John Klar: Progressives take over Vermont — Part 2

As I wrote in a previous commentary, the vast percentage of Vermonters have historically opposed slavery, and arrived long after the Abenaki and other native tribes had disappeared. Yet a deliberate infestation of Vermont with so-called “progressive” ideology commenced in the 1970s, and has now swept every aspect of Vermont government in the form of a “social justice” that is ideologically similar to the eugenics movement that these same progressives developed 100 years ago. Just as that eugenics movement was orchestrated by wealthy elitists, so too is the present subjugation of native Vermonters.

The eugenics movement targeted poor and Abenaki people in Vermont. Today’s effort resembles The “Planet of the Apes” movie — now the white Vermonters awake in a macabre future in which they are ruled not by apes, but by racists. These racists exploit Abenaki suffering — but it is unclear by what authority wealthy people like Vermont’s Director of Racial Equity, Xusana Davis, a recent Vermont emigre of immigrant descent, claim the right to condemn Vermonters on behalf of Abenaki.

In Vermont’s latest remake of “The Planet of the Apes,” a real-life perversion of the Civil Rights movement is realized:

It’s worth remembering that the racial conflicts and the struggle for civil rights in the 1960s underpin the original films. The traditional evolutionary hierarchy is inverted. Apes are superior to humans and humans (who are unable to speak) are viewed as mere animals by the apes. This treatment of the issue might seem heavy handed, and it did attract criticism. In a review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), Ed Gonzales commented of the original film: ‘That sly allegory was hatefully perverted by white supremacists, even deemed derogatory by some in the Black Power movement, but its provocation is unmistakable as one directed against the forces of institutionalized racism.’

The controversy about Whoopi Goldberg’s shocking ignorance about the Holocaust, expressed in her self-proclaimed authority “as a black woman,” reflects the race-centered focus harmfully unfolding in Vermont. It also affirms the fundamental and unavoidable new anti-semitism of critical race theory and BLM activism — Jews are wealthy, and therefore oppressors, and thus the victims of the Holocaust are now themselves labeled white supremacists.

Ironically, Whoopi applied a similar nonsense to the Planet of the Apes movies:

Actress Whoopi Goldberg and Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson engaged in a Twitter feud Wednesday after Goldberg said McKesson should “get over himself” after the activist tweeted that the movie “Planet of the Apes” was racist. … ‘DeRay, you need to go back and watch the 1968 original and check out what the apes were wearing. This has nothing to do with you,’ Goldberg said on Wednesday’s taping of ‘The View,’ arguing that the movie wasn’t about race but about environmentalism. … ‘This was a movie about what happens when mankind doesn’t pay attention to the environment, to how we treat animals and each other,’ she continued. ‘That’s what that movie was about. … Get over yourself!’

The progressive racists who have invaded Vermont blend in the Whoopi ideology — they attack Vermonters for being white, and for how they treat animals and the environment! Social justice warriors are the self-appointed moral Taliban for Abenaki, women, the environment, and all non-human life. They condemn America, its history, and its Constitution, and treat “native” white Vermonters with contempt.

I just used a racist adjective to distinguish between “native” Vermonters. This is precisely what the race-hustling Vermont-haters do. Xusana Davis is the first to use a race-stick to measure worthiness to be a Vermonter. “When people declare themselves ‘native’ Vermonters, Davis is apt to ask, without missing a beat, whether they mean that they are Abenaki,” Seven Days reported.

In a 2021 VTDigger interview, Davis finds it “interesting” to discover white people in Vermont, and says “we’re not doing great” on diversity because Vermont is 94% white:

What’s most interesting to me is that when we think about a typical Vermonter, it is often the case that people envision somebody who may be white. Oftentimes, people who are white who maybe are born and raised in Vermont, they’ll say, “I’m a native Vermonter.” And I always think, oh, you’re Abenaki? Because if you’re really a native Vermonter, then you’re probably indigenous to the land. But if that’s not the case, then what does that say about the way that we use language, the way that we think about being native to a place? The way that we think about ownership, not just of the physical land, but also of the culture and what it means to be from there?

