John Klar: Moral brainwashing begins in Vermont

Due to the ongoing dispute about indoctrinating Vermont children with critical race theory, many parents are coming to understand that if they wish to know what the Vermont schools are doing to their children, they will have to dig deep to find the truth.

In conjunction with critical race theory (which we are told by liars is not being implemented in Vermont schools), new technologies are being employed to track our children’s behaviors, flagging them for “anti-racist” interventions. Also 5G technologies will be coupled with algorithms on children’s computers to “track” and keep data, not just on their consumer spending decisions — a known tactic of monetizing information for Big Tech — but also on which kids come from racist homes that require intervention.

John Klar

Parents are not aware of this new science, called “social emotional learning.” This is a student behavior modification program that monitors and modifies children’s behaviors on an individual basis via student “dashboards.” One such actor is Panorama Education, unsurprisingly funded by Mark Zuckerburg and other Big Tech interests.

What is increasingly beyond doubt is that these are political ideologies being foisted on Vermont children without informing parents. Our school system has become dominated by leftwing partisans who believe their newfound experimental ideology must be inflicted on other people’s children — whether they approve or not — to save the world from various disasters. This is bullying by thugs while they impose their ideological cult on others.

The lies about Vermont’s history, and about Vermonters, explain why the elitists on the far left “feel” they are entitled to brainwash our kids — any Vermonter who disagrees is viewed as uneducated, racist, ignorant and backward, and thus their children must be rescued. The new “social emotional learning” program is comparable to China’s Social Credit program — the government will monitor everything children do, and impact their emotions and behaviors to ensure they are all loyal left-wing zealots: there is no room for a second worldview, or even for two political parties.

Some school districts in Vermont are already using Panorama Education to gather data points on our children. Aside from whatever “educational benefits” are presumed through its products/services, Panorama Education is a data broker that can then sell children’s personal data on the open market in a multibillion dollar industry. Have parents been cautioned that this monitoring of their children is occurring? Have they consented? Do they have the right to opt out of this Orwellian scheme? Nope.

This sneaky, insidious, for-profit data gathering is concealed along with the program to socially influence children’s belief systems against what their families may believe. A primary justification for this government indoctrination is that some 15% of American students are “Emergent Bilinguals” — non-English speakers who will one day “emerge” as bilingual. As the borders are thrown open in another dimension of the new ideology, these numbers will increase. “Social emotional learning” is designed to ensure all children understand multicultural views and are prepared for a new, integrated world. Says one purveyor of this technology:

A curriculum that embraces the ethos of culturally responsive pedagogy should be purposefully designed. With this in mind, the imagery and perspectives reflected in content and instruction should draw upon diverse cultures so that it is relatable to real-world issues that impact students’ lives. Students’ cultural experiences, knowledge, and languages can be significant assets in the classroom, creating rich learning experiences for culturally diverse students and their peers.

Some would also call this “cancel culture.” Americans are insular and cling to their white-supremacist culture, according to the new ideology — children must be “integrated” into a new global world, in which they are “culturally competent” in other cultures. Yet, this ultimately destroys local culture (which is clearly the plan, reflected in the contempt for Vermonters and the re-write of our history). If this isn’t a “New World Order,” it is an Old World Destroyer — what will this new age of children have for awareness of their own unique culture? Will that be valued, or simply denigrated?

What of the impact on children of learning everything on computer? We know how profitable this path is for computer makers and data brokers, and how niftily convenient for teachers. But what of the social-emotional harms of learning by a toxic screen that damages eyesight, causes anxiety and social dysfunction, exposes children to porn and violent content, and conditions a generation to be unable to function “normally” without technology?

What I am addressing here is verboten — that becoming dependent on technology, and beholden to computers, might be a very, very bad thing. The experiment has been launched, along with experimental critical race theory, experimental transgender teaching (and surgeries), and conditioning children to fear and hate the Second Amendment, oppose free speech, and support abortion. This is all part of their emotional learning now — becoming fully indoctrinated by one side, with thuggery, using the newest of emerging technologies.

Consider the just-announced plan to host a drag queen show at a Burlington High School football game. The idea was hatched by teacher Andrew LeValley, and implemented through a student group, to confront the masculine ugliness of sports like football. If anyone disagrees on moral or educational grounds, they are not to be tolerated. The teacher who organized the event makes that clear:

Put on by the school’s Gender-Sexuality Alliance club, the event will feature some 30 students and staff from the Burlington and SoBu high schools strutting their stuff on a catwalk before performing a lip sync of “Rainbow Reign” by Todrick Hall. … “I know our students, and I know our staff, and I know our community, and I think there’s going to be an overwhelming amount of support for this,” [LeValley] said. “And I think we are going to rely on those people, who are the majority, to shut down the few bad apples.”

