John Klar: Legalized prostitution will increase exploitation of vulnerable women

The Vermont Legislature has launched a vigorous effort to vindicate women from the evils not of prostitution, but of criminalizing it. H.630 seeks to legalize prostitution, invoking narrow partisan research as grounds to update laws progressives claim “reflect the social mores of the early 1900s, criminalizing not only voluntary sex work but sexual activity outside the marriage, and no longer reflect Vermont’s commitment to personal and bodily autonomy.” This absurd legislation should be called “The Pimps’ Law,” because it will open floodgates of sexual predation and exploitation in Vermont.

John Klar

Progressives in Burlington, Vermont, offer voters a companion fraud — a city charter change to enable a new porn industry to flourish. At one point falsely claiming prostitution laws were motivated by racism, Vermont’s off-the-rails progressives now raise the laughable bogeyman that Vermont women might be prosecuted for “sexual activity outside of marriage” under a city charter — in 2022!

Burlington’s effort is almost amusing in its quixotic drivel:

“Burlington’s City Charter contains sexist, archaic, discriminatory, and harmful language that does not represent our values as a city. Burlington residents value inclusion, community, and protecting the health and safety of all residents. We believe in the inherent dignity of all human beings. The Charter’s current language deprives individuals engaged in sex work of their dignity and bodily autonomy, and in essence, makes them second class citizens. ….The current Burlington City Council charter mandate to “restrain and suppress houses of ill fame and disorderly houses, and to punish common prostitutes and persons consorting therewith” is not only immensely archaic and dehumanizing, it does nothing to support the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Burlington.”

Typical of the pattern of dishonesty of Progressives, proponents state:

Q. Does removing this language mean we are decriminalizing prostitution?

A. No. This change will not decriminalize prostitution in Burlington; state law will continue to criminalize sex work. While we do support decriminalization because it is the only way to ensure health and safety and attainment of human rights for all, this is not what the current proposal will do.

If decriminalization of prostitution is “the only way” to protect American women from sexual exploitation, the nation is doomed. The opposite is true — women have rarely been more vulnerable to sexual exploitation and harms than today, enabled and amplified by the internet and a “new” Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle replacing “archaic” mores. Vermonters are not as stupid as these perverts presume — they see the Gender Queer sexual grooming of young children; the opioid scourge and crime escalating under “decriminalization” extremism; the conditioning of children to hate their culture and families; the “freedom” of minor mothers to abort viable babies; the “protection” of young children’s “decision” to change genders and self-sterilize without parental involvement.

“Girl-next-door” porn has exploded in tandem with the sexual “liberation” of children whose minds are not yet developed (per the science) for the barrage of unrestrcited extremist pornography to which 70% of them are now exposed. (So much for archaic mores!) This has created a perfect storm for young Jeffrey Epsteins looking to get rich by conning naive teenagers seeking fame.

ABC news addresses a recent Netfix documentary about the explosion of pornography targeting the young women Vermont claims it will “protect” by switching Vermont’s laws to mirror Florida’s:

When she landed in Miami, Rachel said she realized she had stepped into a world she never imagined — one that she said would haunt her forever. … Rachel said a 23-year-old agent met her at the airport and took her to a no-frills house with about a dozen other young girls — most of them were also from small towns, just like her. These girls are among the thousands of naïve, fresh-faced, 18- to 20-year-olds who are being plucked out of obscurity at the click of a mouse and introduced to the world of amateur porn. … “Girls from all over the country,” Bauer said. “I mean every time we’d go into the house, we would go into a room, interview a girl — next day, interview another girl. These girls have just graduated from high school. They’re from small towns. They have huge hopes for a bigger, better life … and they were sweethearts from such loving homes … cheerleaders, achievers in high school.” ….The filmmakers say young, innocent faces are what porn consumers crave, with sites advertising, “‘Watch real girls,’ like, ‘real 18-year-olds get naked for the first time,'” Gradus said. “And it turns out that a lot of that, in fact, is what’s happening.”

Vermont’s clueless progressive porno-pushers cited a “2018 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health” study in H.630. ABC News cited a different resource:

To understand what they were dealing with and how big the amateur porn industry really is, the filmmakers turned to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, a non-profit research institute at Indiana University in Bloomington. Dr. Bryant Paul, an associate professor at the university and a researcher who works with the institute, has studied Internet porn and amateur porn usage and found a number of startling statistics. Porn sites get more traffic each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined, according to Paul, and the top three pro-amateur sites are worth an estimated $50 million. Through his research, Paul said social media, especially Twitter, has become a tool for increasing a rising porn star’s fame.

“There’s this niche of amateur porn content that people assume is less organized and that you don’t have professionals working in it,” Paul told “Nightline.” “But it’s just as organized and professional as mainstream pornography. There’s nothing amateur about most amateur pornography – except the naivete and the youth and newness of the actresses. The producers go out of their way to create this aura of ‘it’s your first time’ and ‘you’ve never done this before,’ but in fact everybody is being paid and is in on the act.”

