Video: Ilhan Omar calls for end to ‘Western imperialism’ as she endorses Bernie Sanders

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar called for an end to “Western imperialism” as she issued an endorsement for 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Sunday night.

“I am beyond honored and excited for a president who will fight against Western imperialism,” Omar said Sunday.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

6 thoughts on “Video: Ilhan Omar calls for end to ‘Western imperialism’ as she endorses Bernie Sanders

  1. burnee and the 4 headless whorespersons…. what a combination. I’m sure he’d of gotten
    the terrorist vote anyway without selling his sole to the jihad squad….

  2. Sad this diapered headed Bimbo doesn’t just take some time out from changing partners, so she’d have some idea of what the hell she’s talking about to these Democrat sheep. And poor old ‘Did nothing in Congress’ Bernie is still giving his same 30-year-old speech, which sounds new to these kids that support him!!

  3. If Bernie accepts this fanatics endorsement, it should be the last nail in his coffin. Her anti American actions so so beyond, one has to wonder why she came in the first place. It certainly couldn’t be the many freedoms and opportunities this “imperistic” country has provided her since she came from a country offering the same benefits could it????? She’s an absolute hypocrite.

  4. The Trump administration wants U.S. troops out of Afghanistan and Syria, wants other NATO countries to pull their own weight in the defense of Europe, and makes peace overtures to North Korea.

    Meanwhile, The Crimean Peninsula is annexed by the Russians, China stomps on Hong Kong, threatens Taiwan and creates territorial islands in international waters, Turkey invades the Kurdish stronghold in Syria with Russian assistance, and Iran moves into Iraq and Yemen.

    So, Omar calls for an end to ‘western imperialism’? Either she doesn’t know what imperialism is or she’s trying to deceive other ignoramuses, …and Bernie, as usual , panders to anyone who will listen.

  5. Nit & Wit………………………. Now that’s a team.

    Maybe in Bernie’s mind, we are looking at President Sanders, Vice President Omar
    now that would be a hoot, a Socialist Sanders, will play any angle……

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