John Klar: Moral brainwashing in Vermont schools, Part 2

I recently explained to Vermonters that their school systems are using advanced computer technologies to “track” their students not just academically, but socio-emotionally. Here I will explain just how comprehensive and insidious this is, and that it is designed to condition children to the moral-political ideology of “social justice.” Indeed, schools are shifting from prioritizing academic skills to elevating this “social-emotional learning” — which is focused almost entirely on social justice activation — to the most important purpose in education.

John Klar

For those concerned that the Marxist playbook is being used to indoctrinate American children into a monolithic, uncritical acceptance of the malarkey called “social justice theory” and identity politics, the practices being implemented in Vermont and elsewhere are the smoking gun of affirmation. But this is much more like Hitler’s indoctrination in Nazi Germany — social justice theory is built on racist ideas of power and radical revolutionary action, not mere economic theory.

This has been unfolding for some time, as far-left educators have embraced a unilateral political ideology that they feel must be imposed on all of society to create “justice” and “equity.” True equity is an impossible task — akin to ending all evil, all murder, all racism. But this new church that is shaping schoolchildren has very specific moral precepts to imbue, including support for abortion, gay and transgender rights, climate change “action” and the elimination of racism by invoking the white-hating discrimination of critical race theory. All of this is built on a secular ideology that looks more and more like what Thomas Sowell so aptly described as “The Quest for Cosmic Justice” —  a society that has rejected God for allowing suffering, and now seeks to create an impossible Utopia in which no evil ever exists. They will create a world “better than God did.”

First, “educators” decided that social justice was the new school priority, and that all resources should be diverted to that end. They looked to the controversial (and idiotic) critical race theory to ensure that all schools taught this newfangled cult:

To address the inequities that exist in today’s schools, educational leadership programs must feature elements that explicitly prepare leaders to lead for social justice. … In an effort to begin the discussion concerning what a comprehensive educational leadership program for social justice would entail, McKenzie et al. (2008) drew from the literature outside the discipline of educational leadership that emphasized social justice, equity, and diversity. … Embedding critical consciousness in the curriculum helps future school leaders interrogate schoolwide practices regarding who benefits from them and who does not. This type of curriculum should include assignments that require aspiring school leaders to participate in and to conduct research with organizations that have social justice as their core.

This expanded to the infiltration of all schools by principals committed to this one-sided view of American history, culture and institutions. The central premise is that all school principals and educators should “become change agents in their work places so that students, and individuals with whom these students would work, would become more productive citizens”:

Social Justice is an interdisciplinary field committed to justice, equality, and freedom. Its function is to enhance our understanding of education through a critical examination of the unequal power dynamics in society and offers alternatives to the status quo. Social Justice includes and goes beyond classroom teaching and learning. It addresses educational issues in multiple contexts. Social Justice prepares you to be a successful change agent in the struggle for justice and liberation in the classroom and beyond.

Creating racial division by labeling America a “white supremacist nation” was never a concern for these idealistic dreamers. There is no doubt to be found in this new religion, only “faith” in its plans to construct a perfect, “equitable” world.

This is exposed in a study (funded by Warren Buffet and the NOVO Foundation, which also supports Black Lives Matter) titled “Social Emotional Learning as the Foundation for Social justice,” which reveals that “social emotional learning” is actually partisan political indoctrination in public schools to advance an unproved experimental “theory.” The NOVO Foundation is committed to “foster a transformation in global society from a culture of domination and exploitation to one of equality and partnership”:

NoVo Foundation seeks to foster a paradigm shift from domination to partnership. Funds are primarily directed toward the empowerment of women and girls, social emotional learning for all, and support for men and boys as their roles transform toward a more balanced society.

In reviewing one social justice program, the study notes:

The self-development and cognitive development units combine more traditional social emotional skill development with a student empowerment and social justice education perspective…. [F]ostering students’ growth and development to become “conscientious citizens” guides Fenway’s approach to social emotional learning and social justice education…. [T]he school climate and culture at Fenway is one way in which social emotional learning and social justice education are placed at the center of the school’s enterprise.

Acolytes of this public school cult shamelessly advocate to make all things focus on social justice. In humanities classes we see this description:

The courses blend instruction in English and social studies, and students take one course per grade level. These courses concentrate content and instruction around addressing a wide range of social justice issues. Each year, the school focuses on one of four essential questions in these classes. All have the potential to engender thinking and action related to social justice, and the question rotates each year. The questions are: 1. How do you do the right thing in the face of injustice? 2. What does it mean to be human? 3. Who built America? 4. What principles guide the way we govern ourselves?

This is the ideology that is being thrust upon Vermont students — and lied about if anyone questions the truth. In fact, the FBI proclamation against parents was issued by the father-in-law of Panorama Education (PE) founder Xan Tanner. PE is already contracted for some Vermont schools — with no contractual provision for the protection of private student data.

That there are capitalist profits to be had in the social justice struggle is not lost on the opportunist ideologues who expect to be paid handsomely to liberate our children from the white supremacist land of Vermont. Companies offering to monitor students’ behavior for education in social justice are paid both for the service, and then for the aftermarket of selling personal data about children — data brokering. Our schools have already launched this dubious capitalist venture in their quest to end wealth disparity and create a perfectly just and equitable world.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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6 thoughts on “John Klar: Moral brainwashing in Vermont schools, Part 2

  1. Indoctrination is front and center in all public schools, if parents really care about there
    children, you should confront the school board or remove your children from these toxic
    conditions of indoctrination ………………….

    Parents, they are our children, not some flunkies on a school board, wake up people !!

    • Under vermont law boards are responsible for the curriculum. However, they do not get involved in the content of actual courses. Only the state approves what is taught, and boards have nothing to do with it. the most board do it approve the creation of courses based on an outline of the content. No to few details are ever presented. — Its the Deep State that is controlling what goes on in classrooms.

  2. Klar does thinking people a service by describing an alternative view of public education. It has moved far beyond reading, writing and arithmetic.

    Can Socialism be far behind?

  3. This is a repost reply I did, to the article by Michael B on the indoctrinations in Irsaburg yesterday. It is worth reading. Propaganda has always rampant in VT schools. It is the NEA agenda to do so….then the teachers themslves go above and beyond the pale on their own… after. My two kids saw it all – from K thru 12…. PLUS one had indoctrinations all thru UVM. Both left VT:

    “What a laugh. Forget about halting the indoctrinations at VT schools….from K-12 and thru college. It was a while ago, but my two kids went to U-32 in East Montpelier. When George Bush II won the preseidency, the PRINCIPAL of U-32 allowed the flag outside to be flown at “half mast”. BOTH my kids had the same middle school science teacher. He TOLD them , 2 years apart….that the USA never landed a man “on the moon”. He taught that it was all faked on a Hollywood movie set… to fund…get this….”The Military Industrial Complex.” Welcome to VT education & propaganda. you will never, ever stop it. NEA controls all.

  4. For those that doubt Klar’s words and dislike his delivery- The Southwestern Vermont Supervisory Union’s recent actions validate Klar’s warnings.

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