Translation: if any student, or parent, takes exception to a drag queen ball during a football game, they are “bad apples” to be silenced by the new moral superiority of this teacher. (Imagine if football players attempted to strut their stuff at a library drag queen story hour!) Was the Catholic Church ever this morally-dominating in America’s public schools?

Panorama Education gushes about its novel experiment on the nation’s children:

Panorama’s mission is to radically improve education for every student. … Through our work to improve education, we help create a world where every child has equitable access to opportunities in school and in society more broadly. … Achieving Panorama’s mission requires creativity, moonshot ideas, and new ways of thinking. We’re willing to try hard things, take big bets, and work on problems that haven’t been solved before.

They are willing to try hard things, new ways of thinking, and moonshot ideas — taking big bets on our children. No doubt some good data can be derived from this technology — but has anyone considered the possibility that it may have problems? If nothing else, exposing schoolchildren’s data to these companies without guarantees of privacy (that are not present in existing contractual relations) violates existing federal laws, as well as the trust of unconsulted parents.

Vermont’s school system has been persistently lying about what is being taught relative to CRT, and will not answer to parents for prompting young children to select gender pronouns, or sexual orientations, without the involvement of their families. They are experimenting on a generation of children with untested theoretical ideologies, and blindly selling the children’s private data (and souls) to Big Tech. What’s left to trust?

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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38 thoughts on “John Klar: Moral brainwashing begins in Vermont

  1. DOJ weaponising Fakebook to spy on parents:
    Parents group: AG Garland has conflict of interest with Facebook, critical race theory
    By Mark Moore October 6, 2021 3:54pm Updated
    “Attorney General Merrick Garland is under scrutiny after a parents group revealed that his daughter is married to the co-founder of an education company funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that allegedly employs critical race theory in its work, according to a report…The disclosure comes as the attorney general announced on Monday that the FBI will help investigate increasing accounts of alleged threats against teachers and school board members”

    • Fakebook spies on our children and privy to information then sells it to US AG’s – top LE official in nation – daughter and son in law’s brainwashing business:
      AG Merrick Garland’s Daughter Married to Co-Founder of Education Company Selling Critical Race Theory Resource Material to School Districts
      October 5, 2021 | Sundance | 602 Comments
      Well, well, well… This is interesting. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland recently instructed the FBI to begin investigating parents who confront school board administrators over Critical Race Theory indoctrination material. The U.S. Department of Justice issued a memorandum to the FBI instructing them to initiate investigations of any parent attending a local school board meeting who might be viewed as confrontational, intimidating or harassing.

      • Added emphasis:
        “At @DefendingEd, parents sent us tips. We raised the alarm. Now Garland is trying to silence parents.”

        “Panorama Education will profit from Garland’s outrageous silencing of parents who are challenging its ***data mining*** of K-12 students,” she wrote on the group’s website.”

        Information posted by children on FakeBook includes many intimate personal details and other data which could be exploited with unintended consequences – the lives of our youth are now an open book to anyone who has access to this data. Pedophiles and other sociopaths target careers, livelihoods and activities which place them in proximity to children and the vulnerable of our society.

  2. Mr. Klar is pointing out some very weird things that are happening in our education system.

    We have concrete examples of library books for children in school libraries that are outright pornographic.

    This is just plain weird. In school libraries?

    Whatever happened to teaching children to have respect, decency, and civility toward everyone? Why do we now have to, for example, throw a cast of race over everything?

    Is the tactic to create a series of crises, and then bring in a police state to solve these (enter Merrick Garland)? Of course decent people will object to many things happening in our schools: was that the plan all along? Then these decent people can be demonized and dealt with if they interfere with the new “liberty,” which means freedom from respect, decency, and civility. It means freedom from a live-and-let-live attitude and promotion of a we-know-what’s-best-for-you ideology. Those opposing this new liberty are the new enemies of liberty.

    It’s Doublespeak. It serves to divide and confuse people at a time when they’re already divided and confused.

    If it looks like a psychological operation and talks like a psychological operation, is it just happenstance? I think we need to calmly and firmly stand our ground and not let this rile us; do what we have to do, but understand that the manipulation is deliberate.