Davis adds in her interview: “So when I think about the intersection of race and belonging, and ‘Vermontiness,’ I’m thinking about all of those things — and the way that the message around who’s a real Vermonter circulates so much around whiteness and proximity to whiteness, as opposed to being rooted in the recognition that this remains unceded land, and that we all exist on this territory as a result of force, biological warfare, and the manipulation of laws that keeps some people buoyed by the system and others oppressed by it. So when it comes to a sense of belonging, I think we really have to reckon with that.”

In her interview with Seven Days, Davis condemns Vermont’s police as being associated with a “para-militaristic slave-catching history,” and regularly claims Vermonters don’t own their land. She said “we have to acknowledge that Vermont land was never actually ceded by the indigenous people here,” and added, “so as we think about how we are going to utilize the land, we have to keep that in mind. Lifting up indigenous voices, and making sure that the Abenaki community has a big role in helping to shape the destiny of the state, is of critical importance.”

This is absurd, and Vermonters are being compelled to listen to this toxic race-hate by and through their own government. Apparently the Equal Protection clause (which protects all races) has been discarded. But by what authority does Xusana Davis, or any white liberal, claim to seize white people’s lands on behalf of Abenaki gone for 500 years? If wealth disparity and “equity” are considered, who is the affluent Xusana Davis to traipse into the Green Mountains and dole out retributions against the dirt-poor white Vermonters who comprise the majority of our poor?

To understand just how hateful and enslaving this ideology is against white Vermonters, I will discuss in Part 3 of this analysis more details of what is being done to Vermonters by these race-hustling carpetbaggers.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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25 thoughts on “John Klar: Progressives take over Vermont — Part 2

  1. If I recall my history, refusing to allow white Vermonters to refer to themselves as native Vermonters because they were not Native Americans means equal treatment for Native Americans — who crossed the land bridge from Asia thousands of years ago. So they are not really native Americans either, are they?? Hey, liberals, you started it. We could keep looking backward and hating each other forever under this twisted “woke” theology imported into our state by people like Xusana Davis, who isn’t even a Vermonter (born here) herself. What a virtue-signaling petty tyrant she is. Why don’t we just go all the way back to the Garden of Eden and take a second, hard look at who is behind all of this race-baiting and race-hating? The same snake who talked Adam and Eve right out of their earthly paradise. The Father of Lies. It looks like he is alive and well in Vermont politics in 2022.

    • All who are born or raised from childhood and still live here are considered native Vermonters imho. However there are also those who were not who love and have contributed to our state moreso than “natives” no matter how long they have been living here or heritage.

  2. Begs the question why much…Sorry Mr Dano if one thing is true here – facts and their sources matter. And not the first one asking the question to which one of us was called insulted as an old white woman sir.

    So the Jim Douglas fanboy club under which the VT GOP collapsed, along with the type of Republicans he spawned are obviously alive and well. And find it laughable that Mr Hoerr whose marketing-based Quad club did so much research and yet cannot produce the evidence he alleges which is there were non-native aboriginals here before the various native tribes throughout New England.

    And silly sidekick who promised the sources are now radio silence as you who have posted mostly good reports serve as waterboy for these two gamma-male wimps. 😉 Please sir you’re better than this – they clearly are not.

  3. We need a reckoning! These people need to be brought to their knees with all their condescending, ignorant, misinformed, hypocritical, loveless, ungodly hatred. I will pray for them.

  4. John, thanks for the article, Beautiful Vermont is turning into a third-world progressive
    S-Hole !!

    Until Vermonter’s takes steps to remove all the carpetbaggers out of our political field
    that we have under the ” Golden Doom”………. this nonsense will never end, making a
    issue of a non- issue-problem, fools in charge.

    Wake up people, they only care about an agenda !!

