John Klar: Elayne Clift engages in dishonesty and dehumanizing of fellow citizens

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John Klar: “The premise of Clift’s call to treat unvaccinated people like lepers in Vermont hospitals is built on a house of dishonest and ignorant assertions. For one thing, it is simply illogical: many unvaccinated are now naturally immune, and thus much less ‘dangerous’ than her vaccinated elites.”

As I explained in a recent commentary, Elayne Clift, a regular contributor to VTDigger, has used wrong information to stigmatize her fellow Vermonters in a most unscientific and dangerous way.

Ms. Clift claims:

That’s why I believe 20 percent of hospital beds, ICU or otherwise, should be allocated to unvaccinated patients suffering from Covid, while 80 percent of all beds and resources be available to anyone requiring care at any level in order that their lives or health not be held hostage to those who have made choices that are not only deeply selfish but dramatically dangerous. That seems more “fair and equitable” to me than people having to die in hospital parking lots. It also might just be the way to “get this under control.”

To her credit, Ms. Clift has not yet called to deny health care or hospital entry to unvaccinated or unmasked Vermonters, as many have advocated. Yet her histrionic, deeply selfish and profoundly false claims in support of her absurd (and impossible) proposals are “dramatically dangerous,” just as was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s reckless science about AIDS.

Indeed, these false claims and calls to seize civil rights (see Gallup AIDS poll) are far more dangerous than COVID itself — Ms. Clift rails delusionally about phantom racism and Nazism, while displaying precisely the behaviors of stereotyping, dishonesty, and dehumanizing of fellow citizens employed by that regime. She points out that the Nazis’ “agenda resonated with people who felt worried and humiliated. They welcomed scapegoats.” But seeking out bogeymen and scapegoats is Clift’s obsession — and now she has embraced the non-science of discriminating against the unvaccinated!

My great-grandmother perished in the Spanish flu, a much deadlier scourge than COVID. The nation did not panic and abandon the Bill of Rights. In order to discriminate against people, the Equal Protection Clause requires the government to prove real science and rational thought, not bow to populist hysteria like Clift’s “The Nightmare of Rationed Healthcare Has Arrived.”

The premise of Clift’s call to treat unvaccinated people like lepers in Vermont hospitals is built on a house of dishonest and ignorant assertions. For one thing, it is simply illogical: many unvaccinated are now naturally immune, and thus much less “dangerous” than her vaccinated elites. If vaccines worked as marketed, Elayne would have nothing to fear — but she can still catch it and spread it. Vaccinated sick people are everywhere. Supposedly the vaccine makes people less ill — in which case, Clift’s argument becomes all the more irrational.

Elayne Clift is indistinguishable from the Fauci clan who spread unscientific information during the AIDS crisis: “journalists, activists and politicians eager for attention and power — and determined to silence those who challenge their fear-mongering.” However, the science about the lack of risk from the unvaccinated is much clearer that the early AIDS research was when Fauci was so reckless — Clift has no excuse in medicine or logic for her position. Meanwhile, she has castigated America constantly over race, amplifying George Floyd’s death to claims that the most important problem in America is white supremacy. Elayne will weaponize any victimhood she can find, but here she has fantasized her victims — she claims there is a “nightmare of rationed health care,” and so calls to ration health care.

The assertion is that Vermont hospitals are short-staffed, and that vaccinated patients are being denied care because disgruntled nurses and staff are angry at the unvaccinated. This, says Elayne, is compelling these workers to face tragic scenes:

It’s also difficult to imagine what it must be like for exhausted doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. What must it be like as a nurse holding the hand of a young patient who might be succumbing to Covid, or setting up a Zoom call so someone on a ventilator can wheeze out a farewell to loved ones?

Consider the emotional toll it takes to be on a team that must declare one patient worthy of trying to save and another not quite so worthy. It’s a deeply depressing situation to ask anyone to endure.

But Elayne has created this hospital panic like a white-priviledged Jussie Smollett. There are not likely to be reports of deaths from rationed care because there haven’t been any. Does this dissemination of unverified, inflammatory claims serve Vermonters, or just foster division and hate?

But Elayne is far from done fabricating. She takes a bigger leap, seeking to leverage the shortage of staff in hospitals (already a huge problem pre-COVID) into a justification to segregate (discriminate against) unvaccinated patients (which does nothing to decrease burnout or increase beds):

Now, with the Delta variant, a significant number of nurses are leaving or considering leaving the field. A report issued by The Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation in June “found that 26% of health care workers in hospitals are angry and 29% have considered leaving the medical field. These are the warning signs of a smoldering epidemic of burnout among front-line medical professionals.”