    To many of us it looks like everything that’s happening has been elaborately and carefully planned, including detailed contingency planning. Anyone who has read anything by Klaus Schwab knows that this sort of thing is right up his ally. This is what technocrats do. This is how you make sure the Great Reset police state gets enacted. They want the sheep to be sheep, and the good people to be cowed and confused– “why is this happening”? It’s happening because they want it to happen. They want us to get angry and start slamming things; then Merrick Garland can step in. Don’t get angry; get even.

  3. John…….I’m going to challenge your writings……”beginning” to brainwash???. Lol

    Thanks for standing up against the garbage, weak, hopeless, racist, teachings of CRT. People have no idea what CRT is…..

    You can’t stop racism with hate, you can with love. love thy neighbor has no qualifications. Love thy enemy, defeats the powers of those whom wish for dividing and conquering, hate, strife,etc.

    The path to a better Union is a narrow path.


  4. “Little wolves” being groomed right before our eyes.
    Marx would be proud to see Vermont obedient and unquestioning.
    Chinarmont, in situ.
    Re-education was what the Cultural Revolution was all about, and the children gotten to early, guaranteed acceptance of the communist agenda, not just to not question it, but enforce it… pogroms of those who understood the cruel purpose to break the back of a 5000 year old enlightened culture…worked to silence dissent, or anyone who thought independently, free of authority.
    Because of the “little wolves” – we’re in the ‘normalization’ phase now – so we will accept the programming.
    What you accept, you get.

    • “Normalization” people need their NWObonics decoder ring for that one.

      “Normalization” is the soviet term describing the take over of a nation from within. When the invading party causes chaos and collapse and bring themselves in to normalize aka ( take over) the country from within.

      Standard KGB military tactics

      For the Chinese military this is the ultimate warfare, as described by Sun Tzu, the art of war.

      normalization = subvert (take over, take the helm, leadership) of a country.

      Yuri Bezmanov, gave us a solution, many will be surprised, most won’t believe what the solution is either, but If you really look for the answer, you’ll find he’s corredt.

      • Bingo… The Epoch Times has a very informative series that points at China, not Russia, and is the most accurate to date of our current status quo IMHO:

  5. The brainwashing does not stop or start in schools now. The mainstream media outlets push propaganda and lies daily 24/7. The entire narrative is turned against people who believe in God, believe in morals, ethics, and decency. All attempting to normalize the very things that 20 years ago we would not believe possible. Societal collapse is afoot.

  6. Seeing that we foot the education in Vermont, every K12 school should be forced to publish the student curriculum for the school year without omissions. We are not paying them to secretly brainwash our children.

  7. I think these nearly daily screeds by Klar do nothing to help his cause. They are actually quite troubling.

    • 1) What is my cause? Educating people about the truth.
      2) Troubling that I would question the troubling partisan takeover of our children? Please define what troubles you.

      Critics seem to have no facts or arguments to offer — merely personal attacks. This confirms I am correct to keep asking the critical questions that those in power avoid.

      • First of all there was no personal attack in my two sentence post.

        1. As I see it, through your excessive and aggressive writings, your cause, at least one of your causes is to expose the harms that could be done to young school children through the teachings of CRT. I happen to agree that CRT is of great concern and that those with the authority to control its teachings to young children are not to be trusted.

        Even though I am on the same side as you on this issue, I am put off by your intensity on the issue. Clearly, something is very off with that.

        Given that, I think others are put off as well. I would hate for folks to stop listening to those that are concerned about CRT because of your extremism.

        I listen and read liberal and conservative opinions on this issue, well every issue really. I think to do otherwise is to foster ignorance. I don’t think you have THE TRUTH. When someone thinks they have THE TRUTH, it is time to stop listening to them. Cult leaders believe THEY have the TRUTH.

        Keeping the issue in the light is not a bad thing, in fact, it is necessary. But, something is wrong with the way it is happening on True North Reports. I am surprised that the editors are allowing it to happen.

        • “Your (attributive adj.) excessive (adj.) aggressive (adj.) writings (noun),” isn’t personal?

          It does qualify as an ad hominem attack though.

          You seem to have a personal problem with Klar and the only thing you can find to attack (because you agree with him), is his ‘style’, which is a purely subjective opinion, and your issue, and thus, irrelevant.
          And you agree with him.

          The First Amendment is unequivocal.
          There is no fence to sit on.

          In the meantime, Marx loves that you are creating this infighting…because you agree with John. You just don’t like his style. What a “useful idiot.”

          Most often, what we see in others that is offensive, is what we ourselves are feeling and not a true reflection of that other person, but a mirror of ourselves.

