Governor Phil Scott and the Office of Racial Equity promote IDEAL Vermont

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott and the Office of Racial Equity today promoted a new state initiative that encourages and supports municipalities across the state in their efforts to be more inclusive, equitable and welcoming.

IDEAL Vermont, which stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Action and Leadership, officially kicked off in October with its first fourteen member towns and cities: Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington, Essex, Fairfax, Hardwick, Hartford, Hinesburg, Orange, St. Albans, South Burlington, Richmond, Tinmouth and Winooski.

“This initiative has many benefits for the state, both from a moral obligation to make sure all are welcome and treated equitably in Vermont, and to build a stronger economy long into the future,” said Governor Phil Scott. “A Vermont that welcomes new families, and respects and celebrates the differences among current Vermonters, is critical to making sure we have the safe, healthy and prosperous future we want for all Vermont towns, cities and villages.”

This initiative is building a coalition of Vermont municipalities dedicated to advancing racial and other forms of equity across the state through collaboration, shared knowledge, peer support and more. The Office of Racial Equity supports this effort by bringing this coalition together and providing technical assistance. In addition to the peer support and collaboration, member municipalities committed to this effort are eligible to apply for small grants, supported through the Vermont Community Foundation.

“The State is committed to making Vermont more equitable, but there is a lot of necessary action that uniquely sits with municipalities,” said Xusana Davis, executive director of the Office of Racial Equity. “IDEAL Vermont is designed to bridge State and local efforts for transformative, structured, and non-performative progress.”

IDEAL will build on energy and efforts already underway, with municipalities around the state having recognized the need to prioritize equity and social justice. Already, dozens of Vermont’s communities have taken steps to be more inclusive, with at least 79 municipalities having adopted a Declaration of Inclusion as of November 2022 and 14 municipalities represented on the Equity Committee of the Vermont League of Cities & Towns (VLCT).

Funding proposed by Governor Scott and supported by the Legislature in the Fiscal Year 2023 budget, along with financial support from the Vermont Community Foundation, helped launch the program this year. Additionally, the program has support from community partners including VLCT, the Vermont Council on Rural Development, the Vermont Declaration of Inclusion and Abundant Sun.

For more information, visit the IDEAL Vermont website.

Click here to view the full press conference.

Image courtesy of Office of the Vermont Governor

7 thoughts on “Governor Phil Scott and the Office of Racial Equity promote IDEAL Vermont

  1. Large refugee families are having a VERY negative impact on local children and have been for years now.

    I’m not against immigration but, I am against the number of immigrants we have.

    If my children were still in the public schools. I would take them out and borrow the money, if I had to, to put them in private schools.

  2. You are not reading this right.
    What it really says is: Phil Scott, I-Deal

    Yes Governor, we can see that you do a whole lot of dealing, against Vermonters.

  3. Here’s another boondoggle ” Racial Equity ” for Vermont, and its new ” woke ” Governor
    trying to show the progressives that he’s with them, and is relevant to the state……” Not ”

    Scotts is a joke, and so is this program, Vermont’s only problem with any one of color is all
    the city thugs trash of color, peddling their wares in the state.

    Scott already knows he is powerless, and the rabid progressives are going to chew him up
    and spit him out…………… Vermont, just watch the nonsense legislation in the coming year

    Hey Vermont Hunters and just plan gun owners, watch what ProTem Baruth is up to, and let’s
    see if Scott has any cohones and supports the real Vermonters, hunters & gun owners, the
    only problem with guns in Vermont is the thugs dealing drugs, just look at Burlington’s crime
    wave, oh yeah…….Baruth lives in Burlington, what’s that tell you………

  4. Scott is showing his/her/they wokeness liberalism in RINO’s clothing again. There is no need for any of this nonsense. He’s a full on beta male subservient to his masters – The Left. Does he even own a pair of testicles?

  5. I do not understand all this diversity & inclusion. Why? The Black population of VT is a tiny, tiny 1.5%..AND that includes all the black drug dealers.. So why is it so paramount to do this stuff- if only 1.5% are Black? Furthermore…why fixate purely on skin color – to decide any & all? If I ever get a brain tumor…am I going to choose my operating doctor BASED ON HIS SKIN COLOR? Or am I going to get the “best qualified person for ANY job” (doctor)…white, black, yellow or brown?……but Liberal Dem Progressives – will mandate so much based on “Skin-Color-Equity”? That is very “Prejudiced”….that is “PRE JUDGING” – to assume the qualification of black people, just because their skin is dark…for any job or position…especially in any VT State, local or Municipal job? Skin first – but any real qualifications… not so much? ?

    All of this hullabaloo is just manufactured “feel good”…and if you disagree you are a racist.

    • I expect that the population will change dramatically in Vermont. This is why our government is socializing equity. What people do not understand is that the government defines equity as the redistribution of resources, including financial and institutional, to create equal outcomes, as defined by the USAID. This by definition is socialism. I was reading Biden’s executive order relative to implementing a digital currency and the order stated that the new financial system must address equity and human rights. Question, who defines human rights? The UN defines he man rights as the US is a signatory on their character, which you can look up. So what will happen to people’s money when they convert dollars to a digital currency. In the name of equity and human rights resources will be redistricted. This really has nothing to do with racism. This is a bout destroying capitalism for a neo-Communist, socialist world government or The Great Reset. America will be a nation state not a sovereign country. This agenda is being deployed globally, all countries.

      In Addison County, Peter Conlon’s platform included moving individuals and couples out of their homes to accommodate the housing needs to large families. My question is what large families. Most Americans do not have large families. Biden also stated that he wants to make the 11 million immigrants that came into America since he became president. I think we can safely and me these large families will consist of the these immigrant families and more black refugee families.

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