Gov. Scott calls vaccine passports for restaurants and bars ‘a good idea’

During his weekly press conference Tuesday, Gov. Phil Scott signaled support for the use of vaccine passports to visit service establishments such as restaurants and bars.

“In the coming weeks my team will meet with trade associations, employers, and other organizations who talk through the benefits of requiring vaccination or testing for employees where we continue to see transmission,” he said.

Of restaurants, he noted that some businesses are privately requiring vaccines for entry, which he implied he supports, calling it “a good idea.”

Lou Varricchio

NO MANDATES, BUT MAYBE VAX PASSPORTS: Gov. Phil Scott spent much of his Tuesday press conference explaining why he continues to oppose broad state-of-emergency mandates.

“It’s a step in the right direction. We’d like to see more businesses take that approach as well. We’re working on that,” Scott said.

He also said a return back to the broad coronavirus mandates of 2020 is unlikely.

“You’ve heard me talk at length over the last several weeks about why I don’t think we should reinstate mandates and continue to live under a perpetual state of emergency more than 20 months into this. … Let us not forget that many restrictions — like mandatory distancing, gathering and visitation limits — had a negative impact on physical and mental health.”

To Vermonters who don’t plan to get shots and boosters for COVID, Scott said, “Let me be clear: you will be infected sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time. And if you are unvaccinated and you get it, your fate is clear.”

Current data from the Vermont Health Department does not show any age bracket facing statistically significant threats from COVID-19. Records show Vermont has had 436 virus-related deaths statewide over the past two years, and no age group is experiencing a high number of deaths from the virus. For residents age 19 and under, there are no recorded Vermont deaths. In the 20-29 age bracket, there are 5.4 COVID-associated deaths recorded per 10,000 people. That number is 9.1 for ages 30 to 39, then 13.4 for ages 40 to 49, and 22.7 for 50 to 59.

Despite the low health risk to any particular individual, Scott says Vermonters should consider the use of vaccine passports to enter certain establishments in society.

“The science tells us that the virus spread is much more likely to occur in settings where you are with someone for over 15 minutes, as opposed to brief interactions in places like convenience stores,” he said. “In addition, restaurants, bars and clubs are places where these types of longer interactions occur and masking is obviously much less practical.”

At the start, Scott reflected on how long the subject of COVID-19 has dominated his administration.

“Most of us are tired of talking about COVID-19,” he said. “Many of us thought that once people were vaccinated, most of the problems would go away. But unfortunately, I think I’m clear that this isn’t going away any time soon, or for quite some time.

“The good news is, because of our highest-in-the-nation vaccination rate, as the country has endured Delta, we’ve maintained one of the lowest hospitalization rates in the nation and death rates in the nation while leading in testing.”

The governor also expressed openness to having unvaccinated Vermonters pay more for their health insurance.

As of Dec. 10, it was determined via the World Health Organization that there have been no deaths from the Omicron variant. However, on Monday the United Kingdom reported one death.

A major South African study concludes the Omicron variant causes less severe illness than prior strains, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

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40 thoughts on “Gov. Scott calls vaccine passports for restaurants and bars ‘a good idea’

  1. If the VTGOP wonders why they are broke, here’s your sign.

    If the VTGOP wonders why good men and women won’t run, here’s your sign.

    If the VTGOP thinks national is going to help you out, here’s your sign.

    We don’t have the right leaders in the right positions. We have traitors. There are many good, knowledgeable people in the VTGOP, they are in the wrong positions.

    Tis why you are broke. Plain and simple.

  2. Ya know..
    Is anyone thinking about all of the people that have pre-existing health conditions that are keeping them from being vaccinated?
    If you already have many of the issues that the vaccine is causing- then how on earth can you take the risk and get the vaccine?
    There are tons of people that have been told by their own doctors NOT to take the vaccine.
    There are many elderly people that got the vaccine and had bad reactions and were told not to get boosters and to not get more vaccines of any sort.
    So what are we going to do- shun these people from society because they can’t be vaccinated?
    I thought that Vermont was all about Fairness and Equality?

