John de Bruin: Voting in Vermont is a politically biased nightmare

Editor’s note: This commentary is by John de Bruin, founder and director of 802VT Alliance. He is a resident of Mt. Tabor.

As we stand on the threshold of the 2020 election cycle, we have another opportunity for change. Shall we make or break the state this time?

As voters, we all have choices to make. Shall we make a stand to fight the progressive, rabid, liberal agenda which has infested Vermont, or shall we continue down the road of self-destruction and allow the agenda to erode our state further by not voting?

John de Bruin

John de Bruin

Voting is like taking a chance ― a chance to be heard, a chance to make a difference or a chance to “shoot craps.” When the voting system has been corrupted, or becomes biased or controlled by people who have no regard for law, what chance do we really have for fair and impartial elections?

The one-man-one-vote rule is a corner stone of our Constitution. The Electoral College, granted in our Constitution, was created so that a large population area cannot control the outcome of an election. There is a national movement afoot by the left to abolish both of these fundamental principles, and to basically dominate the political face of this country.

Vermont has no state Electoral College, so Burlington, the largest population center in the state, controls all election results. Would it not be wonderful to have 30 electoral votes in Vermont, and the statewide candidate with over 16 votes would win that seat?

Under the current voting system in Vermont, there seem to be many questionable practice, conflicting policies, and possibly hidden agendas, all of which can be classified suspicious at best. These include the following:

1. Forty-five day early voting is encouraged.
2. No excuse absentee voting is allowed.
3. Automatic voter registration takes place at DMV and other state agencies.
4. Online voter registration is allowed.
5. No proof of citizenship is required.
6. No length of residency is needed.
7. Same day voter registration is allowed.
8. Out-of-state students are allowed to vote.
9. No voter ID required.

Democrats will fight to the death to allow out-of-state (nonresident) college students to vote. In 2018 ― and I’m sure they will appear again in 2020 ― the SOS went as far as to produce commercials targeting incoming students to register for voting as soon as they unpack. In New Hampshire, those out-of-state students are not allowed to vote in state elections, and the Democrats have claimed that this practice, and those laws, are “voter suppression.” Should they also claim that putting a fence around a cemetery is “voter suppression,” since they seem to dig up more than their fair share of voters there? I would like to know how a dorm room at some college can be considered a “a principal dwelling place in the town indefinitely,” as defined under 17 V.S.A. § 2122?

How is it even possible to consider an out of state college student, who is only here less than 200 days per year, to be classified as a “resident” under the specific definition as outlined? Allowing students to vote in Vermont elections circumvents our laws. This policy makes a mockery of voting integrity. It would be like me going across the border to Granville, New York, and renting a store for 10 months just so I could vote twice in the same election. As ridiculous as this sounds, this is exactly what happens when non-resident students are allowed voter registration in Vermont.

Do we all remember the great town of Victory voting scandal of 2017-18? The Victory town clerk, on the “advisement” from the Vermont Secretary of State’s office, allowed second-home owners to register and vote in the state elections. Concerns were raised by full-time residents after the elections, and an investigation ensued. All ballots had to be recounted, all second-home owners’ names were stricken from the roll, and their votes nullified. We cannot blame the town clerk or the Victory Board of Civil Authority for this error, since false and obviously misleading information was given in the SOS office. Again, this was a flagrant violation of 17 V.S.A. § 2122 requiring “principal dwelling.” Was this an attempt to encourage voter fraud, or was this a simple case of not knowing the law? Ultimately it is the responsibility of each town clerk and Board of Civil Authority to maintain a proper updated voter checklist, ensure accurate counts, as well as the legality of every voter. They are the front line in the fight against voter fraud and ultimately should be held accountable when questionable practices are discovered.

I have to question the motive of Democrats being so reluctant in supporting the concept of voter ID. As you know we need an ID for everything from purchasing cough syrup and cigarettes to boarding an airplane and checking out a book at a local Library. So, why not for one of the most important of civic responsibilities?

Contrary to the claim of Democrats that “poor people” or minorities can’t get IDs, everyone can legally obtain voter ID cards easily enough. As long as you can prove you are a U.S. citizen and have a permanent address, getting a voter ID card is as easy as ordering breakfast. So why do they resist the one thing which might guarantee integrity and legal election results? I think we all know the answer to that, but still it is a question which demands an answer.