          And then there’s the bit about using just those adjectives…which gaslight John outright.

          If you’ve got a personal problem with John Klar, own it.

          The rest of us will enjoy the particular freedom of being able to access and express ourselves without the tone policing communists love amongst supposed allies.

          I truly appreciate TNR for both the open comments (mostly), and that you print John Klar, the best writer in Vermont on these topics now, tackling them no holds barred.

          Just don’t hire Joy as one of your editors or moderators please.

          • Sorry Sword, but I think your post is ridiculous. I have a personal problem with Klar!!?

            You’re an impressive guy – a constitutional scholar and a therapist!!

            For your information, but I don’t know why I bother, I have publicly written a number of times defending free speech myself. Making assumptions about my position on free speech is truly ignorant. Just so you might try to understand, although I very much doubt it. That does not equate with a personal attack on you. Accusing me of all the things you have, is pure ignorance. And suggest that you are quite a nasty fellow.

            I have made no attacks on you or Klar. I have said, I think his screeds push people away from TNR.

            I went from reading them to, omg god another one. I certainly have wondered why TNR is printing them on almost a daily basis.
            I think that reflects badly of them.

            I’ve heard that TNR is trying to get an in with VTDigger readers. That would be great. But, it isn’t going happen. Is anyone asking WHY?

            I’m guessing that lots of TNR readers read VTD. How many VTD readers do you think read TNR? I’d say not many.

            Enough said.

          • Or You either AT lol and kindly cease calling me a Communist plant bc I diagree with your opinions 😀

          • Allison aka Sword of Truth: You of all ppl should not be lecturing anyone. Infamous for creating infighting – then accusing all who dare challenge your accusitory rants for “infighting” – tho you’re not the first to pull this victimhood card by blaming outside forces for TNR commenters falling into the hands of UN Agenda, Communists and whatever excuse necessary to explain away pretentious puffery, pls don’t be surprised if you’re called out, and not fooled by veneer of conservative talking points.

            Lost credibility by trashing longtime TNR stalwart Michael Bielawski of not performing due diligence when it was you that did not read the links he provided.

            And burned a women driven out of her job and the state at the stake then accused her of lying and of being a phony ‘crisis actor’. Plus tho I disagree with Joy in strongest of terms she at least knows how to throw dishes like a pro – must be Irish lol

            Created a siamese twin to amplify voice and not the first. MSM is full of the intellectually dishonest – and purport to possess the highest of jouralistic integrity while lying like a rug – so being a writer does not impress and there are TNR commenters and contributers who run circles around VT media. Pretty sure Red China is taking careful notes 😀

        • Concern troll much. CRT a Maoist takeover of education system in our nation all of us not living under a rock or with an agenda promoted by academicians from faraway faculty lounges well know. Have been reading Mr Klar for approx a decade – and you are wrong – he does have *the* truth as opposed to truisms and facts while crystalalizing it one post & comment @ a time while remaining remarkably humble for a lawyer lol.

          And has awakened me to many hidden aspects of issues unseen by most preceding activity on TNR. If you believed CRT is molestation of the minds of our youth sure as hell would not be whining about *intensity* and the volume cannot be turned up too loud imo lol

          Your supposed promoting of multiple sources of info a typical leftwing mindset to disguise infantile narrowmindedness. I for one Patriot Conservative already know what you folks are up to and need no additional info as Communism never changes and Marxist promoters don’t either which is why I personally need not investgate further.

          I for one *do not* believe you are with John or TNR on this or against CRT and hopefully John is complimented that you have chosen him to attack – a badge of honor.

          Clearly have a dog in this race and suspect you are involved with government-run taxpayer-funded education or would have no impetus for rabid attacks.

          If disparaging Mr. Klars frequent and timely exposes and op-eds is not a personal insult – what is. Looks like you don’t want this damning info spread, so shooting the messenger of your agenda appears your best course of action.

          Seem to make it your business to insult Mr. Klar by positing own opinion and like all leftwingers hide in safety of we where are these myterious ‘we’s’. Why do you think others here are put off – I’d like an example. And further majority is usually wrong anyways so who cares.

      • Somebody has to do it, the uniparty is not good self reflection. Self enrichment, self empowerment from the oppression and control of people, they are most good at these things.

      • It’s why they hate Trump. You only get flak if your flying over the target, Bombs Away, John !

