Video: Is it racist if Bernie said it? Watch to find out

People in Washington, D.C., told the Daily Caller News Foundation they were appalled by the president’s comments comparing Baltimore to a third world country, except it was actually Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who made that comparison in 2015, not President Donald Trump.

“The fact of the matter is that America is the wealthiest country in the history of the world. But anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think that you were in a wealthy nation. You would think that you were in a third world county,” Sanders, a 2020 Democratic candidate, said in a 2015 speech.

Watch to see their reactions when they find out it was Sanders who said it.

5 thoughts on “Video: Is it racist if Bernie said it? Watch to find out

  1. This PROVES to me that the general population has chosen to be brainwashed by the PROGRESSIVE/COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST MEDIA. Almost every younger person called Trump’s Baltimore remarks “Racist”. WHY? Some older respondents also said his remarks about a city is “racist”. How can calling a city like Baltimore, Chicago, etc. a “crime infested, rat infested city” possibly be racist? Perhaps the respondents are racist because maybe their minds are seeing black predominance in some of those inner cities, and their minds are putting those thoughts in their head together with the MEDIA telling them Trump is a racist (also a homophobe, degenerate, misogynistic…you name it). THEREFORE, every time the MEDIA speaks, it attempts to undermine EVERYTHING THAT TRUMP DOES…EVERY WORD that Trump utters – into a bad thing. WHY? The MEDIA believes that Trump supporters (like me) will lose sight of the FACTS that Trump is changing America back to where it was when it was respected, prosperous, and the flag and country and God meant something. KUDOS. John Tyler – North Carolina

  2. I guess that says that man on the street isn’t very well informed, sad, because they vote.

  3. The point of all this is that if Trump weren’t President today, Bernie would have never said what he said BEFORE President Trump even announced he would run for president. Let’s face facts, the Lib/Dem/Progs will grasp at every straw to malign the President.

  4. Never ask a Liberal a question if your not willing to hear ” It’s Trumps ” fault……
    Idiots as shown from the video clip.

    Liberals and all their foolishness, including the DemocRATic Candidates are
    making it easy for Trump in 2020 and he knows how to stir the pot.

    Liberals all have ” Trump Derangement Syndrome ” and I don’t see a cure !!

    • Steve Crowder (Louder With Crowder) on YouTube has a raft of similar videos exposing liberal/leftist hypocrisy/ignorance and singlemindedness. Hard to overcome.

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