Ms. Clift’s linked resource informs that these workers have been working without much of a break for 15 months, and that many have experienced salary cuts and furloughs. That could cause some of the anger to which Elayne refers.

Who is Elayne Clift to speak on behalf of Vermont nurses? She has no evidence of people denied care, nor apparently any clue why so many in the medical profession are angry. Unlike Elayne, I do not presume to speak for all nurses — many of whom are indeed vaccinated.

However, I have conferred personally with a great number of nurses and doctors over the last year, and not one has related a story of denied care. At least six have contacted me specifically because they were being targeted or harassed for not getting a jab of a vaccine that clearly is not what it was promised to be, for a disease that the government helped create and that Anthony Fauci then lied about. These healthcare professionals are disgusted with how they have been treated — they were on the front lines with no protection; now they are pariahs. If Clift really wanted to know, she’d learn how these nurses and doctors feel being targeted by people like her.

Many nurses have decided to leave their careers rather than comply. Having invested huge sums for education, years of training, and arduous commitment and long hours through the darkest early days of COVID without additional pay, they are now being muscled by Cliftian Smollett thugs into abandoning their careers — yeah, they are really, really angry. Who knows what the actual percentage is, but in a state already short on nurses pre-COVID, pretty soon there are bed shortages — that Clift uses as justification to segregate and discriminate, but which are caused by the angst of abused nurses and mandatory vaccines that are obviously only partially effective at best.

Clift asks, “What must it be like as a nurse holding the hand of a young patient who might be succumbing to Covid, or setting up a Zoom call so someone on a ventilator can wheeze out a farewell to loved ones?”

Well Elayne, what would it be like to have your 5-year-old die of an adverse vaccine reaction? (Just asking for a friend.) But what does this melodramatic-if-laughable attempt at Shakespearean drama have to do with segregating unvaccinated people? They wheeze out farewells to loved ones via ventilator Zoom calls too, don’t they?

What about the nurses, teachers, and police being discriminated against because they won’t take the vaccine? Has Elayne thought about how it must “feel” for them, as she fabricates her prejudices into false assertions, and thereby wrecks their lives?

Ms. Clift’s commentary reads like a macabre science fiction story. Gullible, terrified mortals are transfixed in petrified hypnosis, like the Great Moon Hoax. But this illogical discrimination is escalating, being deliberately promulgated by media outlets that “silence those who challenge their fearmongering.” Elayne Clift must not be allowed to agitate public division by spreading rancorous lies as in the AIDS epidemic. Facts do matter, and people’s lives are impacted.

My RN wife and EMT daughter never missed a day of work when COVID struck. There were not enough protective masks for them, but they worked anyway, while the left blamed the mask shortage created by President Barack Obama on Donald Trump. My wife was exposed repeatedly to patients from all walks of life, and likely had COVID. But now her resistance to being vaccinated (due to her own personal health reasons) has caused her to become targeted by ignorant haters like Elayne Clift. Maybe Clift would like to write an article about nurses like my wife — treated like heroes one day, then quasi-criminals the next (thanks Elayne!).

We must stand up for the rights of all people to have choice in vaccines, free from obscene discrimination. It starts with irresponsible people saying things for personal gain, like Fauci did with AIDS, and Clift does with nurses and vaccines. Then it escalates. As Elayne recently wrote (in another scathing, unsubstantiated attack on vague groups of Trump Americans), “the move toward a final solution is not a jump. It takes one step, then another, then another.”

Clift might wish to reflect on her own words, and how many jumps toward fascism she wishes to publicly advocate. She has written that “understanding the threat of fascism through the lessons of history, … we should all strive to wake up.”

I do hope she strives to wake up. She closes:

America desperately needs to think about what we have become. Only then can the country heal, reinvent itself, and emerge from the darkness that is rapidly enveloping us.

Clift and those who call to demonize others using generalizations, racism and lies are indeed a new darkness rapidly enveloping us. Elayne never offers any words of hope or healing — quite the contrary. Her idea of “reinvention” is to eliminate the Constitution and have the government reprogram everyone subconsciously. And her “first step” is to divide hospitals to discriminate based on lies.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

32 thoughts on “John Klar: Elayne Clift engages in dishonesty and dehumanizing of fellow citizens

  1. Ms. Clift fails to note she works for Grace Cottage Hospital in Townshend VT…gee I wonder why…bc the public may object to an employee @ a hospital no less, whose brain is completely marinated in abject hatred and who is certifiably mentally ill as are all sociopaths.