Yet another issue that has bothered me for a long time is a question regarding the legality of online voter registrations being endorsed here in Vermont. Since it is necessary to prove your identity, residence and citizenship, how can this information be verified over the internet? From my standpoint, anyone could fabricate a fictitious personality with phony credentials via cyberspace. We have certainly seen enough evidence of this type of cyber manipulation in the past few years with hackers gaining access to supposedly secure websites, with the greatest of ease. Should it not, therefore, be required by law to physically register at the town clerk’s office or in front of a justice of the peace to fully comply with voter transparency? Online voter registration simply invites large-scale voter fraud and misuse of the one-person-one-vote rule.

Elected state officials as well as non-elected state employees need to be held accountable for voter discrepancies, questionable voter laws, or policies. They must be held accountable to uphold the Constitution, as they accepted the responsibility of holding office.

We are a Republic, and as such we are bound by law. Elected officials are duty-bound to uphold their oath of office to safeguard the people of Vermont “under pain and penalty of perjury.” Bastardizing voter laws does not safeguard citizens, citizen rights or a Republic form of government. We must remain ever vigilant against those who attempt to circumvent the law while disguised as politicians doing us a favor.

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21 thoughts on “John de Bruin: Voting in Vermont is a politically biased nightmare

  1. Since my commentary was published I have come across quite a few what you might call “Anomalies”…one which stands out is the little town of Danby (located in central VT). Here is a town of 1,311 residents (2010 survey) who are almost 60 % Democrats. During the 2018 elections the town clerk received and logged in 219 absentee ballots while Mt. Tabor (next door) which is mostly Republican received ZERO absentee ballots. Things that make you go HMMMMM?

  2. Profiles in corruption by Peter Schweizer. Great book, Bernie’s followers probably wouldn’t like it.

    • I just bought that book. Looking forward to reading it. The Great Destroyer about Obama was an interesting read also. One can see he was the most racist President in their lifetime after reading that book.

  3. Wow. Great piece! But here is teh real kicker, that shoudl be made know NATIONALLY:

    8. Out-of-state students are allowed to vote.

    Bernie Sanders did this when he won the Burlington Mayor seat. No other Repub or Democrat, ever….in BTV, signed up out of state students to vote. Bernie did, I remember well! They are not residents! Bernie won the electon by TEN votes. His community comrade activists, in tie dye, signed up to a couple hundred UVM students to vote. No one in BTV checked the legality of the new voter registrations. So Bernie won and the rest is history. What everyone nees to know, and share it….Bernie won his first election by pure, unadulterated, voter fraud. Classic Saul Alinsky tactics….”14 Rules For Radicals”. Almost any means is justified if it achieves the end. In this case, voter fraud – to get Bernie elected with many out of state kids at UVM casting their vote for him.

    • YOU HAVE TO BE OLD LIKE ME TO REMEMBER Bernie’s “WIN?” for Mayor, by 10 votes.
      They shamed the then Mayor by protesting him at his table in a restaurant while he was enjoying his breakfast with friends. That and signing College students to vote in Burlington, who were out of state , out of city residents. They may have voted in their home towns also. Promoting illegal voting. He taught Them to break the law.

      His crew invented Vt “Community organizers” from the Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx “text books.”

      • That explains who was behind the activists interrupting the Republicans while in restaurants the last four years. He turned it around. I’m sure Bernie has a mass of ANTIFA supporters also. He has a group of easily manipulated minds to be his puppets with the promise of the word “FREE”.

    • …and there you have the problem Jeff. NO ONE CHECKED THE LEGALITY. Probably because no one wanted to be bothered because it would make them look bad for allowing it in the first place. Alinsky tactics pushed by “Socialist Sanders”? 100% true!!

  4. So long as the current regime is allowed to maintain the “Status Quo” Vermont will remain a voting cesspool. They have created a nightmare with very few voter rights and/or ethics remaining. Citizens must stand up to these “overlords” and demand change, they must not remain home and silent.

  5. Add to this mess the voters who either are ineligible to vote or are double voters who vote in Vrrmont as well as their home state. The first place I’d look for double voters is on college campuses where one will find many out of staters.

  6. Kevin Hoyt who is running for Republican Governor has done all kinds of research on voter fraud in Bennington County..

    I would suggest the people go to Kevin’s page and ask to be his friend because he has many videos that he puts up that expose a lot of the corruption that is taking place in Bennington.

    Of course the Secretary of State James condos has denied any type of voter fraud as so has the town of Bennington..

    However there are many discrepancies in what is going on there with voting..

    A couple of years ago Bob Depino pointed out several examples of voter fraud in the southern portion of Vermont yet nothing was done in that case either.

    It is astonishing that we have instances of problems with voting and no one seems to want to investigate them from the state’s attorney to your local Board of authority.

