Hospital ICUs getting crowded with non-COVID-related illnesses

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GETTING CROWDED: Vermonters with various health conditions unrelated to COVID-19 are crowding hospital ICUs this fall.

At the governor’s weekly press conference Tuesday, members of Gov. Phil Scott’s administration said hospital ICUs are getting filled with non-COVID-related patients, but they don’t know the reason for the uptick in illnesses.

“[A rise in new COVID cases] has put more strain on our hospitals. which are already under stress from an increase in patients needing care for health issues that are not related to COVID,” Gov. Phil Scott said. “The reality is, our biggest concern at this point is our ICU capacity.”

The state is averaging about 14 COVID-19 cases per day, or about 10 to 15 percent of all ICU patients.

“But because of increases in non-COVID cases, there are days where there are only 10 open ICU beds in the state,” Scott said. ” … So if the COVID cases in the ICU rise to, let’s say, 25 percent, then the system could be in jeopardy.

“Think of it this way, if someone has a heart attack or a stroke, or a sustained injury due to an accident, we want to be sure that we have an ICU bed available.”

Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine reiterated that Vermonters who get COVID-19 sometimes take up valuable ICU beds.

“The more we reduce COVID cases, the more we keep them out of hospitals and make sure Vermonters can get care for any type of emergency as soon as they need it,” he said.

“For months now our ICUs have been very busy — but for months now they are experiencing worsening chronic medical conditions like heart disease and lung disease, due to care that was put off or delayed during the early days of the pandemic,” Levine said.

Scott mentioned that 10 to 15 percent of ICU beds are usually occupied by COVID patients, and that can sometimes be too much.

In September, a UVM Medical Center nurse complained of an uptick in strange health conditions over the past year, and said the hospital’s administration was pressuring staff to not look into adverse vaccine reactions as a potential culprit.

This week in California, rumors are swirling that Gov. Gavin Newsom, now mysteriously missing from the public eye for more than 12 days, is suffering an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 booster shot he received ahead of his disappearance. One rumor reported by the New York Times as “unsubstantiated conjecture” is that Newsom is experiencing symptoms consistent with Bell’s palsy.

Vaccines for young kids

The governor also updated Vermonters on the latest push to vaccinate about 44,000 Vermonters ages 5 to 11 years old against COVID-19.

“As of this morning about one-third of this entire population, about 14,000 kids, have signed up for their appointment or gotten their first dose,” Scott said.

Scott said that kids are contracting COVID-19 at the highest rate among age groups, but serious symptoms for young people are rare.

“Although kids in this age range usually developed mild illnesses, cases can be disruptive for families like not being able to go to school and parents missing work as result,” Scott said.

Some polls from around the country show that the majority of parents are not planning to vaccinate their children for COVID-19. About 30,000 Vermont kids’ parents have yet to commit to the shots for their children.

Scott said parents should engage with their pediatricians and make informed decisions on whether to have their children get the shots.

In related news, The Valley Reporter reported today that there was a breakout of COVID-19 cases in a community that was almost fully vaccinated.

Administration officials have been frustrated over the surge in COVID cases in Vermont, but have yet to commit to reinstating a state of emergency.

Levine commented that while he realizes that many Vermonters are frustrated at the modification of their lifestyles, “there’s not one single solution to stop it.”

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15 thoughts on “Hospital ICUs getting crowded with non-COVID-related illnesses

  1. Kind of a wonky presentation here by Dr. Malone (38 minutes) on Covid-19 vaccination. What strikes me most about this is that this is real science. What we’re doing instead is just plain sloppy, non-rigorous, wishful-thinking, pie-in-the-sky speculation about “what might happen” and a rigid authoritarian no-questions-allowed attitude without thinking things through carefully, thoroughly, and objectively.

    Takeaways: mass vaccination isn’t a good idea, vaccinating people who have already recovered from Covid is a bad idea, and vaccinating our children is insane.

    Doctors telling the truth are being censored. There are even calls to criminally charge doctors who dare to stray from the messaging of the Ministry of Health, or that dare to prescribe safe drugs that aren’t approved by the medical authorities (even though such off-label prescribing is common and perfectly legitimate.) This is happening.

  2. Many folks have have tried warning about these experimental jabs for months and have got nothing but ridiculed & ignored. Now maybe somebody will start paying attention before too many lives are harmed or lost over this crap because of these two bureaucratic clowns. And for the love of your kids, don’t get them jabbed.

    • “Many folks have have tried warning about these experimental jabs for months and have got nothing but ridiculed & ignored.”
      People have been blinded by fear and are unable to see the obvious. Being “ridiculed and ignored” (as you put it) for standing against the propaganda of this medical tyranny seems to be more of a threat to them than the possible consequences of being injected by highly questionable “vaccines”. The stampede towards the proverbial cliff is staggering!

