John Klar: Death by vaccine in Vermont — who would know?

In a recent article reprinted around the state, Sen. Dick McCormack condemned unvaccinated Vermonters as guilty of embracing “pseudo-science.” In a subsequent email, he stated his “opinion,” unsupported by either law or scientific evidence, that he “would forbid the unvaccinated to force others to breathe “their exhalations.”

But the so-called pseudo-science is being touted by those who blindly accept every “scientific” claim as sacrosanct fact, even when there is no science involved. This is demonstrated in how Vermont, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are not treating adverse vaccine reactions scientifically.

At a May 26 press conference, Gov. Phil Scott was asked why Vermont was opening up again with only an 80% first-shot vaccination rate. Scott answered that he made the decision that 80% would be the number for first shots, and added that Vermont has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. In other words, the number is pseudo-science — the governor made it up based on how he feels.

state of Vermont

Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine

A simple question asked at the same press conference by Islander reporter Mike Donoghue reveals just how pseudo the state’s science is. In a question offered to the governor and Health Department commissioner, Donoghue cited a startling statistic from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Response System — namely, that eight Vermonters have died from taking the COVID vaccine.

Dr. Levine began his answer about the reported deaths by dismissing this claim unscientifically.

It’s a challenge to figure out if that’s a cause and effect issue or if there was another condition the person had … [and] that the vaccine was coincidence.

Note the very obvious “scientific” bias here: As soon as potentially legitimate concerns about adverse reactions arise, the health commissioner dismisses them as difficult to prove. The opposite was the case when reporting deaths from COVID-19 — any person who died with the coronavirus in their system (using a highly dubious test) was labeled a COVID death, no matter how many other grave health conditions were present. People on death’s door with cancer or heart disease were labeled COVID deaths, but people dying right after getting the shot are dismissed as having an unrelated health issue, with the shallowest of dismissals. Such double standards are not scientific.

Dr. Levine went further, casting doubt on the very idea that experimental vaccines could be anything but wonderful, and saying the state’s data didn’t match the CDC data about eight deaths.

“That is clearly not the data we have, for sure. … That’s important if that’s truly what they are listing, but we’re pretty much in contact with the CDC all the time, and if there was something that was a real signal of an alarm like that we would be aware,” he said.

It appears Dr. Levine is quite unaware. He moved to dismiss the data without even examining it. The CDC itself requires those viewing it’s adverse vaccination reaction data to sign this disclaimer:

While very important in monitoring vaccine safety, VAERS reports alone cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness. … This creates specific limitations on how the data can be used scientifically. Data from VAERS reports should always be interpreted with these limitations in mind. … The number of reports alone cannot be interpreted or used to reach conclusions about the existence, severity, frequency, or rates of problems associated with vaccines.

Health Commissioner Levine seeks to have his cake and eat it too. He points to CDC data when it suits him, but dismisses it just as easily when it doesn’t. The vaccines are experimental drugs using a novel technology touted by government on behalf of industry. And the rest of us are guilty of being unscientific for questioning their safety? How “scientific” is it to trust a pharmaceutical-government alliance that keeps obfuscating the facts?

A recent New York Times article highlights the pseudo-scientists’ problem:

The Centers for Disease Control, which announced its decision [to stop investigating breakthrough cases] earlier this month, will continue to gather data about mild breakthrough cases that are reported to the agency voluntarily by local health departments, but will only investigate the most serious cases of breakthrough cases that are reported to the agency voluntarily by local health departments, but will only investigate the most serious cases of breakthrough infections — about one in 10.

Until May, the agency was monitoring all cases. A report issued Tuesday said that as of the end of April, when some 101 million Americans had been vaccinated, the agency had received 10,261 reports of breakthrough infections from 46 states and territories, a figure it said was probably a “substantial undercount.”…. Some people who were infected with the virus when they thought they were protected by the vaccine are troubled by the lack of interest in their cases.

There is science that suggests inoculating infected people will create resistant COVID variants, but the CDC won’t be investigating that possibility. Like Dr. Levine and Gov. Scott, they will hide behind the “science” they politically create as they go along. Reports of COVID deaths will continue to be “scientifically” inflated, just as reports of adverse reactions will be “scientifically” negated.