    • Whether one agrees or not with Mr. Klar, or any other contributor to this and many other media outlets matters not. The fact that this outlet publishes views and information not found elsewhere- and allows you to comment on those views is very important. Other Vermont media outlets have discontinued comments on stories published- and restrict the articles published to be only what the publisher wants. If you are troubled by the views expressed, you the reader are not forced to read them. Merely bypass articles that trouble you. There are subjects that Klar tackles that are uncomfortable to read- but that might make the information and views written- very important to know.

      • Mr. Bammo: It is not at all my “uncomfortableness with the topic”. I wrote the post because I am troubled by how damaging Mr. Klar’s style is. I too, have great concerns about CRT being taught to young school children. Again, Mr. Klar’s screeds are not helpful. They are too aggressive and excessive.

        Am I not entitled to my opinion? I am merely trying to warn about the damage they could be causing — as in passing over them because they are routinely excessive and aggressive.

        I am well aware that other publishers will not post opposition to CRT. It too, is deeply troubling. And, I have complained to them about it.

        Just as excessive liberals scream racist, transphobe, hater and all the other tools they use to silence. So too, is it a silencing tool to say to someone – if you don’t like it don’t read it.

        Personally, I prefer discussion over silencing.

        • Then I add this to the discussion. True North’s Publisher has the right to publish as he chooses. As does any other publisher. It’s codified in The Bill of Rights. Currently, True North chooses to publish John Klar’s work. You indicate that you think Klar’s words too provocative. Publisher continues to publish Klar. You indicate your dissatisfaction with True North Reports for allowing “it to happen”. That statement indicates your desire for True North to discontinue publishing work that you do not like or agree with. That in my book, is analogous to “silencing” which is a polite word for censoring. Please remember you stated that you agree with the premise of the article, opposition to CRT- not it’s tone- and that’s your opinion. TNR gives you a forum to voice your opinion and you have.
          TNR publishes provocative articles on contentious topics AND allows unencumbered comments by readers. Very rare in Vermont media and very much appreciated.

          • I love open commentary……lol, people,have no idea what to do when somebody challenges a thought or comment.

          • Bammo, please cite where I said, Klar’s words are too provocative.

            It is pointless to try to have a respectful exchange with folks who only want to further cement their opinions.

            Sad. I had hoped to be helpful. To bring more people to read opposing opinions on CRT. Klar’s pieces just ain’t going to do it.

        • You probably came from vtgravedigger’s site because they do not allow free thought or expression. There are times when I see an article that I might not fully agree with but I would do nothing to stop that person from posting it.

          Perhaps you should find the parts you agree with and skip over the adjectives like aggressive and excessive because those words indicate your preference for censoring his style and approach.

          My opinion is that you are encouraging TNR to censor those things you don’t like to see in print, specifically from Mr. Klar. If the people over at digger aren’t adult enough to handle the truth, they can stay over there like little sheep where they are not allowed to speak and are told to be quiet.

          No one here wants or accepts censorship. Don’t like it, don’t read it. Simple!

          • Dano – you’re too mature, “don’t like it, don’t’ read it.” Is that the best your closed mind can come up with?

            Is anyone on this site able to just hear a different opinion without making all kinds of ridiculous and ignorant assumptions about the person making it!!!?

            I get that Digger prints one-sided liberal pieces, I don’t like it, and have said so to them. But so doesn’t TNR print one-sided conservatism.

            I seek out different opinion pieces. How can any one possibly learn anything if all they listen to is the choir?

            This is, to a shocking and nasty degree, a choir bunch.

  8. Education has become a laboratory for corporate experimentation, similar to Monsanto creating synthetic seed then waiting for the harvest to determine its impact on humanity. Wikipedia reminds us one of their best known products is Roundup.

  9. Why isn’t our Vt. State Ed. Dept. setting standards for education? Isn’t what they are there for?

  10. “Did you know? Panorama was ranked the #1 SEL measurement tool in a report from Tyton Partners and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”– from Panorama website.

    I’m so sold!! If Bill Gates backs it, it’s gotta be great! After all, the guy promotes industrial farming and the consequent destruction of small farms.

    “The same Gates Foundation which is behind every aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic from financing much of the WHO budget, to investing in favoured vaccine-makers like Moderna, is engaged in a major project in Africa which is destroying traditional small farmer production of essential food crops in favour of monoculture crops and introduction of expensive chemical fertilizers and GMO seeds that are bankrupting small farmers. The project, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, known as AGRA, is directly connected with key global institutions behind the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.”

    This is easy. If Gates is for it, it’s gotta be great.

    (Why does Gates seem to have his finger in every crap pie they’re trying to shove down our throats?)

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