    They are in fact psychopaths who have learned to blend into polite society. Although a mere clerical position has access to patient records.

    Perhaps she may fear hospital receiving requests to sh*tcan her for not reflecting the values of the helping professions she serves.

  2. What about the vaccinated who are being treated like lepers because the hospitals are overflowing with: A) the unvaccinated who now are at risk from dying from covid and B) the post-crisis unvaccinated recoverers who are treated in hospitals for up to 40 days after they’ve been stabilized?

    It’s not a lot of fun to have your cancer surgery postponed because of people who refused to act as though there is a pandemic succumbing to it and bumping your scheduled treatment days, weeks or even months farther down the road. Sort of like lepers and their needs, no?

    • someone is lying to you up to 60% of those in the hospital have gotten the vaccine. They are getting sick as anyone would. This is not about unvaccinated this is about hospitals and the most money. They will make more treating Covid then cancer shame on hospital administrators and doctors for taking our hard-earned money to line their pockets.

    • cgregory have you read your own VT dashboard?
      Even the crooked VT media is reporting cases are down.
      Insane Massachusetts is “Looking for a Ramp” off the Covid Planet.
      You must have not got the memo that the jig is up.
      Why do you think we are going to have a war now to pay attention too?

    • cgregory, the reason people refuse to wear masks and refuse to get vaccinated is because they know this whole thing is a fraud.

      If the medical community really wanted to stop Covid-19 then they’d promote early treatment for the disease, which is the acknowledged best practice for treating any disease. To refuse to do this and to deliberately and viciously attack doctors who do, using drugs that have been used safely for decades, is the height of insanity.

      Stop crying about how the unvaccinated are doing this and doing that. The medical community is itself killing granny. No one else but them, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Shame has apparently been replaced by stupidity, ignorance and deception. A lot of doctors know this but they can’t afford to get fired for speaking up– the usual penalty for daring to say what one thinks– so they keep their heads down and their mouths shut.

      Two doctors treated 7,000 Covid patients with no deaths and very few hospitalizations (and they weren’t afraid to speak up about it.) Are they lying? Are they spreading misinformation? How do we know if they or else Tony Fauci are telling the truth unless we use our own discernment and our own reason to sort things out for ourselves?

    • Got a link Chuck…unproveable numbers got old real quick…however you’re not alone as TNR unfortunately has a number of resident Democrat operative running-dogs…

  3. Instead of parroting TV propaganda, try READING. Away from the fascist fear mongering.

    Let’s start with “mandates”. They are NOT LAW, according to Black’s Law Dictionary.

    If “COVID” is real, please send me to where it has been scientifically proven. Pics, studies etc.

    If masks protect the person wearing it, please explain to me how all over this country people are getting “mask-induced bacterial pneumonia”. Are losing their teeth. Are losing their memories. Are dying from accelerated lung cancer. You would not eat fecal matter your body has expelled… but it’s okay to keep forcing your lungs to inhale what they have ejected? I call that passive suicide.

    Please show me what the “vaccine” is made up of. You can’t. They have with-held the truth.

    It has become common knowledge that many MANY people have died as a direct result of The Jab.
    If The Jab is effective then please explain to me how the hospitals are chock full of extremely ill jabbed people exhibiting symptoms of what The Jab has done to them. NOT the “unvaxxed”.

    If you are hell bent on blaming and hating those who think differently than you, wear your mask and keep six feet away from me. Please. Problem solved for you, right? Because ( pay attention now) the hospitals are filling with Jab injured people, NOT THE PURE BLOODS. And yes, the non-compliant are now recognized as Pure Bloods.

    Fascist dictates promote a different but true infection. Of the mind. It convinces the compliant they are superior, “better than”…and that kind of thinking leads to even more atrocities. Not caused by germs or viruses, but an intrinsic need of some to dictate and control others. Read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”.

    I know you won’t wake up. You will refuse even unto your last dying attempt to breathe under your mask.
    There will always be sheeple.

  4. I wish to point out just one BIG issue in this whole scam-demic. Many people whom are discussed here are capable of doing for themselves. What about the poor, I mean the real poor, not the “refugees” in the state planted by Federal and State officials.
    You see, most if not all the people coming in are from poor despotic countries, are used to having a boot on their necks, lack of resources and a government that all but hates them. They come here, with invitations and paid transportation (oh, and mask less and shotless), from the present administration, did the same thing with Obama too. Tens of thousands, regularly. Anyone who is doubting this is either stupid or not paying attention.
    I and my wife are so tired of hearing about how tough things are. Some simple questions, Do you wear a mask, did you get the shot, do you social distance.

