Funny video: The Hillary Clinton email song that ‘broke the Internet’

By Steve MacDonald

I’m not sure if it broke the internet, but it had to have done some damage. And it’s clever as heck. Here are actual statements backed by music and mixed to create “The Hillary Clinton Email Song that Broke the Internet.”

It’s funny, but then you have to accept that the FBI will never raid any Clinton property in search of nefarious contraband, documents, or evidence of anything. Ever. We have known that since piles of FBI files were found in her possession in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was warming the chair behind the Resolute Desk.

She was working on her enemies list, and not much has changed at the FBI — unless by changed, you mean it’s gotten worse.

Image courtesy of Alan Light/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

3 thoughts on “Funny video: The Hillary Clinton email song that ‘broke the Internet’

  1. The bought and paid for FBI & DOJ are just following the agenda from the DemocRATs,
    this inept pack of fools in the Biden Administration are scared Sh-less that DJT will be
    running in 2024……………….

    The D-Rats from now until November, will do whatever to try and stay in power, and make
    sure DJT is nowhere around in 2024, but what if he doesn’t run, and the MAGA-GOP has a
    backup plan……..Oh so sweet !!

    January 2023, we’ll get some real committees and hearings and real prosecutions, not the
    sham stuff we have seen, let the fun begin, and GITMO has room for traders to the US
    Constitution and rule of law put a few behind bars, and watch the remaining rats try to run.

  2. What difference at this point does it make?

    Democrats can get away with it. A former president had the legal power to declassify anything he wanted just by saying so but his residence is stormed even though on June 4 he cooperated fully with an FBI investigation into papers.

    Couldn’t the FBI have just asked?

    Right, I forgot, NPR tells us that the FBI did ask, but NPR, for some strange reason, failed to tell us that when they asked, Trump’s response was: ‘come on over, have a look,’ and they did. The FBI asked that a lock be put on, and it was. So the FBI did ask and got cooperation, but now the FBI doesn’t ask and just breaks in? NPR clearly implied that there was no cooperation earlier.

    Looking for the Hunter laptop the FBI lost, perhaps?

    Anyone sitting on the fence: open your eyes. Our country is corrupted beyond belief, and the swamp is real. This is stuff banana republics do.

    If Hillary did it, then ‘what difference at this point does it make’?

    If Trump does it, then national security is at stake and a raid has to be staged in the dead of night, and his lawyers can’t supervise what the FBI is doing because …? I mean, look: rule of law? Trump’s lawyer denied access to the scene of the alleged crime because … because we’re a banana republic now? What does the FBI have to hide that they can’t let a lawyer observe what’s happening?

    Citizens closing their eyes to what’s happening are the ones who will let this stuff go on. The judge– who should have recused himself– the FBI and the DOJ need to be held to account and we should stop right now and ask, what in the name of the rule of law was that all about?


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