  3. The vaccines don’t stop transmission. Isn’t that crystal clear by now? So what’s the use of a vaccine passport, except to punish those who don’t agree with the bureaucracy?

    “Show us your papers.” It’s simply amazing that so many people can’t see what this is.

    And now, on maybe a somewhat lighter note, we might take some comfort in a song to the tune of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” although with darker overtones. But, lovely singing.

  4. Dark money is keeping COVID alive here in Pervmont. If there was no money being passed through to inflict insults, threats, illegal mandates, fear-mongering, etc, the situation here would be no different than the other States that are open and operating fine. Phil and Company are being well compensated for the ghoulish and nefarious roles they are playing. The same situation applies to our corrupted elections. Phil and Company are making big money and likley hiding most of it.

    • I suspect Governor Scott is now aware of the deceptiveness behind the push for vaccine mandates. But as the political animal he has become, he is trying to walk the chalk-line between the progressive Marxism, that has become the trademark for Vermont, and Conservative reasoning. Politically, I understand the practice. But to allow these progressive Marxists to place our children at risk is unconscionable by any measure. I can only hope that Vermonters can withstand this tyranny until the next elections. Beginning with Town Meeting Day in the spring, each community must begin to hold these people accountable. Hopefully, we can make it to the November mid-term elections and clean house.

    • It’s all about the Risk/Benefit. It appears that “vaccinating” children with no co-morbidities may expose them to any risk the “vaccine” poses- and that risk may not be known for decades.
      Japan now requires warnings regarding the potential effects on the heart by the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines”.
      Heart issues are becoming increasingly apparent after “vaccination”, and as these products
      are EUA only, (Not FDA approved) with a waiver of liability for the manufacturer- anyone not in a high risk group must carefully consider the consequence of the jab.
      Caveat Emptor.

    • The Deceptive Motive Behind Vax Mandates is Exposed:

      This Canadian study group hits the nail on the head when describing the outcome of mass vaccination – AND the motivation behind it. Specifically, on page 9, under WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, the report states that in 2020:

      “The participants are evenly divided into Inoculated and Placebo groups of about 21,000 each. The study is blind.”

      In 2021, “Crossover Occurs: The participants from the Placebo Group are given the opportunity to take the inoculation AND (my emphasis) by early 2021, the majority of them have crossed over to the inoculated group. It’s no longer a randomized control trial, as the control group is gone.”

      I repeat, there can be no comparisons because the ‘control group’ no longer exists.

      The Vermont Dept. of Health (VT DOH) perpetrated this same scam from the get-go. At first, the group of unvaccinated people in the VT DOH’s comparative studies DID NOT include approximately 100,000 Vermonters under the age of 18.


      Because, importantly, from the beginning of the pandemic, this unvaccinated group showed only six hospitalizations from Covid and not one of them died. Adding this group to the VT DOH comparisons on the likelihood of hospitalization and death would have significantly changed the statistical analysis, as I’ve pointed out on several previous occasions.

      So, why the adamant push to vaccinate the children? Isn’t it obvious?

      By vaccinating this group of people, they are no longer a viable ‘control group’. We won’t be able to compare the outcomes of the Inoculated to the outcomes of the group taking the Placebo (i.e., those who have not been vaccinated).

      Every step of the way we are seeing the incongruous logic behind mandated vaccinations. And now that the questionable effectiveness of these vaccines is becoming apparent, the only way to avoid accountability for mandating them is to eliminate any possibility of drawing conclusions from the comparisons between the control groups – the underpinnings of scientific reasoning.

      These people aren’t following the science. They are eliminating it!

      Postscript: Thank you, Jim, for providing a link to this Canadian study.

      • Pfizer and Dr. Fauci told us that the Pfizer vaccine gave us 95% reduction in risk of Covid-19! Great news!

        Except, it wasn’t true, as this short video on what the real risk reduction from the vaccine is. The absolute risk reduction from taking the vaccine, compared to the absolute risk of getting Covid-19 without the vaccine, was a mere 0.84%– that is, not even 1% absolute risk reduction.

