to attract more people of color to “diversify” Vermont for its cultural sins, then complains that the 94% white state does not depict black people in tourism ads. And she wonders why Vermonters are sick of colonizers like this? Why doesn’t she fly to Japan and propose her plans, and explain how the Japanese aren’t including enough people of color in their tourist advertising. Maybe they’d explain that they are simply advertising their culture! There is no multiculturalism without distinct cultures.

There is no Abenaki culture that can be restored. There is a farming and subsistence culture though, that many Vermonters love, and even live here for despite the lower standards of living. This culture includes collecting maple syrup from trees, learned from the Abenaki and carried on by hard-working subsistence farmers, who also cleared the mountains for agriculture. Vermont’s mountains have beautiful views that include cows — perhaps too many of the cows are white, and the state should import more Angus so the color-obsessed racists can chortle.

Xusana Davis and Dave Zuckerman are equal despite their skin color differences — and equal in their elitist audacity. Vermont remains the home to a very, very poor citizenry, mostly white. The elitists don’t seem to have driven past the ramshackle shacks, dilapidated trailers, and other homemade Vermont hovels that house some of the state’s 11.4% who live below the poverty line. The vast majority of those people are white, but to hear the barrage of social justice invaders, the tiny proportion of recently-arrived black Vermonters are all that count (or maybe the minuscule percentage of transgenders, or the minority who are gay). Poverty is very real in Vermont, and worsening: trouncing these poor white people while they are down is despicable.

Kiah Morris is another social justice warrior who has disparaged white Vermonters after attending a college and graduate school for which the large majority of white Vermonters never obtained the privilege. See the pattern? – it’s not about race! About who gets to speak on Vermont culture, Morris once tweeted, “Unless you are First Nations, you have no right to claim who are real Vermonters.  Nativist platforms are the basest level of discourse.”

Abenaki were stifled in their beliefs that they owned their own land, or were true Vermonters, by white (mostly French) settlers. It is modern progressivism that is now taking away Vermonters’ gun rights, hunting rights, free speech rights and ability to farm. They also control our budgets and use our schools to indoctrinate children in the “new ways” of the trans-morphing, America-hating, Constitution-dismantling, wealth-thieving, racist ideology.

Vermont’s toxic attackers have demonstrated their true beliefs long enough. They seek to use government to cancel Vermont’s wonderful culture! These people don’t understand Vermonters, or what they are up against. It is not about race but about power. In America, We the People are the power, yet Xusana and her cadre of elitists seek to harness us as slaves. Vermonters are tired of it.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “John Klar: Progressives take over Vermont — Part 3

  1. Until being a Racist against white people stops being a profitable occupation
    we will continue being talked down to by the Whiteaphobe intruders.
    BLM is a perfect example where in they have bilked millions from corporations
    in the name of racism and spend it all on the administrators of the corrupt
    organization while not a penny goes to the blacks needing it. There all just
    shills who’s messages need to be drowned out. FLATLANDERS ONE AND ALL.
    go back to whence you came we don’t need you, we don’t want you

    Good series John….

  2. The true Vermonter has always expounded the ideals of live and let live. However this attitude has sadly opened the state up to a socialist element who came first to live free and then decided to try and make everything the way they wanted to see it. They have no care for the true Vermonter and will try to eliminate everyone that does not think like them. Wolves in sheep’s clothing is all they are……….

  3. Fascism (or Progressivism, if you prefer) is a dogmatic cult religion. They are zealots. Disputing their articles of certainty is not only hard, it is virtually impossible. Question yourself: If we have a decade of stable or declining temperatures, will they abandon their AGW creed? They are the exemplification of borderline personality dysfunction. Such personalities were responsible for the sixteenth-seventeenth century religious wars, and you know what the ideologically oriented individuals in power did with heretics.

  4. John, great article. Disgusting what these hideous people are doing to your state.the question of course is, how do you get rid of these locust.
    Obviously no help from scott as i see he signed legislation exempting native Americans from taxes? What about the whites in poverty? Any relief for them? Mail in voting too? Scott represents the wrong party.
    That carbon tax article was unbelievable, yet believable seeing who proposed that nonsense they can’t even explain to EACH OTHER!!
    Good luck John.

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