Gov. Scott statement on Roe v. Wade

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement in response to the draft Supreme Court opinion which indicates it may overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey:

“I know many Vermonters are very concerned about reports the Supreme Court may overturn Roe. Although no one can know for sure that this draft will be the final opinion, I want Vermonters to be assured that this state has prepared for this possibility. Three years ago, we enacted a law that affirms the fundamental rights of all women and ensures reproductive health decisions remain between a woman and her health care provider – totally free from government interference. It is important for Vermonters to know this will remain true in Vermont regardless of what happens with the Supreme Court. And Vermonters will have the opportunity to solidify this right in November, when Prop. 5 amending Vermont’s constitution is on the ballot.”

“The fundamental rights and liberties of all women will be defended, protected and preserved in Vermont.”

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10 thoughts on “Gov. Scott statement on Roe v. Wade

  1. Phil Scott simply does what he thinks he is needed to stay ahead of the pack as he goes round and round the race track. If you want something different out of Scott, work to change the culture in Vermont. He is nothing but a follower of whatever he thinks will keep him in the front. He has no goals of going anywhere real, just round and round the track. He is after all a professional at going round and round and maneuvering to stay at the front of the pack. Very uninspiring, to say the least.

  2. Governor Scott,

    Please define “woman” because it seems that there is some uncertainty about just what that is in the state of Vermont.

    A Confused Vermonter

  3. So terminating a healthy pre-born baby is now referred to as reproductive health according to our governor? Reproductive health, in a normal world would mean everything is healthy to have a baby, not terminate one. This is twisted word speech or new speech and truly Orwellian. It’s not like there aren’t any ways to practice birth control before a pregnancy happens. The inconvenient pregnancy is what this is all about. Oh no, we should have not done that but it’s okay, we can get rid of it. Birth control by dismembering a live pre-born baby is not reproductive health. Each and every one of us that made it here without interruption from an invasion into the whom of our mothers should think about the what ifs. I think the governor is wrong and when his time comes to be judged by the higher power than governor, His decisions now will play heavily on his support for this fiasco in the Vermont twilight zone that normal people are living through. I’m not a religious person, but if there is a higher power, these people will pay for what they support. Just one man’s opinion!

  4. “Three years ago, we enacted a law that affirms the fundamental rights of all women and ensures reproductive health decisions remain between a woman and her health care provider – totally free from government interference.” Phil Scott. I guess Doctor Phil Scott has no problem with government inference with health care decisions that involve injecting deadly experimental gene altering poisons into a person’s body. Phil you are a hypocrite and an evil man.

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  5. Just one question for you Mr. Scott. If this abortion were you, how’d you feel about it?

  6. I guess full term abortions are a woman’s right………..the cruelty and disregard for human life is to upheld by our governor Phil Scott……..that makes me feel better……..if the left had not pushed the issue so far it would never have changed. God help us all and especially the unborn. Ladies need to get an implant if they are so freewheeling………killing the unborn as a form of birth control is an educational moment for these women.

  7. I’m asking for a friend, he’s about 9.5 lbs, he wanted me to ask you, “how does this law help him?”

    He’s a bit concerned about his future, specifically here in Vermont.

    • Oh, he said he made two friends in the hospital, one was 4lbs and the other was 4.5 pounds. He said they were struggling.

      Apparently, they were both addicted to crack cocaine and the other to heroin.

      The nurse said this happens every day in a Vermont hospital.

      He was asking, “Why are they giving my new friends these kind of drugs on their first day?”

      Can you help me explain to him, it’s not the hospital giving them the drugs?

      Wasn’t this part of campaign when you started 6 years ago? How’s the focus on that?

      • Phil believes that it’s OK to punish the innocent for the actions of adults.

      • Neil,

        That unborn, innocent, almost fully-developed person, just days away from actually SEEING HIS MOTHER, is not yet registered to vote, therefore is expendable, according to VT’s progressive child- murdering law

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