        We can see this real risk reduction in Vermont: highly vaccinated yet we still have lots of cases. There is no “95% risk reduction” in Vermont; there is less than 1% risk reduction from the vaccines. This is what the real-world evidence is telling us. But this administration keeps harping on a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” This is blatantly unscientific because there is no doubt that the vaccinated are catching and spreading the virus.

        OK, how does the Pfizer vaccine work out in protecting us from risk of death, since that’s the money number? Hmmm, it turns out, on page 12 of the document that Jay and I link to, that there were significantly more people who died after taking the vaccine than who died after taking the placebo. There’s zero science that says that taking the Pfizer vaccine is safer than not taking the vaccine; it appears to be more dangerous to take the vaccine primarily due to cardiovascular adverse events.

        Is this administration scientifically illiterate? I think so. Political tyranny is coming in through the back door of medical tyranny and our Governor says, “that’s a good idea.”

      • And here’s a 40-minute video that explains that Pfizer trial, done by the same group (Canadian Covid Care Alliance.)

        Note their common-sense statement that reflects what the trial actually says, and which our beloved leaders are too dense to understand: “there’s no benefit to a reduction in cases if it comes at the expense of increased deaths.” Because this is what “the data” actually says.

        So whenever we hear the Governor talk about the science and the data, we can be pretty sure that they understand neither.

        Three weeks to bend the curve and look what a complete mess these idiots have made! How about: early treatment with safe drugs?

        And more: Explains the explosion of data on wildly increased clotting after the vaccines, which are being ignored.

        Here’s how Dr. Fauci and Dr. Levine practice science: they keep a garbage can nearby and anything their handlers tell them to ignore, it goes in the trash heap and gets burned.

  5. Kick them while they’re down. As a former restaurant owner, I can tell you the margins for profits/loss are already extremely tight. Add in fluctuating supply costs, high taxes and high min wage. Passports will not help to deter the virus they will only deter a business from blooming, just one more challenge after the LONG covid challenges these business’ faced.

  6. Here is a Joe Rogan interview……they knew how to solve the problem.

    Levin and our Governor should be tried in court. This is out of hand.

    They have and are killing Vermonters with their shut down of our state and people are not getting medical treatment. This is a coordinated attempt to crush the American people and guess who’s leading it….

    Yeah VTGOP needs to choose, our country or this Biden puppet….but we can guess what will happen.

    • So just finished this….it’s almost 3hours long.

      Every minute is worth it. If our leaders in government can watch this and don’t change their direction, they need to be removed from office. What has happened in America, the censorship and outright lies, lies from our governor in the above statement are the sole reason why so many people have died.

      This is about the third time, perhaps the most comprehensive interview that has clearly laid out that 90% of the people who died with/because of covid could have been saved. Not only could they have been saved, they could have been saved before even going to the hospital, they could have been saved for a few bucks.

      If the people in leadership at the Vermont GOP can watch this, and still allow this man to lead as a Republican, then they are all criminals and accomplices…..

      We need to rid ourselves of these NWO Pimps and Whores….it’s not good for us.

      • “… perhaps the most comprehensive interview that has clearly laid out that 90% of the people who died with/because of covid could have been saved.”

        Uttar Pradesh did it. Did anyone in the Scott administration pick up the phone to call Uttar Pradesh?

        What would any sane public health professional do if confronted with the fact that the largest state in India licked Covid using inexpensive treatments? In a sane world, we’d want to ask some questions and see for ourselves. Our response? Silence. Don’t tell anyone. Sweep it under the rug. These are the responses not of an open society engaging in the free exchange of medical opinions, but of a society that wants to shut down dissent.

  7. Vermont’s govenor supports further crippling of small businesses ….
    nothing to see here – just keep moving

  8. I will not frequent any business that requires me to show my papers. I will take all my money over to the Live Free Or Die and also tax-free state. When Vermont’s economy suffers the Commiecrat Progressives will only have themselves to blame. Of course, that will never happen they’ll just raise taxes to make up for the loss of revenue.

