GoVT: Urgent action needed on S.30

The following action alert is by Gun Owners of Vermont.

Please call the Sergeant at Arms at 802-828-2228 and ask them to deliver a message to Governor Scott to please Veto S.30.

S.30 adds another location to the ever-expanding list of gun free zones, this time with hospitals and medical facilities. Vermont’s no-trespassing law already provides a legal mechanism for these locations to deal with troublemakers without unilaterally banning self-defense for everyone on the property.

S.30 denies law-abiding citizens their right to buy a firearm by eliminating the “default proceed” clause in the NICS background check system that allows the sale of a firearm if the FBI cannot complete the background check within 3 business days. This “Charleston Loophole” language assumes the guilt of the individual buying a gun and then creates an endless loop of bureaucracy where one might be denied indefinitely because they can’t be “verified” by the government.

S.30 was quietly modified AFTER pro-gun groups testified on it, to include the language from H.133, a separate bill which allows seizure of firearms without due process. H.133 is currently still on the wall in Senate Judiciary waiting to be heard, but was effectively passed without debate by being attached covertly to the end of S.30.

We need everyone to contact the Governor and ask him to please Veto S.30, an unnecessary and dangerous bill, crafted by anti-gun lobbying groups to further erode Vermont’s 200-year traditions of freedom and safety.

Please be sure to leave your name and the town you vote in with your message.

Governor’s Office: 802-828-3333

In liberty,
Eric Davis
President, Gun Owners of Vermont

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Ratha Grimes

One thought on “GoVT: Urgent action needed on S.30

  1. Eric,

    The Governor loves Joe Biden, didn’t you hear him wax poetic about his vote. He doesn’t care what you think or anyone else who enjoys our republic. He is pimping for the New World Order, Build Back Better they say!…..along with Benning and Dame……so own nothing and be happy. They are coming for you and your firearms.

    The party needs to split, one side is in love with itself and Marxism and the other loves the republic.

    Until the internals get settled it’s United Nations gung ho!

    Everyone knows the party is divided, and it’s not in your favor.

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