John Klar: Fauci’s latest faux pas

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical advisor to the president

By John Klar

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently made a bold declaration against “the sea of lies we are living in” — and then lied about the science of COVID-19 and vaccine protection. Not just a little lie: a massive misstatement of well-established scientific fact. Now he has proclaimed that the COVID vaccine will protect Americans to the same degree as the measles shot:

A virus cannot mutate unless it is replicating, and if you allow the virus to freely replicate chronically in society it will mutate. … If we can get the overwhelming proportion of the people vaccinated, as a nation … we will do very, very well. Just the same way as we’re all protected from measles because the level of protection in measles is very, very good in this country. It’s 90-some-odd percent.

Is he attempting here to suggest that experimental MRNA COVID-19 vaccines are as innocuous as the measles vaccine? He doesn’t say this, but by linking these completely different pathogens he is inviting false comfort. The two diseases differ tremendously: measles cannot mutate into new strains; COVID-19 most certainly can. Indeed, Dr. Fauci claims urgency in vaccinations to prevent exactly that:

“There’s a tenet that everybody knows in virology: a virus will not mutate unless you allow it to replicate,” Fauci told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” “Fortunately for us, the vaccines do quite well against delta, particularly in protecting you from severe disease, but if you give the virus the chance to continue to change, you’re leading to a vulnerability that we might get a worse variant.

Fauci’s analogy to measles protection is doublespeak: “….there is a near-zero probability for the natural emergence of a new measles virus capable of evading vaccine-induced immunity.”  Measles is especially “rigid” in its evolutionary design, employing a complex mechanism of “binding to specific cellular protein receptors as its doorway” past the natural human immune system.

Thus, it is impossible for America to ever be provided vaccine protection from COVID-19 equivalent to that achieved by measles vaccines. This doesn’t stop Fauci from stating that Americans will be protected “just the same way” as the nation is for measles — if only people will prevail “despite the sea of lies.”

Is the “science” really so baffling for the good Doctor F? COVID-19 is more akin to flu in its mutability:

Viruses that encode their genome in RNA, such as SARS-CoV-2, HIV and influenza, tend to pick up mutations quickly as they are copied inside their hosts, because enzymes that copy RNA are prone to making errors.

Annual flu shots are required because flu mutates so rapidly — this is also why flu shots are often of only limited protection.  While COVID-19 mutates more slowly than influenza, to compare it to the “rigid” virus measles, and suggest it can be similarly prevented for the future by a single vaccine, is astounding. Further critical thinking suggests that immunizing an infected population during a pandemic can also cause vaccine-resistant variants to arise. Instead, Fauci et al. conjure a make-believe world in which 100% of people who create variants are the unvaccinated.

When science is so brazenly fudged, it becomes frighteningly clear that this “new science” is really a new religion, warped like scriptures (only kept by the doctor-class clergy, who also decide what the Constitution says, and what legal rights all humans should have) into whatever meaning is required for the moment.

To comprehend Dr. Fauci in an American sea of lies, modern science grants access to the reasons why some people — even people in important positions of authority on which great trust is placed — lie as easily as breathing.  Scientific American uncannily hints at what might be percolating in the mind of Dr. Fauci:

Current thinking about the psychological processes involved in deception holds that people typically tell the truth more easily than they tell a lie and that lying requires far more cognitive resources. First, we must become aware of the truth; then we have to invent a plausible scenario that is consistent and does not contradict the observable facts. At the same time, we must suppress the truth so that we do not spill the beans — that is, we must engage in response inhibition.

The psychological processes witnessed in Dr. Fauci’s science circus reveal a person who is craftily lying, not unintelligently believing that measles mutates like COVID — just as he lied about gain-of function research.

When America’s health czar smugly condemns others as liars while denigrating the unvaccinated based on an abuse of vaccine science, who would trust a vaccine that was actually safe and effective?

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. This commentary originally appeared at American Thinker.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/NIAID

7 thoughts on “John Klar: Fauci’s latest faux pas

  1. I’m so thankful I no longer watch television. The stink of official lies is nauseating enough hearing it secondhand.

  2. There are those who believe what’s happening today is ramped-up politics and maybe a lot of incompetence: that explains everything. Many of us don’t think so.

    We know for certain that certain elite groups– such as the WEF– are trying hard to push through a reset of society. Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, had the audacity to say that we’re never going back to normal, as if it were his decision. But certainly others echo his view and countries like Australia are working hard to institute a top-down government-driven new normal medical police state that denies pesky self-determination.

    In a nutshell, many believe it’s about technocracy: rule by technocrats such as Schwab and Gates, who are decidedly for a fourth industrial (technological) revolution that’ll redefine all aspects of human society. Schwab has written books about this.

