Frustrated Burlington cop was punched first, video shows

By Guy Page

BLM protesters say they won’t leave Burlington’s Battery Park  until three cops accused of police brutality are fired. The City of Burlington is expressing some sympathy and solidarity with the protesters but, so far, hasn’t terminated the cops’ employment. City officials say their hands are tied by union contracts and City Charter limitations.

Are the three cops guilty? It’s hard for interested Burlingtonians and other Vermonters to know, because we weren’t there.

Thanks to modern bodycam technology, anyone with an Internet connection can watch the March 11, 2019 Douglas Kilburn/Corey Campbell incident happen online. We see and hear the middle-aged, obese Kilburn, sitting in his car outside the UVM Medical Center, loudly demanding to enter the hospital. He wants to see his wife in the ER but has been kicked out of the ER waiting room for loud behavior. We see the fit, young officer Campbell talk calmly with Kilburn and offer to walk him into the hospital if he calms down. We see Campbell walk him into the ER to his wife’s room. They shake hands. Kilburn is appreciative of the officer he calls “my escort.”

The next scene, Kilburn is outside again, sitting in his car. He was forced to leave the hospital — again. He’s frustrated, again. So is Campbell. Kilburn continues to argue with a hospital employee. At 4:17 minutes into the six-minute video, Campbell tells Kilburn “shut the **** up and leave, go, they don’t want you here.” Kilburn calls Campbell a punk, gets out of the car, and initiates the violence by punching Campbell first. Campbell punches back and Kilburn is soon on the ground and cuffed, complaining of broken ribs.

Kilburn was hospitalized briefly and found dead a few days later. His death was ruled a homicide, the medical examiner saying he wouldn’t have died without the injuries incurred. Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan cleared Campbell of legal responsibility for Kilburn’s death but disciplined him for his use of language, saying it led him to the necessity of having to defend himself.

The Vermont BLM contingent has already made up its mind about Campbell. He’s a pawn in their political strategy. He’s being portrayed as a proof of their worldview that ACAB. The City of Burlington says its hands are tied. Neither faction is publicly explaining why the events of March 19 merit the firing of a police officer.

Putney Town Manager publicly recants ‘All Lives Matter’ post – The Putney Town Manager publicly apologized for reposting a Facebook meme that reportedly showed a photo of a white girl killed by a black man with the caption, “All Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, All Lives Matter.”

The Windham County town is home to several “progressive” schools and colleges. It is considered one of the most politically liberal towns in Vermont.

According to a September 11 story by Susan Smallheer in the Brattleboro Reformer, “Town Manager Karen Astley, who reposted an “All Lives Matter” meme on her personal social media account recently, again apologized for her actions during the regular Wednesday evening Select Board meeting. With close to four dozen Putney residents and others listening in to the online meeting, Astley said she was educating herself on racism, and was reaching out to the Putney community to line up training for town staff, as well as for herself. Astley said she was reading “White Fragility,” one of the books recommended by the Putney reading club that is tackling racism.”

Astley’s situation parallels Windsor School Principal Tiffany Riley’s dismissal over a personal Facebook post questioning the direction of Black Lives Matter. While Astley still has her job, the former selectboard chair Laura Chapman resigned after an NAACP spokesperson complained that people of color might not feel welcome in Putney.

Where were you when the Towers fell? Phil Scott remembers – “Nineteen years ago, this morning, I was at work when a report came over the radio that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers in New York,” Gov. Phil Scott said in a statement today. “I stopped what I was doing and turned on the television. I watched as another plane flew into the second tower and it soon became clear that our nation was under attack. I watched as we learned a third plane had hit the Pentagon and then a fourth went down in rural Pennsylvania. And I watched as the towers came down and sat in disbelief seeing the images of smoke rising from New York City. We all watched, in real time, as the world was changed forever.

“Like every American who lived through September 11, 2001, I remember everything about that day: The shock of what was unfolding right before our eyes. The pain we felt for those we lost, those who were missing and those they left behind. The bravery of first responders who ran into the wreckage, and the valor of servicemembers who stood up to protect us from future attacks. And, today, as we remember and honor those we lost, that grief remains in our hearts. As we now face a once in a century crisis that has taken the lives of almost 200,000 Americans, it is also important to remember the determination and resolve we found in the days, weeks and months following September 11.”

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16 thoughts on “Frustrated Burlington cop was punched first, video shows

  1. so lets name names???
    “Kilburn was hospitalized briefly and found dead a few days later.” so who was the incompetent doctor who checked him out, and the hospital who admitted him, checked him out and then sent him home to die?

  2. Police are sworn to uphold the law and protect the public and trained to do many more things other than arrest lawbreakers – vast majority likely do. Not a fan of LE that hides dirty-cop deeds behind the badge and pretty sure the good guys don’t like it either.

    Anyone who is seeking to dismantle, defund, redirect funding or marginalize police presence and activity is essentially against all law abiding citizens – they are criminals or criminal sympathizers period. Make no mistake this is not about police brutality but about leaving everyone vulnerable to criminals and coming mob-rule posterchilded by supposed racial disparities courtesy of Marxist front BLM.

    Dynamic needs to be recognized here. These thugs operate under the guise of ‘mostly peaceful protests’ – they’re not – but the same thugs associated with Bolshevik Bernie campaign to enact the communist takeover of US imho.