    I want the command Kevin on his work and Bob Depino as well.

    To expose the problem with voting in the state of Vermont took a lot of hard work on the part of Kevin Hoyt and Colleen Harington…

    If you have not yet seen a copy of his report I suggest you contact Kevin and ask for a copy.

    We will never win elections in the state of Vermont if voter fraud is taking place.

    Thank you Kevin and Colleen for your hard work and never giving up pursuing the bad things that are taking place in Bennington, Vermont.

    Keep up the hard work..

    • He’s running for Governor? I think it’s great that he is exposing Bennington voter fraud but how is he going to explain his arrest back in 2007? The democrats will make mincemeat out of him and the Republicans will look like fools. We need someone with a clean past.

      • Donna Kelly
        Kevin is willing to speak on/about most any subject so your statement is a complete falsehood.
        As far as 2007, if need be he will explain that he was set up and caught them in their web of lies of which they concocted and AGAIN won!

        • Gracie,
          I would like to know who “them” is and what the reason was to ruin this man’s reputation. Can you give me facts? My response is not meant, in any way to doubt what you just stated. From what I read, the Judge didn’t say he was not guilty so if you have any proof that he was cleared of this terrible offense, I would like to know so I can pass the word on. Thank you.

        • One more thing I would like to say is that you shouldn’t accuse me of making a false statement when indeed, he was arrested. I am looking forward to seeing proof that he was cleared though.

      • If we’re going to dig back in time let’s talk about John bear debruin and 802 Vermont talking bad about the Republican Party, saying he was glad that Republican senator David Soucy didn’t get reelected and was disappointed that Republican senator Brian Collamore was re-elected.

        These were two senators that fought hard for the members of the Republican party why would John Baird debruin be disappointed?

        Maybe finding out the facts for posting such disgusting propaganda would be beneficial for all.

        Kevin Hoyt is online all of the time I am surprised and disappointed you didn’t take a minute to check with him before posting that here.

        Kevin Hoyt has done more for Vermont with Colleen Harrington exposing voter fraud taking place in this state and the other disgusting actions of politicians in the Bennington area right up to our state’s attorney TJ Donovan..

        I would think you would be on the side of Kevin Hoyt attempting to find out voter fraud has taken place in your community and exposing it mr. Donovan.

        Did this information come from John Klar or John bear debruin from 802 Vermont…

  7. If you have an elected official that doesn’t agree that you should have two (2) forms of ID
    In inorder to Vote, then they are part of the problem.

    You need an ID for a number minuscule of things, but one if not the most important things
    in our democracy VOTING, they let every Tom, Dick, and Harry just walk-in and vote, just
    know a name on the ” outdated ” voter list.

    Voter fraud, Nah not here in Vermont, just ask any Liberal Democrat !!

    • Exactly. Just check out Bennington, Vt. There’s so much fraud going on in that town, yet no one wants to simply LOOK.
      Kevin Hoyt, candidate for Governor, has found plenty and has the proof to back it up. They refuse to look into it!
      It’s amazing how a woman who lives in CANADA has been voting by absentee ballot for 50 YEARS! There are names on the list of people who VOTED but were NOT counted. There are names that DID NOT vote who are listed as voting….Democratic side of course! And so much more!
      That is just ONE town in all of Vermont! Imagine how many more. Come on people, WAKE UP! If you believe Vermont is not corrupt then I have a golden gate bridge to sell ya!
      IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED and every official behind it needs to be jailed!
      Vote Kevin Hoyt and get this mess cleaned up!

      • Unfortunately, Kevin Hoyt is not who I would vote for. The Fish and Game Board needs a complete overhaul and it is obvious by his FB page, he would not address the problem. Republicans will not have my vote if that’s the only choice I am given.

        • Donna Kelly
          What do you mean it’s “obvious to you he would not address the problem?” Kevin most certainly HAS addressed the problem and has gone to court over the skull matter and WON. He is still fighting, as well as telling us about every move made ON his FB page, them to this day to make them accountable! They are NOT going to just simply get away with their corruption!

          • Gracie, his livelihood is based on killing animals. Kevin will not address the problems that I am passionate about….trapping, inhumane way of killing animals that are in leg hold traps, hunting seasons for coyotes, etc. This is as important to me as addressing the education tax hikes.

            The qualifications that you and Richard Ley find worthy of your vote may not be the qualities I am looking for in a VT Governor. No right or wrong here….just the freedom to choose and be able to discuss it without being ridiculed would be nice.

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