    What’s the problem these folks are facing? People. People do what they want. In a well-ordered factory, for example, each employee has a job and is held to it for the good of the company. People left to the own devices would be a huge detriment to production. So it is with societal engineering: you have pesky yellow vest protests, you have people not acting for the common good, you have people who have their own ideas about what their greater good is, you have people refusing vaccines. And you have outdated ideas about ‘liberty,’ supposedly brought forward by slaveholders!! Imagine!

    The technocrats want to sweep all this pulling-in-different-directions aside and manage everyone for the greater good. A society run by technology and algorithms, what could possibly go wrong? Industrial agriculture; taking lands from third-world countries for carbon offsets or whatever other greater good is desired; pharmaceutical management of health and discarding those stupid and unscientific alternative treatments; a regime of continuing vaccination to keep us all healthy when access to vitamin treatments is forbidden. People who dissent from the accepted doctrines, such as world expert on biological aluminum, Chris Exley, will have their funding cut if they go against the tide. Exley’s lab was dismantled: no such alternative research will be allowed. It’s happening.

    We’re being herded. CRT and BLM are part of this; the pseudoscience of global warming is part of this, and Covid-19, while maybe not exactly a ‘plandemic’ (but who knows?) is part of this. They have psychologists working for them, too, and the goal is to dismantle old ways of thinking and gear everyone toward what they’ve decided is our brighter future and our greater good: the monitoring and managing of everyone for the smooth functioning of a society based on top-down control. You cannot manage what you can’t monitor. We’re all in this together, right, to stay safe? You want justice, right? We need to dismantle the old ways for justice, right?

    This is the real purpose of vaccine passports since, as perceptive leftist writer Noami Wolf has said, from that digital platform they’ll be able to do all kinds of add-ons until, as in China, everyone can be monitored digitally. Then management can come in, and it may be subtle: say the wrong things, meet the wrong people, and your bank account may have glitches for a time; maybe at the checkout line you’re have an embarrassing ‘sorry, transaction refused.’ Refuse to get your yearly vaccines and access to stores, restaurants, ballparks, etc., will be denied. It’ll all be for the greater good. Monitor and manage. We absolutely have the technology for this, and the power of this technology is growing by the day. This can be and will be abused if we let it.

    Fauci is part of this: he has openly said that he doesn’t care about liberty. It’s not simple, innocent incompetence. The plan is to monitor and manage everyone so society will hum according to the designs of the technocrats.

    Those who doubt this, look at what’s happening throughout the world, and think about it.

  3. That the darling of liberal news shows is even still listened to- or his statements reported is an indictment of what America has become. The fear blatantly transmitted from this megalomaniac’s
    mouth to your TV screen should be given no creedence.
    The self-annointed St. Anthony has and continues to lie, falsify and twist fact to meet the fear narrative required by his masters, whom aren’t in the White House.
    Would he be sated by an lockdown like the current Australian debacle? Maybe not, after Delta- the Lambada variant is coming!
    I predict that a treatment for Coronavirus will soon be available, probably somewhat similar to Invermicitin, but enough different to be patented- and expensive. Perhaps, he will insist it be named after him. Fauci can then fade on to the lecture circuit, after receiving many millions of dollars, a knighthood and many medals for his alleged good
    That day will be a good one.

  4. Not like this hasn’t been in the making since WWII when the experiment worked to depopulate the planet and enlist humans to kill each other in the name of ‘safety’ from ‘them’ (Jews, intelligensia, Roma, gay, genius, non-existent viruses) AND fund their own killing fields.
    Worked then, working perfectly today.
    That IS what the internet was about: kettling and culling.
    Now they have the death jab and virtue signalling and mindless dumbs and dumbers – our national goal it would seem, that because we accepted it, manifested.
    With our help.

  5. Bill Gates has had several conferences over many years wanting to cut back on the world population. You can see Gates and Fauci together. This covid plaque has been planned for many years. New World Order is what they are trying to bring in. I’ve watched this for many years.. Currently our military
    Is trying to stop. Keep a supply of food. Things are happening
    All over the world stopping their plan. Trump is coming back soon. Many things happening before end of year. Get ready!

  6. My opinion: In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter who thinks who is lying. It’s a judgment we each must make as individuals. One way or the other, we will choose to follow our personal logic, be it the consensus of one group or another, one science or another, or the individual choice we make based on the assessment of our personal risk/reward research.

    I’ve made my investment decision. But I’m not going to say what it is, because ‘the other side’ is likely to characterize my decision in a way that is inaccurate, if not down-right false and manipulative.

    One thing is clear. This pandemic was, to some extent, contrived. And, as is often the case, we are again being subjected to the law of unintended consequences. And this is nothing new. But what makes today’s circumstance particularly dangerous, as has been the case numerous times in human history, is the politization of these consequences.

    Caveat emptor, people. Caveat emptor.

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