Gov. Phil Scott lifts mask mandate for vaccinated individuals, accelerates Vermont Forward plan

For Immediate Release
Friday, May 14, 2021

Jason Maulucci, Press Secretary
Office of the Governor

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott today announced that because Vermont has already hit its necessary vaccination threshold with over 60% of the population receiving at least one dose, it will move into Step 3 of the Vermont Forward Plan more than two weeks ahead of the anticipated schedule.

Additionally, following updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Governor signed an executive order lifting the State’s masking and physical distancing requirements for fully vaccinated individuals in Vermont. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the final dose of your COVID-19 vaccine.

Both steps are effective today.

“Today marks a major step forward in our efforts to end this pandemic and get back to doing more of the things we’ve missed over the past 14 months,” said Governor Scott. “Vermont has led the nation in many ways throughout the pandemic, including our vaccination efforts. This puts us in the best position in the nation to safely take these steps based on the CDC guidance.”

“We have been eagerly awaiting this, and know that it is based on current science, research and data,” said Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD. “This guidance makes sense for Vermont, because as thousands more Vermonters become fully vaccinated each day, life can, and should, begin to look normal again.”

Governor Scott emphasized that Vermonters’ commitment to getting vaccinated is critical to the state meeting its goal for lifting all remaining requirements on, or before, the 4th of July.

“Your shot is safe, easy and effective,” said Dr. Levine. “So, whether you prefer to make an appointment, go to a walk-in or mobile clinic, a partner pharmacy or any of the special vaccination events happening around the state, go to or call 855-722-7878 to find a vaccination opportunity near you.”


Following CDC guidance, masking and physical distancing for fully vaccinated Vermonters — except in limited circumstances like in schools, on public transportation, healthcare settings, long term care facilities, prisons etc. — is no longer required. The mandate remains in place for those who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, including children who are not yet eligible for a vaccine.

Consistent with previous steps forward, businesses and municipalities can implement stricter guidance, if they choose.


Step 3 of the Vermont Forward plan removes the testing requirement for travel and increases event and gathering capacity restrictions.

The new gathering sizes will allow for one unvaccinated person per 50 square feet, up to 300, plus any number of vaccinated people for indoor events; and 900 people, plus any number of vaccinated people, outdoors.

State websites are currently being updated to reflect the updated guidance and acceleration of Step 3.

To view the full Vermont Forward Plan, visit

To view the updated executive order, click here.

Image courtesy of U.S. Department of State

4 thoughts on “Gov. Phil Scott lifts mask mandate for vaccinated individuals, accelerates Vermont Forward plan

  1. So when I see someone wearing a mask they are unvaccinated and if they are not wearing a mask they were vaccinated. Oh, I get it now ! Thank You Governor Scott. But how will I be able to tell the Democrats from the Republicans. I used to know when I saw someone in their car with the windows rolled up and a mask on.

  2. I fear the potential of “shedding” spike proteins, which are pathogenic, by the vaccinated, bringing about sickness in unvaccinated children and adults. Of course there is zero data due to the hurried rollout so even the unvaxxed have become part of the “research”.

  3. If vaccinated people are so safe, what do they have to fear from unvaccinated people not wearing a face diaper?

  4. I have seen Scott in Barre and Montpelier without a mask on and this was about 3 months ago, once in Barre on the street and once in Montpelier. Just because he is the so-called Gov doesn’t make him any better than anyone else. I have also seen some of those liberal legislators without a mask on too. Scotty keeps bragging we have had the lowest count of Covid-19 and the highest number of people who have had the Jab in the Nation. Hey idiot we have the lowest population in the nation. So we have the highest unemployment and businesses that have gone under in the nation because of him. Yet he and the legislators always got their pay now, didn’t they. These democrats and Rinos are so stupid. Wearing a mask doesn’t do a thing to protect you.

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