McCormack is correct about the abuse of pseduo-science: he just has the shoe on the wrong foot. He is in sad sack company, and the fraud is becoming apparent.

Why in the world would we inject this experimental vaccine into the arms of healthy young Vermont children when they are at low risk from COVID? The dismissal of relative age risks in assessing suitability for experimentation is perhaps the most patently unscientific aspect of this years-long charade. If a single child is sickened or dies after injection, perhaps we should scientifically conclude — as with COVID — that it was caused by the injection, and hold McCormack and the rest legally and morally accountable for that preventable harm. Or is the “science” just not there?

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

Images courtesy of U.S. Secretary of Defense and state of Vermont

30 thoughts on “John Klar: Death by vaccine in Vermont — who would know?

  1. Ya, Klar and the cacadias will never mate again! You are such a political and lousy prognosticator. Put your brain to work intelligently – you are capable.

  2. Bears repeating – Repost
    Another one – *sit down*:
    Posted on May 22, 2021
    by Admin
    COVID Vaccinated People Within 2 Years
    “All vaccinated people will die within 2 years. Nobel laureate Luc
    Montagnier has confirmed that there is no chance of survival for people
    who have received any form of the vaccine”

    ^UPDATED 8:21 AM WEDNESDAY — Connecticut Publishes Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON “SM-102 – Not for Human or Veterinary Use”

  3. From our friends across the river in Live Free Or Die @ Granite Grok:
    “If They Get Jabbed after Watching This They Are Beyond Saving”
    by Steve MacDonald / 18 May 2021
    If you’d like a catch-all look at everything wrong with the current wave of public-health inoculation nuttiness, we’ve found it. This short video is loaded with details you can use and share with anyone on the fence about the pressure politics or the actual jab.

    The headline is theirs; SHARE with Loved Ones: If They get Jabbed after watching this They Are Beyond Saving, and the video covers a range of topics but focuses on the growing list of ‘complications’ associated with this experimental something (it’s not a vaccine).

    Find out what’s in it, that we know of, how it was “approved” for emergency use, how no one knows how it will interact with your organs or other drugs you use, and a bunch of stuff that will drive the fake-fact-checkers crazy

    So yeah, the Karens will watch which means we should too. So, here it is!

  4. I got my first shot as a kid, cried because getting stuck with thorns hurt. Someone asked me a question, I turned to see who and I did not feel a thing. It was for Polio. Got vaccinated in the military every time I turned around until I was 60 and retired. I get the flue shot annually and shingles shot when the new one came out. Volunteered for an Alzheimer study and this Sars 2 – Covid trial. Both were inconvenient time wise. I did get the two shots for Covid. Not because of some baboon in government is telling me to. I do not have much use for the morons in both state and federal government and just wish they would take a decade off. I do not believe most of the statement from them either. We have far bigger problems than Covid. I am extremely fortunate at 73, health wise and when I do my annual Dr’s visit I believe he wonders why I bother come in. PS when ever someone was sick, mom dragged us over to visit and play.

  5. Communist State of Vermont… following the money is always helpful to know who is playing for which side… Nuremberg trials or tar and feather? Which is more appropriate for non-elected and elected officials who coerce constituents by telling them they are sick and need to take such and such a medicine to be not sick anymore, even though the risk of getting sick is less than getting hit by lightening once in a lifetime…
    A state that values AI MODELS over real life experience is NOT in favor of either LIFE or HUMANITY.
    It is a wholly inhuman (AI or other, take your pick) agenda, and serves no living thing that has DNA, on the planet.
    Scott, Levine, Condos and Donovan are collaborating in a eugenics/apartheid/genocide event that is global…setting the pace as it were. And Vermonters, now morphed into being the good obedient and well trained technocrats who know their jobs are tied to their choices, free or informed or not, just go along to get along. The HUMANS left on this planet WILL be those who do not take the mRNA jab that is gene therapy BY DEFINITION. Did we all get sprayed with lithium or something, and just stop thinking?

  6. I saw a quote by Gaddafi saying something to the effect that they will invent the virus and sell you the vaccine to cure it. He likely knew their game well being Africa was subjected to it for decades – WHO, IMF, UN – Fauci involved with HIV back in the day. What is old is new again. As for Vermont, sold out to China and the photos from February 2019 pretty much explains it all. Mike Pompeo knew it and pointed it out numerous times.