  5. Anyone who watches the View is a brainless liberal. This Davis moron is as brainless as a rock, an ant is smarter. Vermonters welcomed people of all races into our state. WE didn’t see color/race. Hell, we let that socialist braindead Sanders in here. He is still trying to make Vermont into a communist state. I am old enough to remember a great Vermont. Now, look at it. These fools( liberals/progressives) moved up here and took over very easily. Our legislation is mostly 98% of out-of-staters. making our state into a sh-thole state like the one they left.
    I for one am sick and tired of these brainless liberals moving here and taking over.
    As for taking my land to give it to some useless fool all I can say is.. bring it on there I will be waiting with open hands and a surprise for them..

  6. Everyone should keep in mind that the monthly (January) economic figures for Vermont were just published. Total Non-Farm employment increased from 297,800 to 298,200. Not a lot to write home about.

    But while the employment in the various sectors increased and decreased as they often do, there was one sector with the largest increase in employment, an increase that also equals the total net increase for all sectors combined.

    And what do you think that sector is?

    Yep. It’s Vermont’s progressive Government.

    • Go figure, and they now need nearly half the year to complete a year budget/bills. I believe a limited amount of time would save money and reduce the useless/insane/unconstitutional programs peddled in Montpelier. instead of crossover……endover on march 30, save money, focus on the needs of the people of this state…..

  7. For the love of God, who’s idea was it to create and fill a totally superfluous position titled “Executive Director of Racial Equity”? Let’s start with the Vermont Racial Equity Advisory Panel, which is comprised of Progressive loons and out-of-state carpetbaggers. And who can we thank for giving this clown show authority? Why non other than our own Rino-in-chief, Flip Flop Phil.

    Fire the Director! Eliminate the office, and dissolve this unelected panel of moronic do-gooders. This state is in a downward spiral as it is. We don’t need to hand out welfare checks for positions that are not needed or warranted.

  8. Well if people like Davis want people like me to leave this state, just offer to buy my house and I’ll move to America, and never look back at these communists.

  9. In 2009 we celebrated the Quadricentennial of Samuel de Champlain’s 1609 arrival in the valley and on the lake that bears his name. As Chair of Education and Interpretation on behalf of the Quad Commission, we went on a learning journey that made clear the Abenaki were not the “original owners” of the valley and surrounding areas. There had been humans in this area shortly after the mile high ice began retreating 15,000 years ago. When chert arrowheads and spear points were discovered in the northern reaches of the basin, it was realized that they were from mines in what is now Labrador in Canada. Once the St. Lawrence basin opened up enough for travel to resume by canoe, a flourishing trade developed in weaponry, food, hides, etc. not only to this part of the world but as far away as Greenland and even Scandinavia. To say now that the Abenaki have not “ceded” the land to the “white” people who now “dominate” completely ignores the now proven fact that humans were living here thousands of years before the groups that became the Abenaki laid claim to it. Yes the Abenaki preceded Champlain’s arrival here, but so did the Iriquois and Mohawk tribes who constantly wrestled with other groups like the Abenaki for dominance of hunting and fishing grounds. And so it was for thousands of years before that. The fact that we now have deeds to “our” land with homes, businesses and all the modern infrastructure to support our civilization just codifies what has been going on here long before the preceding “native” tribes.

    People like Xusana Davis who come here specifically looking for a fight that needs to be started are the worst kind of self appointed saviors that are epidemic in our country today. They use incendiary language to divide and conquer and the facts be damned, especially when they and our poorly educated population don’t know the historical facts, so the simplistically created race narrative dominates. By the way, we gained so much respect for what we learned about the Abenaki history and how they absorbed the realization that they hadn’t been the only population here. So in our effort to find a way to celebrate the Quad in an open and even handed way we offered the Abenaki the opportunity to lead the parade into Burlington to conclude the official celebration, which they gracefully accepted and showed great pride in their native dress and music as they walked down Main Street to the cheers of the crowd. Now a scant 13 years later and Davis and her backers are stirring the pot by looking back a few hundred years to find ways to justify their attempts at rewriting history. Vermonters of all backgrounds need to return to what people who’ve lived here have always known; merit from hard work and determination to succeed in this challenging land leads to a busy and prosperous place for all. Promoting self absorbed victimhood is the antithesis of how to build a better world for everyone.