  9. To Vermonters who don’t plan to get shots and boosters for COVID, Scott said, “Let me be clear: you will be infected sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time. And if you are unvaccinated and you get it, your fate is clear.”

    Thanks for the THREAT of bodily harm to the lives of so many Vermonters. When do you plan to release the disease on us?

    !!!!!!!!! Malevolent !!!!!!!
    “Having or showing a wish to do evil to others”

    These people are SICK!

    • Idiot . We all got it and we are alive to tell about it. Here’s what you get when you have a race car driver giving you medical advice.

    • They’ve come out of the huddle and are walking lockstep speaking with *one voice*. This is the messaging used by the the vax tyrants – many healthcare workers and all of the masked capeless crusaders. The stance, body language, eye contact and same words are staged and scripted just as the Chinese Communist Party planned. They plan to overtake our nation but don’t want nasty nuclear waste to poison their new homeland. So our betters are billing us for killing us.

      The chorus is singing louder – as desperation of the depopulation globalist-funded plot to destroy humanity sinks in. Now aware there is a large sector – enough to take them on and begin Nuremberg 2.0 when the dust is cleared and more babies, children and our friends and neighbors continue to drop like fles.

      This is a syringed gas chamber – so much easier than imprisoning then hauling all into a gas chamber then shoveling into a big ditch or crematorium lol. They go to hospital, organs removed then funeral and cremation, burial. Great for business – everyone gets a piece of the action 😀

  10. Hopefully by next summer Covid is not an issue anymore, nothing more than the common flu. Until then, as government officials keep moving the gamepost regarding Covid precautions, I will not frequent anything in Vermont until all mandates are lifted. We now know the vaccine was just a joke, so why enforce vaccine mandates now………I will spend my money in Florida where we do not need to have Covid proof and masks unless we want to wear one. Our governor is only assisting in killing our state economy with this foolishness.

    • Covid will be used to bludgeon us until we submit. And then they will invent something to bludgeon us with. It will not go away until the people stand up and make it go away.

  11. As the good Governor moves the hoop he wants us to jump thru- by adding the “booster” to his idea of “fully vaccinated” and blames the “5%” for SARS-CoV-2 spread, I’d like to remind him of a few facts:
    *The current “vaccines” available in the US are authorized under an EUA. The FDA approved vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, Corminality- manufactured by Pfizer is a legally different product from the EUA “vaccine” manufactured by Pfizer. U.S. Federal District Judge Allen Winsor of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida has ruled so. Under 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III), ‘authorization for medical products for use in emergencies,’ it is unlawful to mandate the product(s) use.
    * The current EUA “vaccines” are causing heart problems among “vaccine” recipients, in many age groups. Studies are not forthcoming- It is impossible to do a Risk/Benefit analysis.
    * Even Scott admits to the decreasing efficacy of these EUA “vaccines”, hence his demand for you to take the “booster”. Without apparent regard for any long term side effects of the “vaccine” it is expected that children be injected with this experimental gene therapy- the “vaccine” with unacceptable efficacy. The Risk/Benefit scenario for children appears all risk, no benefit.
    Scott may have conviction in his statements, but he is Gaslighting his constituents.

    • Thanks for stating the facts! I don’t consider it a vaccine but a drug with very bad consequences like manipulating your genes.

    • He’s knowingly committing crimes against humanity. It’s way more than gas lighting.

      He’s political, if he doesn’t read True North, he must have somebody that does it for him. Thank God and the folks at True North for letting people freely talk and exchange ideas and research of others.

      If not for that we’d be clueless.

  12. “And if you are unvaccinated and you get it your fate is clear.” Really Governor?. The only “fate” that’s clear for an unvaxed person who gets Covid is that they will now have acquired natural immunity which has clearly been shown in the huge Israeli studies to be vastly superior to the temporary immunity imparted by the vax. Is this what you meant ?

  13. “Gov. Scott calls vaccine passports for restaurants and bars ‘a good idea’”
    If one is a totalitarian Leftist,if not, then No.