  7. Dealing with Covid outcomes apparently isn’t Dr. Levine’s only issue when it comes to explaining things.

    Dr. Levine’s other most recent problem in explaining things was his proclamation that Vermont’s health care system is embedded with racism. A highly volatile claim that Dr. Levine publicly made while testifying before the Vermont legislature without providing a scintilla of evidence to back up his charge. It seems that he abandoned his obligations to science, facts and objectivity to satisfy activists and political pressure.

    Dr. Levine would perhaps better serve the public by eschewing the pressure of politics and sicking to science, facts and objectivity in carrying out his responsibilities.

    • Sorry – There is no fix for stupid. Levine is living proof fools can not only be educated – but earn a doctorate in medicine. Cannot be trusted as he and his sidekick Chancellor Scott are between the sheets of Medical Industrial Complex and its globalist puppeteers WHO, CDC, NIH, NIAID – all receive donations from the usual suspects all of which promote pure evil.

      InterestinglyUSMC, CDC & FDA are refusing the depopulation shot@ rate of 40-50 percentile…hmm

  8. I seriously believe it’s a test run to see how compliant people can be when faced with a perceived risk. It has proved successful and something bigger will be following.
    It’s revealed that only around 50% of employees of the NIH and CDC have been vaccinated. That is very telling about the truth of the risk involving the virus and the vaccine.

  9. Why are we pushing vaccines on children? We have ivermectin, with an amazing safety profile.

    I was going to write something about the vaccines but I came across this excellent essay on ivermectin:

    They’re working extremely hard to suppress ivermectin, yet this drug works against Covid-19.

    This isn’t about us getting well. As the two doctors from California who said early on in the pandemic, “something else is going on.” Dr. Fauci has been informed of ivermectin, of that we can be certain, yet he won’t lift a finger to help the American people with a safe, cheap, effective drug which, if widely distributed and promoted, would allow America to open up completely, with no fear.

    Doctors say ivermectin works. You don’t need 100’s of clinical trials if something works and has an excellent safety profile, you just use it. That’s what they did with penicillin. Yet everything under the sun is being done to keep this medication from reaching the good people of this country: we’re being fed fear stories about this, aren’t we?

    Where is Dr. Levine? Where is Vermont’s medical leader in this? Where is his integrity and grit and willingness to look at the truth? Where is his concern for the people of Vermont? Where is his willingness to stand up for the truth?

    • Excellent article. We have Ivermectin at pennies per mg or two vaccines at $65, and boosters to follow. Ive used the Ivermectin propholatycally with no issues and know of two patients who treated CV successfully in 2-5 days. Follow the money.

    • Thanks for the comments on this. If we look at the evidence and ignore the dissembling of Dr. Fauci and the mainstream media, then it’s crystal clear that we have treatments for Covid-19 that we should have been using long ago.

      What they’ve done is nothing less than murder, and we need good, honest doctors to stand up. Of course, the pressure is so intense that they could get fired for standing up.

      Imagine that. A doctor can get fired for trying to save lives. My own doctor went to a site called “,” widely used by physicians, and there it recommends against using ivermectin for Covid-19. My doctor refused to prescribe it (I got it elsewhere; see the FLCCC website or a place called Indiamart.)

      And yes, we do have trials for ivermectin; we have plenty of evidence.

      I don’t know who “they” are except that whoever they are, Dr. Fauci is working for them, not the American people. Dr. Levine is just a useful idiot and should be ashamed of himself for ignoring the real science. If we want evidence that Covid-19 is a plandemic and not a pandemic, then the fact that at least two drugs, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which are safe and active against Covid-19, have been deliberately suppressed by Dr. Fauci, the mainstream media, the mainstream medical profession, and even by some medical journals, points to a plan to keep people sick and fearful. This doesn’t happen without some coordinated pressure.

      We scream “stay safe, stay safe” but what was meant was to destroy small businesses and liberties and instill fear into the people, and it appears that whoever “they” are, they had no intention of keeping anyone safe. This is a fact. We can imagine all sorts of conspiracy theories to go along with that fact, but the plan, undeniable, and boldfaced fact is that the American people have been, and are deliberately being, denied life-saving drugs. Deliberately. This is the crime of the century.

