Governor Scott signs Ukrainian aid bill

Montpelier, Vt. – At a candlelight vigil Tuesday, Governor Phil Scott signed H.717, An act relating to providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine and announced more than $640,000 of aid will go to Save the Children, a humanitarian organization dedicated to supporting children around the globe.

“We are here today to send a message to the people of Ukraine and to the tyrant in Russia: We stand united with Ukraine – for its freedom, and with its people,” Governor Scott said in his remarks. “The fact is, Ukraine’s fight to protect their people, their rights and their land – and what that means for democracies across the globe – is too important for us to sit out. We must do our part.”

Governor Scott signed the bipartisan bill, which passed unanimously, joined by Lt. Governor Molly Gray, Treasurer Beth Pearce, Attorney General TJ Donavan, Secretary of State Jim Condos, House Speaker Jill Krowinski, Senate Pro Tem Becca Balint, minority leaders Senator Randy Brock and Representative Pattie McCoy, legislators from all parties and the people of Vermont.

“In moments like this, it is easy to feel helpless and hopeless watching the suffering of innocent civilians several time zones away in Ukraine,” said Lt. Governor Gray. “Putin’s actions not only threaten the very institutions and laws Russia and the international community came together to establish after World War II to prevent human suffering, but also international peace and security as we know it. Tonight’s vigil and the signing of H.717, an appropriation of more than $640,000 in humanitarian aid to support the people of Ukraine is more than just a bipartisan act of kindness, it is an act of unity as Vermonters, Americans, and citizens of the world.”

“Tonight, we stand 4,435 miles away from the capital of Ukraine – but signing Vermont’s Ukrainian humanitarian aid bill and echoing the voices of Vermonters in their support of the people of Ukraine is one small way we can bring ourselves closer and stand together with Ukrainians,” said Speaker Krowinski. “We are a small state, but our voices can and will be heard. I hope this effort to support the Ukrainian people will make a difference in their fight for a free and democratic society.”

“I’ve been hearing from people across the state who are inspired by the resolve of the Ukrainian people and devastated by the violence they see happening,” said Senator Balint. “In the face of authoritarian aggression, Vermonters want to see unity across partisan lines at home in support of our democratic ideals. They want to know that their leaders can come together in times of crisis. I’m happy to join with the Speaker and the Governor to do our small part to show that we stand with the people of Ukraine, and that this attack on democracy is unacceptable.”

The State will contribute aid to Save the Children to support its efforts in Ukraine, which include responding to the health, nutrition and educational needs of displaced children, protecting them and their families from harm, supporting access to shelter and more.

Governor Scott has talked with the CEO of Save the Children, who verified that the organization has a presence in Ukraine and surrounding areas, relationships with key partners and experienced staff. This will ensure the Vermont aid will have a maximum benefit for Ukrainians.

On March 3, Governor Scott signed an Executive Order expressing support for the Ukrainian people and outlining steps the State would take in response to the Russian invasion of peaceful Ukraine, which included a request to the Vermont Legislature to pass a bill appropriating one dollar for every Vermonter for humanitarian efforts needed to support the people of Ukraine.

The Legislature acted quickly to pass H.717, allocating a total of $644,826; $643,077 representing one dollar from every Vermonter and $1,749 equaling the total amount of funds collected by the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery for the sale of Russian-sourced products from the start of the invasion to the date Governor Scott directed the state to discontinue the sale of these products.

Additionally, the Vermont National Guard and Vermont law enforcement agencies are coordinating an effort to donate used and expired body-armor vests to military units in Ukraine.

The Tuesday evening event included reflections from Father Mark Korban of St. Jacob of Alaska Orthodox Church and performances by members of the Vermont Youth Orchestra, Justin Lee (violin 1), Emma Xia (violin 2), Elizabeth Messier (viola) and Jonah Hutchin (cello).

You can view video of the vigil and ceremony at and click here for a transcript of Governor Scott’s remarks.

Image courtesy of U.S. Department of State

17 thoughts on “Governor Scott signs Ukrainian aid bill

  1. The contrast between Iraq and Afghanistan and Ukraine is indeed stark and carries some lessons that we as a nation might want to consider.

    Whereas our involvement in Afghanistan devolved into us looking like invaders to much of the population and an Afghanistan army unwilling or unable to protect and defend their country, the situation is much different in Ukraine. Here the population is rising up against a brutal invasion of their country and making incredible sacrifices to oppose the tyrant Putin.

    When over the course of our nation’s history we have supported people fighting freedom and democracy in their own nations we have done the best. When we intervein too heavily and/or align ourselves with corrupt leaders to advance our nations corporations own economic gain and access to raw materials we have too often caused great suffering and met with disaster.

  2. Volodymyr Zelinski – grifter extraordinaire and epic fraud with continuing act and worldwide shame and blame roadshow starring role as president of one of the most corrupt governments on the planet from the problem of own making and aftermath of an anti-Russian EU/US asset’s involvement in warlike aggression against Russia going back decades.

    From the money-laundering capitol of the world and Neonazi-haven, is demanding the US and other western nations fight a war of his own making aided and abetted by NATO allies and EU NWO globalists.

    Oh and demanding the US – personal piggybank -underwrite this fools errand of refusing to negotiate on the pretext that Ukraine is the “Pearl Harbor” of the world…making a mockery of the most dark times and distinguished leaders of our history, then further claim they and they alone are left to fight a war which will spread worldwide if we do not roll out our carpet drenched in red blood of Americans past and present – for this conniving con artist and fellow criminals to stomp upon.