If Vermonters can stomach watching the irrevocable destruction caused by conditioning young women to see sex as “just physical pleasure” that they should “equal men” in enjoying, then watching this haunting documentary will reveal the truths concealed by these vile legal initiatives to fling Vermont open to this rapacious industry in the name of “rescuing victimized women” from a system seeking to protect them. In the documentary, one of the young women breaks down crying in the middle of shooting a sex scene, and someone says: “Oh, she’s just tired. She’s been working too hard.” No, she is overwhelmed with revulsion and self-contempt, and can never reclaim her previous life.

Progressives are failing the young women they say they serve. Teaching young girls to freely have sex and that getting an abortion is “just like going to the dentist” ignores that it is an intrusive and dehumanizing “procedure” that causes guilt, addiction, and depression. That is a similar lie to the ones being told here – legalizing prostitution does not help women, it hurts them!

Vermont’s progressives offer scientific assurances that young women won’t flock to the Green Mountains for quick cash and porn fortunes:

Unequivocal evidence shows that where sex work has been decriminalized, the health and safety of sex workers and their communities increases and trafficking decreases….. The insidious and problematic campaign to conflate sex work and human trafficking ends up harming those who are already the most marginalized. We must be nuanced, thoughtful, evidence-based, and pragmatic when proposing and enacting policy.

Apparently the drafters of these initiatives are unaware of the dot-com-boom-like explosion in the porn industry focused on consensual young women. But the legal problems that arise from sex work, characterized here as “an insidious and problematic campaign to conflate sex work and human trafficking,” are unavoidable, as reflected in H.630: Progressives have drafted a law purporting to draw an impossible line between “sex trafficking” and “sex work.” What is insidious is the door this opens for the most vile and sadistic of men to prey on the most vulnerable and fragile of women and children – young girls from New Hampshire and Maine no longer need to fly to L.A. for their new flash-in-the-pan, not-so-glitzy careers. They can get an uber ride to the Green Mountain Porn Studios.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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12 thoughts on “John Klar: Legalized prostitution will increase exploitation of vulnerable women

  1. H.630 is yet another example how deterioration of morals and common decency have pervaded this state. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. Just like elections, permitting this type of legislation to become law has consequences, most of which are a slippery slope into further degradation of a once-decent society. How far we’ve fallen!

  2. Well, we will have Whore houses here in Vermont..Like in Nevada, will be legal… but like in Nevada the Government will take it over and run all of them into bankruptcy. Vermont Legislation will be very good at that…
    But what the heck, Vermont used to be a great state, but now they let BLM protestors block roads, they paint Black lives matters on the road in front of the state capital, they teach CRT in schools, They let drag queens read to little kids in libraries, they made pot legal, they let addicts shot up in safe houses while someone watches who can save them if they overdose. now they want whore houses to be legal.
    Seeing the legislators are 98% democrats from out of state. They want Vermont to be the s—hole state, like the one they moved from.
    Yup let’s have legalized prostitution in Vermont and teach it in schools. I’m sure that some of the legislators will make great teachers both male and females.

  3. When you do the research on which Legislators started this Bill, look no further than the “educators” in our Vermont system. These people are a disgrace.

  4. Legalizing prostitution is a progressive/Democrats dream. First step is to legalize, then require a license which requires another branch of government to be formed. Then require education similar to hairdressers. Opens up a whole new field for UVM

  5. In Burlington, homeless on one corner and a prostitute on the other, Welcome to the Queen City,
    maybe Burlington can start building, in the ” Big Dig ” project, be it a homeless shelter or maybe
    a brothel ………..ignorant people within city government, pretty pathetic.

    I think the real Burlintonians stop paying their taxes, no police support but the whores get a
    free pass, and what “genius”, thinks these women are going to be safer……an Idiot !!

    Is someone on the city council looking for a new career path or just a part-time job ????

  6. I once expressed surprise that my neighbor, a college student, was paying her way by performing as a stripper (she wore those braids over her ears like Princess Leia). Her friend was in the business also, but as a “reverse stripper,” who started nude and ended clothed. She told me, “Men will settle for anything.” They both had a good grasp of the market and were their own woman.

    How much of the degradation of female high school graduates in the Florida porn industry is due to their sense of shame in participating in an illicit or “immoral” industry, very much like heroin addicts who are unable to seek treatment because of the fear of the consequences of having broken the law.

    There have been any number of women (usually named “Kate,” if literature is to be believed) who ran their own houses of ill repute, bought off the gendarmerie, enjoyed the protection and patronage of the city fathers and protected their women.

    Legalizing sex work would enable a lot of women to get out from under the rule of their pimps, much as a secretary could switch jobs and work for a female boss. But I would think that bearing the reputation of an “illegally” deflowered disappointment to their parents keeps a lot of those kids in Florida from moving on with their lives.

    • Pathologic projection much lol. Always anecdotal evidence, never any facts only dubious and unproven “sources” such as fictitiious “people you met” and your supposed “long career” to make your Democrat talking points Chuck. Littering blogosphere with same stories – different day *yawn*

      This time with complete perve-laden dirty old man description of your vast wide-ranging examples which pretty sure are more of the unadulterated b.s. on a platter served wherever you tell your tall tales highlighting Democrat Party as the party of open perversion… at least conservatives have brains enough to keep proclivities to themselves lol

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