Gov. Phil Scott on removal of testing requirements for crossing the Canadian border

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement regarding the Canadian government removing COVID-19 testing requirements for fully vaccinated Canadians and visitors to cross the border starting April 1, 2022:

“The move from the Canadian government is a welcomed step forward. In addition to reuniting our border communities, this change will also bring Canadian businesses and travelers back to Vermont to enjoy our downtowns, outdoor recreation opportunities, and expand our economic ties.

“I have been in communication with the Canadian government throughout the pandemic, and the testing policy has been at the top of the list recently. We know that our border communities are culturally and economically inseparable, and we’re thrilled these communities will be able to more easily go about their daily lives as they did prior to the pandemic.

“I look forward to continuing to strengthen Vermont’s ties with Canada and Quebec in the years to come.”

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3 thoughts on “Gov. Phil Scott on removal of testing requirements for crossing the Canadian border

  1. Well now governor Scott (small caps for a purpose), have you ever read the Constitutions, if you have, do they mean anything to you? I suggest rather than commandeering the people of your state to destruction via NWO GWSA mandates (never mind the Fauci lying fraud scam of the past two years) that are being shoved through the legislature piece meal at best, because no Vermonter with half their wits would stand for it going through en force, why don’t you be a man, a real Governor of the people, and stand up to out tyrannical legislature. Take that deep, long look in the mirror, where do you desire your legacy as Governor end when it’s done?

    • Brian,

      The problem is not Governor Scott who has vetoed more legislation than any governor in the history of Vermont, it is that there are not enough Republicans or independent minded people in the legislature to sustain many of these vetoes. A net gain of five seats in the House is what is needed in the next election if a change is to be made.

      To do that requires people willing to put themselves forward and do the hard work like the Morgan’s of Grand Isle who in that two-seat district defeated the then Democratic Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson in the last election.

  2. What, do they get a vaxine passport? How about just lifting the @#$% restrictions?
    Papers, please.
    Probably only white people have to do that. Illegals all get in free, no questions.

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