    We have done none of the humiliating things these people are dictating.

    We have lost my wife’s doctor, eye doctor and dentists for non compliance
    We have lost the ability to get fresh food from the shelf food.
    We are told to just die, don’t go to the doctor, you are selfish, by people who we don’t know who, when I speak on Craig’s list in rants and raves. (which is so bad now you cannot even put up a real rave and it stays.)
    I have lost my doctor for the same reason as my wife, no masks, no shots.
    She has been refused, yes, I said refused a ambulance ride when she went into respiratory distress.
    WE had the police called on us BY THE RESCUE SQUAD, yes, those sent to help, because a person with breathing issues was told “ you cannot get a ride via the ambulance unless you wear a mask”
    Even the cop was astounded. But he did call, because the squad lied and said there was “something” going on and they wanted the cops to come by and “inspect” our home/living situation to be sure my wife was not being forced to stay home and forgo their treatments and mask diaper.

    Even though there is a sign, a big sign, that says here is the law, we must stabilize you and make you as well as we can ,(including childbirth) EVEN WITH NO MONEY/ INSURANCE WITH NO ABILITY TO PAY.
    (not on the sign which is law) BUT, if you don’t wear a mask you will not be able to get in to get help.

    Same with non emergency medical transport, eye doctors and dentists. I think you get the idea.
    For months and months we have had to beg for a ride from friends to any store to get basic supplies for food and medical stuff. We are met with signs of none entry (without a mask). Now be sure, if even one retailer said no mask, get out, we would. You see the police will not arrest you for no mask as the politicians want. They arrest you for “TRESPASSING” because your unclean self dare to try to survive. Its screwy, No doctors visits but we can go into Walmart and other large corp stores and have not had issue, except Costco. We have sworn off them for being a government stooge.

    Back to healthcare. Cannot get looked at for an infection, cannot get resupplied for scripts that keep my wife alive. She was told by the local doctor (also part of a huge network) that she is no longer welcome there and because no one will see her she is doctor less. They have written a letter to all in the network that SHE IS BANNED. When we had a ACTR(no longer around , changed name…again) Bus come by and demand we “ride in the back of the bus” we were, well mostly me , indignant. How dare you try to make a black man and his wife sit in the back of the bus. We have been called “selfish” by the same organizations leadership (yes I have a recording). Real compassion, Right? How many Non-Profits in the state are treating the poor this way or worst. The “refugees” don’t complain (as far as I can see)because they are from places where they HAVE to comply. Too many of the non-profits “control” the state because they are the ARM of the state government. Oh, before you ask the local free clinic will not take her or me either, same reason, no mask.
    Even though the “mask mandate” was lifted, it was not, for the poor(Medicaid and MedicareInsurance). Services that are needed are NOT available for us. Same with the shot requirement. If you work at Shaw’s (just an example nothing more)you don’t HAVE to get the shot, unless you are subsidized by the state then, well, you have your orders and if you want money(mainly grant money) then you had better get these people in line.
    I am amazed by the allowed bigotry and racism that has again come to Vermont over this issue. I had to go to the co-op. Was in line buying natural medicine and a lady with her child came in behind me. She stated to her little masked spawn, “ Oh honey we don’t want to be in this isle because he is not wearing a mask.“ I think the kid was maybe 4-5yrs old. Great way to scare the crap out of a kid. I just may be sensitive but what I also heard was OH GOD A BLACK GUY RUNNNNNNN!. Funny? No. I paid for my stuff, much to the objection of the woman . I did have issues with them (store clerk) telling me to wait in line like a stooge outside to be allowed in the store but I would have none of it and got my stuff, a medicine for my wife and left biggest reason was my ride had a short schedule and I had to be ready when he came back by to get me. The dirty looks for being maskless against the fake virus is just amazing. I go anywhere that is not State sponsored because I know the results, I have tried.

    Do you want to see the letters we have gotten,do you want to here the recording of what the cop said, or better, you do you want to go with us and see for yourself?

