Steve MacDonald: Some Vermonters are more equal than others

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

Burlington Vermont. Just two words and you know where we are headed. Wingnut-moonbat-progressivism defined. And what have they done this time? To use public land reserved for gardening, you must swear a loyalty oath to their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion gods.

In an email titled “Gardener Re-education,” a Burlington resident informed VDC of a joint effort by the Burlington Area Community Gardens (BACG) to require city residents and non-residents alike to sign a diversity/inclusion/equity statement of agreement as a condition of gardening a city-owned, operated, and funded community garden plot.

“By signing this, you agree to abide by the following requirements and understand that if you fail to do so, your plot privileges may be forfeited,” the statement says, as published on the BACG website.

If you don’t sign the loyalty oath, inclusion is not for you.

The City of Burlington has made a commitment to do deep organizational work to address racism as a public health crisis. This started with the creation of the Racial Equity, Inclusion & Belonging office and has grown into specific community events and trainings for its employees.

Through this journey of learning and in a process of reflection, with the support of community members and colleagues, we have identified ways that we can begin to adapt our Gardener Agreement, policies and practices to better cultivate a community garden program that is inclusive and belonging for all of its participants.

There’s nothing about the City of Burlington (under long-term Democrat rule) becoming a Public Health Crisis. And I’m not just referring to the health-damaging COVID response. Crime, drug use, and human trafficking are all on the rise — but fear not. As long as the gang dealers, pimps, and hoodlums take the loyalty oath to the DEI gods, they can grow vegetables on the taxpayer’s land while you watch.

Governor Scott, when asked about the policy, said he did not know enough to comment, but his state diversity official Xusanna Davis is supposed to look into it. Does anyone want to guess how they think that will go?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Dick Hawyard

4 thoughts on “Steve MacDonald: Some Vermonters are more equal than others

  1. Burlington’s mayor is a BIG spender. Doesn’t care one hoot about affordability because it is not an issue for him.
    He seems to be setting himself up to run again. Can’t get his face on the tube enough.

  2. The social Gods say: “Be inclusive, or you will be excluded”. That is all one needs to know about them.

    • BACG, fools in charge of an agenda, most Burlington residents are already excluded,
      just take a tour down there, and see the BS for yourself !!

      The Circus came to town but left the clowns behind, to run things.

      • Best quote ever. “The circus came to town but left the clowns behind, to run things”.
        This speaks not just of Burlington, but of the whole state.

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