  14. These press conferences are worth listening too if you are able. At this one Governor Scott was raked over the coals by a VtDigger reporter and others for not declaring a state of emergency and ruling by decree and imposing a mask mandate. It is something Scott, who believes emergency powers and their use should be limited to the most extreme circumstances, refuses to do.
    The VTDigger reporter also went on a diatribe on how Governor Scott’s Chief of Staff Jason Gibbs had disrespected a Dartmouth researcher who was in favor of mask mandates. Scott replied in measured but firm tones defending both Gibbs and the administrations actions.

    These weekly press conferences, some of which like the one on Tuesday went for over 2 hours. are a model of open government and an adminstration willing to explain in detail the reasons for their actions and to answer difficult questions, some reasonable and some more interested in scoring political points.

    • You are gonna get raked over the coals, by somebody. So it’s best to do what is right and the questions and raking will expose where peoples hearts and minds reside.

      It says way more about the “in search of the truth” group….who wouldn’t know truth if it bit them. Propaganda is strong in this state. But then nobody can comment on Vermont Digger, because they couldn’t censor fast enough, they had to hire too many moderators on their forum. That says it all.

      • Neil, I stopped reading the digger as soon as they canceled he comment bar That was the BEST part of the digger, most often the comments were of higher grade than the actual article. I am loving TNR!!!

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one who stopped reading Digger. I mean really, what is an open forum if one can’t comment. Digger cancelled our First Amendment.

    • Having listened to many of these press conferences, during 2020 Scott and his Admin. heads were answering questions to the best of their ability and seemingly truthfully. It appears now that they have refined their answers to better fit the CDC and federal government requirements.

    • No, John, the Governor and Dr. Levine are not up for open debate if you mention early treatment for Covid-19, and especially the “i” word. They simply won’t hear of it.

      They aren’t interested in real science. They’re only interested in the New Lysenkoism being put out by Fauci and the gang. They give bureaucratic answers and aren’t interested in being challenged.

  15. What does it take to be jettisoned from the VTGOP?

    Will they let him hold the position of Republican representative when we need to lock up healthy, unvaccinated, naturally immune citizens?

    Just curious, people are wondering.

    When the leader doesn’t allow science to openly come in his state.

    Doctors are saying there would be no deaths if everyone were adequately nourished with Vitamin D.
    Doctors are saying there would be little need for ICU if Ivermectin and other drugs we allowed.
    Doctors in Norway have banned vaccination for anyone under 30 because it’s too dangerous.

    Where’s Bernie on his Scandinavian worship now? Scott?

    You be the judge, listen below to these front line doctors.

    If he locks us up, healthy people, will the VTGOP support him as their candidate?
    If he takes away the jobs of healthy people will the VTGOP have him as the flag bearer?

    This is not science, this political science which currently is all about power, money and fear, which seems to be the current flag flown in Montpelier.

    God save us.

  16. Is Gavin Newsom King Philip of Vermont’s muse? Scott needs to go back to school and be re-educated about real science. Levine should to have his MD rescinded. It’s pretty obvious that the “vaccines” are a huge scientific failure and a political hoax. Middlebury College boasts a 99% vax rate and is experiencing a surge in “breakthrough” cases. What does rational thought and logic reveal about that? Now, the first two jabs didn’t do what what they were supposed to do so they are saying you need another, and another, and another. What does rational thought and logic indicate about that? Info about the “omicron” variant” indicates that it results in much milder symptoms and a kneejerk reaction to it is absurd. Folks, rational thought and logical conclusions about all this nonsense say that we’ve been played and lied to for almost two years now. It’s time to wake up and just say, “No more!”

    • @ Marek

      The party line is that all of the Covid cases and all of the vax failure “breakthrough “ cases are the fault of the remaining 5% of those age 12 and up who are unvaxed. As many of this group has already had Covid and thus sees nothing to gain by taking a dangerous experimental vax when they now have natural immunity, the numbers who lack any immunity are far less than 5%. So I guess the remaining folks must really get around, all over the state, to all the colleges, just frantically spreading Covid to all the righteous vaxed.

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