    Own corrupticrats ruling the nation refuse the $15 billion to protect our own border – which is now an official war-zone with tractor trailers being torched and set on fire. Normandy-amounts of invasions are destroying our borders and our nation as the JoeBama wrecking-crew continues to destroy all we have and who we are, however just gave this jackass WEF asset $15 billion to launder and redistribute amongst other criminal elements.

    Ohh and wants a small favor – to supply our blood and treasure to fly into Ukie airspace and fire upon Russian fighters above their missile launchers. However will graciously let us off the hook if we were to supply advanced weaponry, fighter jets and supplies….after the pile he saw left in Afghanistan why shouldn’t we give them ours, translation: “theirs” *facepalm*

  3. the Lusitania, the Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin and Ukraine all false flags to get the american people involved in war. What a great business plan. We are screwed.

  4. There are events that change the world. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were such events. So is the brutal invasion of Ukraine by Putin. To try to minimize or not respond to this massive crisis would be irresponsible. Widespread bipartisan support and action has been taken by Congress. It is a fitting gesture that $1 for every person living in Vermont be given by our state to provide relief for the nearly 2 million refugees fleeing what has become indiscriminate bombings of their cities and villages.

    The reality is that far more will be given to the people of Ukraine, in many ways, by Vermonters who are not only unfailingly generous but deep lovers of liberty. For example, at our local Lions Club business meeting this week it was voted to give $500 to World Central Kitchen to help in their efforts to provide food for the nearly 2 million refugees fleeing their homes and more will likely be voted to be given as Lions International ramps up efforts to help as well.

    This historic event will show much about who we are and what we believe in. President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine are putting their lives on the line for freedom and democracy. It is up to us as a nation, state and individuals to respond to Putin’s brutality in whatever way we can.

  5. I feel sorry for the citizens of Ukraine. yet I want to know what about the people here in Vermont? Yes we are a caring Nation, but we aren’t taking care of our own. The ones who are sponsoring the bill are elites, how much is going in their pockets??? You have to know all donations never get to where it’s supposed to go at least not all of it..

  6. Ukrainian aid won’t make it to the Ukrainian people. It will pad the bank accounts of the Ukrainian elite, get laundered and pad the the bank accounts of US elites like the Romney’s, Biden’s, Kerry’s and Pelosi’s.

    • Hear, hear! A must read for anyone who wishes to see what is really going on.

      Couldn’t have said it better…comment precisely mirrors the current state of affairs and what our supposed betters, namely Chancellor Phil think of us, politely referred to behind closed doors as the unwashed

  7. Maybe Benedict Scott could send the Ukranians a bunch of 10 round magazines – that should help them out.

  8. It’s interesting that one of the neocons involved in the Ukrainian Maidan protests and the coup in 2014 that removed a Soviet-leaning president and installed one friendly to the West is Victoria Nuland, whose husband is a founder of the neo-conservative Project for a New American Century and who is herself now Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs heavily involved in Ukraine. Question: what’s a neo-conservative and arguable war-monger doing in the Biden administration?

    Everyone wants to wave the flag for Ukraine but there are has basically three outcomes for this war: accept Putin’s demand of a neutral Ukraine, Russian possession of Crimea, and independent states in eastern Ukraine (note: Putin has expressed no desire to absorb Ukraine into greater Russia, contrary to what the pundits are saying); absolute destruction by Russia as Ukraine is cheered on by the West and flag-wavers in Vermont; or WWIII if NATO steps up to defend Ukraine in any serious manner. Does it make sense to offer the Ukrainians up as cannon fodder for Western dreams of an US-allied military on Russia’s doorstep?

    The chance to put the brakes on this was missed when the US insisted that Ukraine could be part of NATO. This was at best tone-deaf negotiation, at worst a deliberate attempt to start war. Now the best chance isn’t to dig in and fight; the pundits on TV are dead wrong when they suppose that Russia has halted advances because it’s too weak or incompetent, rather than due to strategic positioning.

    Oliver Stone has done an interesting documentary on Ukraine pre- the current crisis, and this shatters many of the myths propagated in the media about what’s happening there: There’s a part 2 as well.

  9. A good deed is never done with money that is taken by force. Why not these elected people just lead by giving of their own money to this fund and encouraging Vermonters to give as they desire? I bet the dollars would have far surpassed what they gave from the people they taxed. The move signals that Vermont has done its part, thus reducing the motivation for each person to consideration what he or she can do. It also forced everyone to give to a particular organization, rather than giving to a diverse group.

    What is happening is horrific. We have given directly to a friend in Ukraine. But there was plenty of warning and so we must ask ourselves how could have our leaders missed this so badly. Or did some of them want war? This one of many serious questions that must be considered.

    If the purpose of NATO is mainly to protect Europe from Russia because Russia is such a huge threat, then why was Europe dependent on Russian oil and gas to the tune of 40% and 45%, respectively? Why is the world dependent on Russia for fertilizer? Things simply do not add up.

    Clearly Putin is a man with tyrannical aspirations, but that does not mean those with great influence in the West don’t also have such aspirations. Is a globalist only bad if he is Russian or Chinese?

  10. I find myself citing this T. S. Eliot truism far too often these days.

    “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm; but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”

    It’s all about ‘virtue signaling’. In my opinion, those who support this action could care less about the Ukrainians. They are all pretenders. Otherwise, they would know that reinstating the policies from the previous administration is all they need do to actually help these folks. But no – they’ll do whatever they can to exacerbate the tragedy further so they can demonstrate over and again how much they deplore it. It’s all for show. Such hypocrisy.

  11. This is a crime against Vermonters. Taking tax dollars that do not provide benefit for Vermont. Any monitary support for Ukraine should be by private donations.

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