    • Here’s something that should make everyone angry:

      After Dr. Zelenko wrote to President Trump about his protocol for Covid-19 using hydroxychloroquine, the NY State Department of Health put out an order that no doctor could use hydroxychloroquine in an outpatient setting, outside of a clinical trial. This was early in the pandemic. Dr. Zelenko lives in NY state, and the main thing about HCQ is that it’s primarily an outpatient treatment, to prevent serious Covid-19. So Zelenko’s hand were effectively tied by the state.

      Other states pulled the same trick. The general prescribing of HCQ for Covid-19, by fully qualified physicians who wanted to protect the health of their patients, was criminalized.

      I’m not making this up. As the two California doctors said, “something else is going in.”

    • At the 27-minute mark in this video about the Red, White and Blueprint movement in Shasta County, CA, we learn that California also forbade the prescription of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19. (for those who want to follow this movement, search for “the red white and blueprint.”)

      You can’t make this stuff up.

  10. Who do we blame… easy to answer., Scott and Levine are the first 2 in the #1 spot. They both hide their heads in the swamp.. Scott is dangling freedom in people’s faces.. bribing them by saying if you get the vaccine you’ll have some of your freedom back.. He keeps saying that Vermont is the only state in the nation that has had the most vaccination done.. we aren’t, there’s another state, can’t remember which one ( it’s midwest I believe) that has a lot more..

    I’m surprised that Scott and Levine haven’t broken their arms yet patting themselves on the back. Like Condo, they will turn on each other over who is going to be king of Vermont.

    I knew there were deaths in Vt after having the vaccine. . Scott played dumb about the 8 deaths just like he played dumb about the attack on a woman and another person in front of the statehouse. He knew about it… It’s called ” PLAY DUMB AND COVER YOUR BUTT.” His response Tue was like it was all a lie !!!

    So RINO Scott grow a pair and be a real Governor stop treating Vermonters like sheep..

    • Well, the 77.7% are, sheep. Yes blame the 1 and 2 in power, but you cant fix stupid, driving alone, walking and jogging alone with masks on, and now taking a substance with zero long term data to support safety and efficacy. Efficacy which does not equal Effectiveness and never has.

      • I refuse to take an unproven vaccine but I can defend the high risk people especially with the overstated risks of not taking it. But yes, the majority are sheep.

  11. The biggest tell is the all out push to vaccinate children and teenagers who have infinitesimal risk from COVID. It suggests ulterior and/or nefarious purpose behind the vaccines. The PCR test is deceptive, the death counting is deceptive, the behavioral remedies (masking & distancing) are deceptive, and the effects of the vaccine are unknown.

  12. The most ironic thing to me is, people were taught to be scared to death of a virus with a 99.8% recovery right in healthy people, this is an irrational fear. After months of public reports of the potential dangers and death caused by these experiment vaccines, people step forward to get an injection of an experimental gene therapy and are not afraid. Am I missing something here. This is probably another example of how people, either do not want to know or they are too lazy to investigate the potential risk for their future health in taking the jab. People post their shots on Facebook so others can see how wonderful they are to help protect the herd. All the while, only time will tell what happens as a result of this experiment?

    What has been learned from this is that American sheep can be herded into whatever holding pen authorities want by fear, misinformation, censorship and lies.
    Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of certain people and what their motivations are or how incompetent they are at finding the truth. A heavy dose of skepticism is the true antidote. We need less sheeple and more questioners! Just one persons opinion.

    • Several high-level doctors, scientific researchers and public officials including the former Vice President of Pfizer and a French Nobel Laureate have predicted a mass caualty event within 2 years with the French Laureate stating anyone who has received any dose of the ‘vaccine’ will not survive and lays out his case in detail.

      If we know this so do all of the vax-pushers.

  13. One could compare those who are reluctant to become part of a mass clinical trial to those who would not purchase a new car in its first model year or install a new computer operating system as soon as it becomes available. A “recall” can’t be issued on something that’s been injected into a human being before being properly tested. Once a “bug” has been detected, there are no “updates” that can be issued to fix it. I’ll stick with real science that employs common sense, logic rational thought, and the true scientific method and is free of the influence of politics.

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