John Klar: NCSU Superintendent John Castle must resign immediately

At a public meeting in Island Pond, North Country Supervisory Union Superintendent John Castle was presented with substantial specific evidence of critical race theory (CRT) teachings in local schools. Not only did he stand up at the meeting and shamelessly deny the obvious and misrepresent what children are being taught, he scolded a student, teacher, and state representative in front of the crowd for not presenting anything “specific,” and called them “McCarthyites.”

This video explains the truth about what transpired. Please judge for yourselves.

CRT is very definitely being taught in these schools. John Castle’s disingenuous efforts to paint this as “mere history” are shallow and dishonest. Bullying parents and others with lies is simply unprofessional and vile. I say he must resign immediately. And parents must get informed about what is already in schools.

Image courtesy of NEK-TV

4 thoughts on “John Klar: NCSU Superintendent John Castle must resign immediately

  1. Are you saying that we are not being taught to be white??!!! What is being taught in the schools are true facts.

    …sounds like someone here is a Trump fan..

    …my two cents…

  2. We watched the video with our children and we all agree the superintendent is biased and narrow visioned, even triggered as he berated the others because they have an open common sense view of the facts.
    We live in a fabulous country where America is one of the most diverse countries in the world and zero white guilt here as the left’s latest shaming narrative is failing because those with true knowledge know that anybody from any race, color or creed can attain happiness plus be very successful by studying, working hard, and adhering to the rules and laws in our fabulous society!
    In fact, the overwhelming majority of Americans actually cheer on and assist those who put in the effort to succeed, no matter who they are.
    I’ve seen the longest lines at a certain countries embassies around the world where people apply to their number one pick to immigrate, and that embassy flies the stars and stripes!
    By far America is the number one choice to immigrate as corruption and lawlessness are minimal and investigated where found. 99.99% of Americans accept these people and judge them only by their character.
    Superintendent John Castle is out of touch and the worst type of manager lacking leadership skills as true leaders do not berate and call others names.
    He and others who believe this false CRT narrative really need counseling by a true professional.

  3. Thanks John for your efforts. Viewed the video. Wow, the superintendent needs to resign and join an activist group. That McCarthy comment shows his rigidness and unwillingness to listen to any criticism.

    And by the way, the choir needs educated, like me. Thanks for doing it!!

  4. While on am on the same side of CRT as John Klar I do not read him or listen to him because he is so over-the-top with intensity and makes too many crazy statements. Tone it down Mr. Klar, you will bring no from ‘the other side’ over to your position. Quite the contrary.

    You are only speaking to the choir.

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