      • Do you have a particular set of events or items I mentioned you’d like more info on? We spent two years in committee meetings studying a wide variety of issues and sources. The carbon dated chert arrowheads were discovered by a Smithsonian team who put together the pieces of the chert water trail from North America to NW Europe. Dr Fred Wiseman was on our committee and helped us with the Abenaki history, and Champlain’s journeys and interactions are well documented.

        • Perhaps you and old white bff could enlighten us all and present your ‘evidence’ sir – I for one will wait 😉

    • Perhaps you could copy your post and send it to Miss Davis and the governor. Even though he is from Vermont he appears to know very little about almost everything when asked.

      The Vermont experiment has been a disaster starting with Phil Hoff, Madelyn Kunin, Brooklyn Bernie, Howard Dean, Pat Leahy, Peter Welch and 2/3rds of our legislators from out of side (carpetbaggers). Vermont has been their petri dish for the progressive ideology and the results are in. Vermont is now the another S–t hole blue state circling the drain waiting for the big flush provided by Joe Biden in the very near future. Thank you, dem/prog voters. Your ignorance to what these people have done to this state and your blindness of their ideology hurts you as much as the next person. They have infested every nock and cranny of every institution including the media and I bet not one of you can explain what they have done to benefit the average person. Vermont strong is a fabricated lie. Freedom and Unity though once true is now a lie. Safe and effective was the big lie. Racism and white privilege is another fabricated lie. All brought here by the progressive totalitarians and supported by ignorant voters who swallowed the lies hook, line and sinker. Beauty fades but stupid is forever!

    • If you cannot prove your assertions with verifiable links – why? Hence your claims remain unproven sir. Unfortunately have plenty of company here on TNR as there are ‘others’ who don’t think enough of the community to so either.

      • Stardust, From his comment, they did an extensive study proving that others were here before the Abnaki tribes. He supports John’s facts. And proves Miss Davis as having no idea as to what she is talking about and rambling on about steeling the land from the Abnaki people. I’m not understanding why you think his study is wrong? If they did an extensive study that could produce numerous articles and historical facts. Anyone can research the Champlain Lake area as much has been written about it.

        • Facts are our friends sir lol – would like to hear the old white mans sources..why…bc I for one have found info which does not corroborate the info provided…which is very likely why the OWG and bff another OWG refuse to respond good sir

          • Stardust, I previously posted awhile ago that I had a book about the history of lake Champlain in the time of discovery by Champlain. There was no mention of Abnaki tribes in the 1600s. there were Mohawk, Algonquin and Iroquois in the Lake Champlain Valley. He supported John’s argument that Miss Davis was out to lunch on Vermont history. It’s easy to look it up and no need to question it, especially when he was verifying what John had said in his article. I do research all the time. If I had to send links on everything it would be too overwhelming. You can verify the same things by looking yourself. PS, Native Vermonter here.

    • Kudos, Well Said Buzz Hoerr; I’m going to do a little history searching myself to educate this 65 yr old white woman!! Many Thanks!

      • What old white woman – do tell lol…cannot wait for your history lesson supporting an old white man with unprovable history, allegedly ‘old white man’ and Douglas acolyte…I’ll wait sir

    • A point you fail to bring up: Ownership of land was a concept alien to tribal societies, brought out by your mention of the various tribes who dwelt in the area at different times. They didn’t “own” the land. “Nation” was tribal, not geographic.

  10. This all started with Phil Goff, intensified under Madeline Kunin a Russian transplant via Switzerland. Vt & Oregon we’re picked to plant Communisum in America in earnest! It is recorded.
    Vt is now ruled by satinisum/communist!
    Satins government.

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