John Klar: Absurd gender language and Marxist indoctrination

Societies are bound together by their language. In the case of gender pronouns, the unilateral demand that society suddenly incorporate hundreds of novel, made-up terms is an assault on both the English language and societal consensus. This is rooted in a neo-Marxist destructionism of language, society and the family. Where compelled speech is imposed by government action, it violates clear First Amendment strictures. Americans must insist that their pronoun selections — not fantasy identities — be respected.

John Klar

The trans “movement” is premised on non-scientific ideology which claims that gender is distinct from biological sex. This elevates a person’s subjective and shifting “feelings” above their unshifting physical reality. People are free to call themselves what they wish in America, but not free to compel others to elevate the vagaries of infinite permutations of subjective expressions above the societally-agreed, objectively-based rules of grammar.

The histrionics over the supposed crime of “misgendering” a person is absurd, and imploding on itself. For too long this silly ideology has been tolerated, which seeks to disrupt societal order with language and gender chaos, impose meaningless babble in place of accepted English linguistics, and creates very real victims by attacking anyone who takes exception.

As one writer has explained:

The trans movement threatens civil liberties because the movement is not what it claims to be and thus is threatened by free and open enquiry. If a movement cannot withstand scrutiny, it will create and enforce taboos — and undermine civil liberties in the process. … Trans activism redefines ‘women’ and ‘men’ from sex classes based on reproductive role into mixed-sex classes based on individuals’ inner sense of being a man, woman, both, or neither. Rather than acknowledge this conflict and propose a satisfactory resolution, trans activists seek to deny it altogether — largely by stripping meaning from language.

This movement was institutionalized nationally by the Obama administration in 2016:

The president demanded that school districts across the country allow boys who identify as female have access to girls’ locker rooms, bathrooms, and even college dorms. … These ideas are Marxist in origin, as Karl Marx viewed the nuclear family as a vehicle of class oppression. In a civilized society the most basic institution of self governance is the family structure. … The whole purpose behind the transgender issue is not to push for civil rights, but to destroy the basic ideas behind the traditional gender structure and the institution of family. In its place would be a system based on Marxist theory where everybody is completely equal without the societal assigned pressures of having to behave according to our natural biology.

The result of this initiative is societally destructive, and victimizes people — girls who are compelled to disrobe in front of biological boys; women forced to compete unfairly in sports events against testosterone-rich biological males; men who “self-identify” as women ogling inmates in women’s prisons; children compelled to employ the “chosen” pronouns of others, when there are no established grammatical rules to even understand the pronoun permutations. That appears to be the plan — dictate to society what the majority must endure.

There used to be a general consensus that the number of words in any language was finite. The English language is estimated to include about one million words, with the average speaker using about 40,000. Now, Americans are told there are an infinite number of pronouns. After all, once people can concoct not just their own unique name but their own fantasized concept of gender, the sky’s the limit to accompanying pronouns:

Having language that helps demonstrate the many ways people experience, express or identify their gender allows us all to more clearly see and understand the entire gender spectrum — including beyond the traditional binary gender categories of man and woman.

But this corruption of language and science does not “allow us to all more clearly see” — it does the exact opposite, creating a gender blur. More, those who imagine dissolving language itself with infinite permutations in place of a functional 40,000-word vocabulary claim there are also “neopronouns” — singular third-person pronouns that “refer to people entirely without reference to gender.” Examples offered by gender theory include “a person’s name (Jae/Jaes/Jaeself), a type of animal (owl/owls/owlself), or an object of interest (tree/trees/treeself) and generates a set of pronoun forms.”

This is absurd, irrational and destructive: a de-evolution of language. That is the goal. Language itself is being weaponized by deluded agitators who perceive they can overcome objective reality using corrupted language and thinking. They seek to then impose their ever-shifting “new norms” onto normal-thinking people, victimizing others in the false claim of preventing victimhood.

For social justice warriors, pronouns and neopronouns are not optional: they are mandatory, and it is taboo to “misgender” or “deadname” those who have fled reality for fantasy.

Heaven forbid someone accidentally employs the incorrect pronoun du jour – using the correct pronouns is not optional, even if innocent, as with an eight-year-old boy in Randolph Elementary School. People making up their own gender identity have an option in their pronouns usage — infinite options, that they can change hourly depending on how they “feel.” And everyone else had better get them exactly correct, whether or not they prefer it.

This is chaos in action, and it must be strongly opposed everywhere. These are fascist language bullies, not human liberators.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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5 thoughts on “John Klar: Absurd gender language and Marxist indoctrination

  1. Orwell was right, he just got the year wrong.

    “And if all others accepted the lie the party imposed, if all records told the same tale, then the lie passed into history and became the truth”. Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984

    • …or another way of saying it: “1984” was written as a cautionary tale of a dystopian future, but is being used by the left as an instruction manual…

  2. Here is a thread I recommend you all have a look at, it’s Elon Musk talking about Wokeness.

    From Elon: “The Woke Mind Virus has thoroughly penetrated entertainment and is pushing civilization towards suicide.

    There needs to be a counter-narrative””.

    THIS is just what is going on in Vermont.
    The one party state is totally infected because there is no counter-narrative at all.
    It’s not a two party state, there are few, if any, checks and balances.
    The lunacy is not being reeled in at all because there is no legitimate Republican party.
    So now the state is being totally controlled with Wokeness- and its language.

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