  3. If only there were such things as viruses, then these mandates would at least have a little toe in reality.
    But there is not.
    Not one press has picked this up.
    FOIA’s requests to CDC for ANY evidence for ANY (the viruses were named going back to EBOLA and AIDS, small pox, etc) came back with letters stating there was no evidence in their files anywhere, that these viruses had been isolated.

    The link following has DOWNLOADABLE PDFs of those replies from the CDC for evidence of ANY virus existing:

    Why is Vermont press silent on this?
    Terrain theory vs. Germ Theory?

    Antoin Bauchamp vs liar Pasteu?

    Done your homework yet? No? What if you’ve been lied to about everything?

    • …and no reports of Vermont athletes falling to this poison death jab?
      (By Fauci’s gauge, the finest specimens of humanity – aka Hitler’s and Caligula’s fittest, handsomest models – are flawed and need fixing. Ever been around a real athlete? Do they seem physically flawed to you, or a cootie in the making?)

      Vermont has shown its dark under belly connection to Eugenics.
      In order to change this, we MUST own this:

      We’re enacting it all over again – Eugenics, Apartheid, Holomodor (upcoming) – okay with you?

  4. They’re conspiracy theories today but in six months they are the news. If you buy into their narrative, you’ve been manipulated and abused. This is tyranny.

  5. Besides not seeing the clot shot for it’s side effects on heart problems, strokes, and clotting.. the brainiac’s never mention that psychological patients account for more
    beds then covid patients. Just another can the legislature has been kicking down
    the road ever since the state got out of the care facilities for them and never came up with another solution. Government is the problem not the solution…

  6. Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System bettered know as VAERS can someone please contact Scott and Levine and tell them to get there heads on and read the report and connect the dots. I am in Florida I just read this report . No child should be getting this jab it is not a vaccine or adult under 70 CDC info. These two have been captured by the communist party. Over 20,000 reported deaths with about 1% reporting which means that number is much higher. Swine Flu was stopped after 25 deaths.

  7. If they treated patients properly, we’d have 90% fewer deaths and very few in ICU.

    Can’t make any money on inexpensive treatments.

    Ask Houston, India, Norwegian countries, Florida…..when they don’t allow proven cheap treatments that are safe….what crime would that be?

  8. Is the State and the medical industry claiming they are not covid related when in fact they are directly related to the injection of the experimental vaccination, and they refuse to admit so?

  9. Scott and Levine are DUNCES at best…….if they’re not also paid-off slime buckets
    in bed with Big Pharma and the hospital complex.
    Let us speak bluntly…….and stop this prissy pussy footing around.

  10. Levine is a puppet and a CDC fanboy. Go ahead Dr. Levine, let’s hear your comments on Ivermectin, Hydroxichloriquine and monoclonal antibody treatment. Matter of fact, I’m willing to debate you on testing and treatments any time.

  11. Great reporting! Thank you.

    “Levine commented that while he realizes that many Vermonters are frustrated at the modification of their lifestyles, ‘there’s not one single solution to stop it.'”

    But we have solid science and clinical evidence, promoted by courageous doctors who are censored for speaking the truth, that we can put a huge dent in this pandemic by simply acknowledging safe drugs/nutraceuticals used for early treatment and prevention of Covid-19.

    Of all the things that have happened during Covid-19, the suppression of early treatment by the public health agencies and some of our major medical journals has to be the most remarkable and inexplicable of all. This is something totalitarian regimes do, not compassionate medical authorities who want to save lives. Do they really want to save lives? Or is the point to promote the New Lysenkoism?

    We want to give these vaccines to our children and yet hospitals refuse to report adverse events after vaccination? It’s not a blame game: reporting, as required by the CDC, is a way to monitor these vaccines for safety and there should be no assumption of causality. Assuming causality is not the point of reporting adverse events; safety monitoring and statistical analysis of reports versus population-wide statistics is. Why should we give these vaccines to our children when safety reporting– again, as required by the CDC — is being ignored?

    Yet our hospitals, in their devotion (so we’re told) to keeping us safe, aren’t doing this for these experimental vaccines, all of which (in use today in the US) are under EUA and aren’t FDA approved. This doesn’t inspire confidence in our medical authorities, in our public health agencies (which should be ensuring that this required reporting is being accomplished,) or in the vaccines. It does, however, lend credence to conspiracy theories that say that the whole point is to install a system of medical tyranny over the population, facts and data and evidence be damned.

    This is turning into a nightmare wherein our public health agencies continue to pretend that there’s nothing to see, yet more and more people can see it. Worse, they don’t seem to care at all.

  12. Levine is correct about no single solution to stop the virus. So why is there only a single solution (Vaccine) available? There seems to be additional solutions available in other countries, why not here?
    Levine still hasn’t thoroughly answered that question. Because fauci, or the CDC is an unacceptable answer.
    There are Lies, Damn lies and Statistics.

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