    I do have one thing that makes me laugh. You see if you did not know, I am black, lived here since I was 6yrs old and I am in my 50s now, owned businesses, was captain of a ferry and a DJ just to name SOME of my adventures. I have been assaulted because of my color more times than I care to remember, I have been discriminated against, been called a deviant of one kind or another, without cause, but NOW, I/ wesee the BLM signs, that we laugh at, and most people are down right afraid to say anything because of the racist/bigot label that they can be wearing because of them being a Karen. I see how they virtue signal to show how special they are. We refuse to wear the yellow star and we have no “passports”, we don’t even own a cellphone, by choice.
    I praise all who have helped us, I praise GOD for an immune system that fights so good. I denounce the people who are too stupid, lazy or greedy to see the light or remember American history or even a little Black history. You are the people who are making this country and especially this state, suck.

    • Mr. McLamb: I agree with you that the ‘Mask Covidians’ out there are becoming more and more adamant and aggressive. I experience it too. But it’s easy enough to wear a mask if that’s what gets you through the day. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. That’s what I do. But I’m more concerned with the rest of your story.

      Vermont has the 4th highest welfare expenditures per capita in the United States. One study found that a Vermont employer had to pay more than $40,000 per year to compete with these benefits. And that doesn’t include local charities like the Food Shelf, nor does it take into consideration Federal Disability and Medicaid assistance, or that there are many jobs available for anyone who wants to work.

      Please tell us more about the discrimination you experience. Can you elaborate? For example, which hospital network refused to help you? Which ambulance service? Which bus line forced you and your wife to sit in the back? If a business has denied you the opportunity to work, tell us who they are. Vermont Daily Chronicle readers have more and more influence every day. If you are being discriminated against by someone, tell us who they are. There is no better disinfectant for discrimination than the light of day.

      • Re: “Vermont Daily Chronicle readers have more and more influence every day.”

        ….TNR readers too……

      • As a long time Vermonter and as a 50+ black man, I am well past explaining myself to people like yourself who cannot believe such things happen here in VT though with this new news outlet I will try this once.
        First off, You wear a mask. For that alone you are ill equip to truly understand coercion and you fall for it whenever you do as they demand for entry or whatever. No ,this is not the same as no shirt no shoes. That is your first answer, go along to get along. Nope, not gonna happen. You imply that my problems would end with “disinfectant for discrimination “. Guess what, that never works. They don’t care, they will discriminate because they can and will. My wife was REFUSED an ambulance ride from the Ambulance service in Middlebury VT. (they will say we refused but that is a lie, they said no mask no ride.) Was told by them (the rescue squad) that we could not get into the hospital without wearing a mask. There are NO EXCEPTIONS, no waivers, nothing. Not that it is the business of anyone what my medical status is, remember HIPPA. That is still in effect. Not to mention that coerced medical behavior is ALSO AGAINST THE LAW.

        You see VT is as they say the most progressive state in the union. NO,. IT IS NOT.

        Let’s start with driving while black. I have an ex-friend who I would drive around until, with his truck and him in the passenger seat, I was pulled over for “driving while black” . No tickets, no insurance check not even a license check . His excuse, he stated it looked like inspection sticker was bad. That’s right an inspection sticker. Then lets go back in time to the constant reference to being a fresh air kid growing up and ignoring the constant beatings of my fellow classmates for “being black” and being sent to counseling because no one believed a small black kid who stands up and wallops the kid behind him for constantly saying”we are gonna get you at recess,nigger” (that from the guy who lives 3 houses from me now) when in 2nd grade. What about having your family home, or even where you live now being referred to as the black peoples house. (my wife is white, explain that) Then lets move onto being followed in stores by fat security people who are so obvious that it was laughable. How about being called a nigger by a store owner while working for lottery Yes, VT lottery, fired 30 days after I filed a complaint and then in court being told “you never worked for them” to solve the states problem. You have no clue about how the STATE and its affiliates “discriminate”. Masks are just the latest flavor. They make unlawful laws for them to feel better, not actually fix much of anything. As so many liberals say… “Your privilege is showing” And your condescension is as obvious and insulting as it can get.

        Let us address the “welfare “ issue. Those on “welfare” in VT are, in most cases those same “refugees” they import from the border or from other countries where they have no”welfare” programs and no skills. People do not come to VT for welfare Why you ask. Because VT is one of the cheapest states for giving out money for “welfare”. Not to mention people on SSD like my self. I am lucky after a 3 year fight to get it, not because of laziness but because I was injured first by the then Fletcher Allen Hospital, by a doctor who mutilated me. $386 a month. Yup, seems to me too many people do not understand that some people have stories that suck and they end up, not by their own hand ,in a position to NOT do any more. I am one such a person. My mind is sharp but due to many lifesaving operations the rest of me is, well , toast most days. The reason an employee has to make so much is the TAXES in VT is not the “welfare” people in many respects. With transportation cost going up every year, property, school, services taxes, it is VERY hard in VT unless you are making more that $45000 and even then when they take away the choice of health insurance ( now a requirement) and I could go on all day with the fees, taxes and the like here that other states do not have. I could NOT afford to pay rent (I have a mortgage) when it is so expensive, much less eat on the money most of the low wage jobs you are talking about. Remember the EB-5 program, well many professional/skilled people cannot compete against a foreigner who will do the same work for ½ the money in some cases. That is a law that is used regularly.
        If you want to find out which agency/non-profit that is doing the discrimination, just pick up the phone and call. Its any that collect money from the state or federal government. They have contracts that they MUST abide by. The phone book is FULL of VT non-profit leach companies that will tell you proudly that w/o a mask you get little to NO HELP. I am not going to spend time listing them, The people who have had to comply know what I mean. The statement by you concerning masks is a clear sign that you are in fact insincere in your questions. You wish to “call me out” as a fraud or fake or as some grubby poor person who wants a handout. There is NO shame in using the Federal and State insurance policy (SSI/SSD) that I was made to pay in all my working life, which was not a small amount of time or money. You imply that the “welfare “people are here for the states ( YOURS AND MINE) money to live. No, most of the laws written in the 90’s for Social Security were designed to remove drunks, druggies and the like from their rolls. About the only ones getting “welfare “ are single moms and “refugees”. If you are a man.. well good luck with that.

        As to which hospital, All of them (And agencies are listed in my last comment, so maybe you missed it) have signs up saying no mask no entry. Go to one and look. You imply that no such thing exist with out you getting “proof”. You need to get past your own cognitive dissonance and privilege to see and understand what we and many more have experienced.

        • Mr. McLamb: I almost stopped reading your comment when you said ” I am well past explaining myself to people like yourself who cannot believe such things happen here in VT though with this new news outlet I will try this once.”

          Suffice it to say, you assume incorrectly on virtually all counts. None the less, I hope you will try more than once, as I am willing to do.

          – If you are being discriminated against because of the color of your skin, use the law the way it’s intended to be used. That’s your responsibility regardless of your skin color. Contact Xusana Davis, Vermont’s Racial Equity Director. And let us know how it goes. Is that ‘easy for me to say’? You bet. Just do it.

          – And yes, go along to get along. If you need a ride in an ambulance, and they require a mask, you have two choices. Wear a mask or find another ride. That’s your choice.

          – Is Vermont the most Progressive state in the union? You bet it is. And I suspect you’re beginning to figure out just how authoritarian Progressives are. If you think you’re the only one being discriminated against by the Vaccine and Mask Mandates, think again.

          – Stopped for ‘driving while black’: Again, contact Xusana Davis, Vermont’s Racial Equity Director. And let us know how it goes. Remember, God helps those who help themselves.

          – Re: Those on “welfare” in VT are, in most cases those same “refugees” they import from the border…
          Now you’re exaggerating and changing the subject. By far and away, these immigrants are the smallest group receiving welfare in Vermont. And yes, Vermont has been a magnet for those on public assistance for decades. But again, you can thank the ‘Progressives’ for that. What I was referring to is that if you need assistance, it’s here for you. And, apparently, you’ve figured that out, being on SSD. What I’m saying is the lack of social assistance is no excuse. If someone can’t qualify for assistance in Vermont, they can’t qualify for it anywhere.

          – Re: The reason an employee has to make so much is the TAXES in VT…transportation cost going up every year, property, school, services taxes,…
          Yep, again, thank the Progressives.

          – Re: …it is VERY hard in VT unless you are making more than $45000.
          Yep, again, thank the Progressives. BTW: I worked hard for 50 years, paid off my mortgage a while back, and I live on my SS and Medicare… a lot less than $45,000 a year.

          – Re: Remember the EB-5 program… Sure do. Thank the Progressives. Sen. Pat Leahy, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Peter Welch, former Governor Peter Shumlin. Progressives all.

          – Re: The phone book is FULL of VT non-profit leach companies …. You get no argument from me. That’s one of the reasons are taxes are so high… Progressives all.

          – Re: The statement by you concerning masks is a clear sign that you are in fact insincere in your questions. You wish to “call me out” as a fraud or fake or as some grubby poor person who wants a handout.

          What statement was that? Be specific.

          – Re: most of the laws written in the 90’s for Social Security were designed to remove drunks, druggies and the like from their rolls.
          Oh really. And how did that work out for Vermont?

          – Re: …agencies are listed in my last comment,..
          Sorry, I re-read your commentary and didn’t see any listed.

          • You have again proven to me trolls exist on even this paper. You have no clue and as I wasted my time @ first I will not do so again. You want all but a sworn statements, this is the comment section to a news story. As you have never gone thru what I have, are apperantly NOT black and not poor you are clueless. As for contacting agencies…You mean the ” how much poblictiy and money can we make on all this” agencies. You again missed the point and I will not elaborate. You are what we call a wishful idiot. You keep dreaming.

  5. Elayne Clift is full of hatred and ignorance. Sadly the governor’s office in Vermont is occupied by someone who is made of the same cloth as Elayne, along with almost every state rep, senator and bureaucrat in Montpelier. I used to think that the Vermont voters would flush the toilet on all these leftist authoritarians once their insane policies started to affect personal and public liberty. I continue to be wrong. Maybe all the empty shelves in the grocery stores and hyperinflation will finally wake up the Vermont voters. One can hope.

    • Please add elitist to your list of Clift’s attributes. She is the personification of an elitist, much the same as most of her ilk- including some Vermont politicians. I will for now exclude phil scott from this list, however he continues to be influenced by the elitist bureaucrats and politicians entrenched in Vermont’s government.
      SARS-CoV-2 has provided both socialists and corrupt politicians with an opportunity to gaslight and control the populace- and not give up that control. So people like Clift continue to reinforce the narrative. Useful idiots, I believe Vladimir Lenin coined the term.
      Clift is one of the animals George Orwell referred to in Animal Farm, that thinks she is more “equal” than the other animals.

  6. Now they’re purging dissenters from the military, too.

    Gee, that makes sense. It costs a lot of time and money to train a military pilot, but if they refuse to participate in the experimental vaccine scheme, out they go. Makes sense to me.

    Maybe the plan is: we’re just going to plow ahead and disregard every law and whatever the people think, and whatever makes sense, too. And we’ll have people like Elayne Clift, Tony Fauci, Dr. Levine, and Governor Scott watch our backs.

    All it’ll take is one or two people in the Scott administration to wake up. But now they’re being bribed with federal dollars so what do you suppose the chance for that is? They’re salivating over the spoils of Covid obedience: all that money!!! Disobey and it goes away.

  7. Clift asks, “What must it be like as a nurse holding the hand of a young patient who might be succumbing to Covid, or setting up a Zoom call so someone on a ventilator can wheeze out a farewell to loved ones?”

    I don’t know what that’d be like; probably discomforting, at the least. But none of this is the fault of the unvaccinated. None of this is the fault of our children “killing granny,” either. Yes, children can carry Covid back to parents or grandparents: that’s how I got it. And of course unvaccinated can spread Covid; so can vaccinated.

    People spread Covid. This is a plain fact, and even highly-vaccinated Israel isn’t escaping a huge surge in cases. But, people don’t have to die from Covid.

    Who’s killing granny? Anthony Fauci and every single doctor who refuses to prescribe drug regimes like the Zelenko protocol are killing granny. Medical boards that threaten doctors’ licenses for daring to prescribe HCQ and/or ivermectin are killing granny. Dr. Marik’s hospital that made a policy that no doctor can prescribe ivermectin or fluvoxamine is killing granny.

    Why do I say this? I say this because there’s a new book out by Drs. Freed and Tyson, stating how they treated 7,000 Covid patients with no deaths using something similar to the Zelenko protocol, but they were hampered every step of the way by the medical dictators.

    Doctor Levine needs to read this book and stop killing granny, and we all need to stop abusing our children with all the harm we’re doing them in the name of “saving granny.” Granny doesn’t need to be saved from our children; she needs to be saved from Dr. Fauci and his cohorts. She needs to be saved from the utter insanity that has infected our medical community like a noxious and stubborn virus that needs only the simple disinfectant of the truth to stop it. Dr. Fauci, though, has the vaccine for that remedy and he’s making sure every single doctor who wants to keep their job takes it. It’s the worst vaccine ever because it’s a vaccine of lies against the truth, and he spreads it everywhere, every time he opens his mouth. If he’d just shut up we’d at least be moving in the right direction.

    We had the solution to Covid-19 long ago. It wasn’t masks or social distancing or lockdowns or vaccines or hobbling our children for the sake of granny. It was a series of protocols using cheap, readily-available and safe medication and nutraceuticals. These things are the utter enemy of big pharma and its quest for the big bucks from expensive medicines, and the costs for their disgraceful policy falls hard on we, the people. They and the people who go along with this program are killing granny. Our children are not.

  8. It’s quite unfortunate that Elayne Clift does not question why so many Covid patients went into hospitals just to end up dying there. Other places like Sweden practiced focused protection of the elderly and those with comorbidities with great success. The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (pop 240 Million) completely eliminated the virus using an early treatment package distributed to every household costing less than $20. The package contained a combination of Ivermectin, Doxycycline and an Oximeter.

    These forms of early treatment have been vigorously suppressed in this country resulting in millions of needless hospitalizations and thousands of unnecessary deaths as the medical system to this day still promotes the use of an untested and dangerous leaky gene therapy.

    I am not vaccinated but have had the virus but also had the foresight to prepare a kit for use with the iMask+ protocol. I had a prescription for Ivermectin which no local pharmacy would fill, but that was easy to solve. The end result was several days of 101F fever and a lot of sleep. That was it and now I have full immunity.

    Ms. Clift would do well to acquaint herself with the Great Barrington Declaration as well as the iMask+ protocol.

      • Or, just learn to read, then with discernment.
        They count on you NOT reading – that’s where the Truth is these days.
        Ad hominem attacks reveal the face of the deliverer, and that’s all.

        • If you want to reach the maximum number of people, one does better speaking to the point and simply. They picked on president Trump, but he very carefully chooses his words, repeats some ( which drives people crazy) but everybody understands what he says and means. That makes him a great communicator, perhaps not a great orator, but great communicator he is, with less than 140 characters!

    • 1) Yes. I have almost 100 articles published with American Thinker. They average less than 1,000 words each.
      2) I believe this piece is about 1,800 words: less than several thousand. So, yes.
      3) I understand your complaint, and try to vary lengths. I believe this is a highly important topic, and it involves some complex issues.

      • I like people that write long style John..
        I myself write long style and I’ve been told by other writers that it’s good stuff and a whole lot of people can’t even do that anymore today, that writing long is now getting to be a unique talent in a world of Tweets. So write on..

        I want to learn, that takes information and that means words. This is why I read, to learn. People that really want to learn and be fully and properly informed are readers that like to read!
        I don’t think I am alone in my thinking..
        In fact, when I read your articles I often think of what a pleasure it is to read the work of someone with an actual brain in their head and not the propaganda we read today where proper spelling and grammar isn’t even there- aside from the subject matter they clearly and poorly attempt to manipulate.
        I sense in your writing that you are really trying to teach me something and I don’t see how people wouldn’t want and appreciate all of that they can get.

        It’s also a free country, write as you please.
        People that think it’s long can pass it on..

        I thank you for your articles John, they are now largely why I come here to read daily. I’m really hoping that Vermont elects you- AND if Vermont doesn’t want you, do come run in NH, we’ll take ya and your cows just fine.

      • Thank you John. I have many of your pieces over the past couple of weeks. I believe we have the wrong man in the Governor’s office. John Klar for Governor

      • “Long-form journalism” is taught in journalism, and is a choice of the author to do or not do. Here’s a definition:
        “Long-form journalism is a branch of journalism dedicated to longer articles with larger amounts of content. Typically this will be between 1,000 and 20,000 words. Long-form articles often take the form of creative nonfiction or narrative journalism.”
        Groomed and programmed consumers have been trained like Pavlov’s dogs not to have an attention span longer than 3 seconds, during which time, advertisers TARGET your brain.
        SO – if you have a hard time grokking more than 3 seconds of content, maybe your brain has been switched off by the digital drugs you consume in vast quantities daily.
        Reading engages a whole different part of the brain…its why they don’t want you doing it.
        If you have a hard time reading long form:
        You are being brainwashed as you consume your 3-second shots of…whatever.
        Your reading level needs to be improved.
        You’ve never opened a dictionary.
        You’ve never had an original thought that is all your own, ever. You don’t know what that feels like (reading EVOKES original thought).
        You don’t really want to know the Truth, and are content with ‘sound bites’ to satisfy your ‘informed’ delusion.

        I love it when arm chair critics tell those who can how to, when they aren’t.

      • John……No need to apologize for anything, you’re doing perfectly fine.

        I don’t mean to go over the top, but to me you you are a Renaissance Man….Lawyer, Farmer, Thinker, Prolific Writer and Influencer. Your capacity is amazing and your thinking/writing gets people’s attention………How do you get it all done?

        One last note, on behalf of Ralph Colin……..He’s a good guy.

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