    This story highlights threats of violence from Comrade Bernard Antifa goons if he didn’t get nom:
    “An undercover Project Veritas investigation in January exposed an antifa plot to violently rebel if socialist Bernie Sanders lost the nomination, which he eventually did.

    “You should expect a f-cking violent reaction,” Sanders field organizer Kyle Jurek said. “The cops are gonna be the ones that are getting f–king beaten in Milwaukee.”

    The organizer stressed that cities across the country would pay if his candidate did not get the nomination.”…

    …”The riots have cost retailers billions of dollars at a time when the U.S economy was already seriously damaged by coronavirus lockdown policies.

    Antifa-supporting Bernie bros are openly celebrating the “revolution” on social media.
    — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) June 2, 2020

    “It’s abundantly clear that antifa is trying to topple the U.S. through a violent revolution. The only question is who is helping to fund and organize their efforts.”

  3. It is always helpful to put yourself in the others shoes. Those calling for this officer’s removal should watch the whole video. Officer Campbell was a model of dealing with a difficult person and did not simply remove the individual, but made it possible through his intervention for Mr. Kilburn to see his wife in the hospital despite Kiburn’s disruptive manner.
    It would be interesting to imagine how we would react if after all that you needed to deal with this same character again causing problems at the hospital.
    There is a reason that after review, Officer Campbell was cleared of any charges but disciplined for the language used at the end of the confrontation. It was the right call. The Burlington protesters and City Council need to move on.

  4. All I see is NO respect for the Police, act like a belligerent fool, well
    you get what you get, the police were called because of an out of
    control person

    Oh yeah, lets send in a social worker the next time, like liberals think
    is a good idea to derail an out of control person.

    Respect is all that’s needed fo the Men & Women in Blue !!

  5. Police need to pay for their crimes. The fit boy was disrespectful. He escalated the situation. He was supposed to do the opposite. Then he beat the fat guy into submission. Only the poor dude croaked. Burlington police have killed too many citizens in the past. Like the poor old senile guy they killed in his bathroom a couple years back. If it were a dog…they would dart it…but people….dead.

    • He punched the cop in the face, cop punched him back.. it’s really that simple. I really don’t see why there has to be a whole narrative attached to it. It’s called self defense.

      Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

    • In a close range there was no other choice – had he reached for any weapon could have been attacked and disarmed. Punching was perfect. “Fit-boy” was violently attacked – after placing self in danger to help the man – proving his character and level of duty.

      Fat-boy attacked an officer of the law and was stopped from repeating. Anyone who has a this level of diminished respect for LE will do no less to anyone else. Everyone in Fat-Boys path was protected by this public servant. Thanks officer 😀

      Leave them alone and let them freeze in the park – at least we know where they are lol.

  6. This piece of “journalism” sucks. I do not need to know that the victim was obese. Or that the assailant was fit. The only reason for that wording is to invoke a level of bias toward the fat guy. Police need to pay for their crimes. The fit boy was disrespectful. He escalated the situation. He was supposed to do the opposite. Then he beat the fat guy into submission. Only the poor dude croaked. Burlington police have killed too many citizens in the past. Like the poor old senile guy the killed in his bathroom a couple years back. If it were a dog…they would dart it…but people….dead.

    • Silly rant oh-so chldish. Front lines of daddy’s basement or faux ‘protest’ coming to us from Marxist Antifa – aka as BLM?
      Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist’
      By Yaron Steinbuch June 25, 2020 | 11:46am
      If you were being threatened or attacked with deadly force during an assault would you volunteer to die or would you expect the attacker to die. This is not a trick question. And do you carry a dart gun sir or a baseball bat. Molotovs?

      Weaponized admittedly Antifa goons are ‘protesting’ deadly force by using deadly force against innocent victims – mostly black and that’s ok? Got it. All are in fact being trained to attack law abiding ppl and turn our nation into the burned-out cities we see every day smeared across tv screens in a violent Maoist Cultural Revolution following election if Trump wins or the results end up in court as in 2000.

      LE are the front lines of our safety and disaster response. Tho not the typical big-city crime in VT they are 24/7 down for whatever – and must be prepared for the worse case scenario. And your bff Mr Grenon was threatening fellow apt dwellers with deadly force – this was the third time? Where was the group providing his care – calling the cops bc he wouldn’t let them near him perhaps? And would you volunteer to have a friendly chat with those who are off the rails?

      Following a five-hour standoff where their own lives were on the line from a murderous madman he was shot. Those who threaten others with deadly force deserve to die. Sorry silly boy I’m rooting for the victim not the perp. Public and law-abiding ppl deserve to be protected by selves or LE.

      When Tasers Fail: Phil Grenon -3:27
      12,367 views•May 9, 2019

      • Once believed LE should shoot offenders in the foot or other extremity – amazed I could be so naive. After watching this video and putting self in shoes of officers approaching the door – it changed my mind forever *they were in danger every step of the way*.

        We really need to put selves in the shoes of our brave men and women who mostly do the very best they can.

        [FULL VIDEO] Police officer involved shooting, Vermont – 2 hrs
        254 views•Feb 17, 2017 Diamond68 335 subscribers


        Burlington, Vermont, United States, March 21, 2016 – The shooting occurred late Monday at the end of a nearly five-hour standoff in a downtown Burlington apartment building for seniors and other residents.

        The man, Ralph “Phil” Grenon, 76, had experienced deteriorating mental health in the weeks before his death, according to the authorities. Grenon was rushed by ambulance within minutes the shooting to the University of Vermont Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 10 p.m.

        The state police, which is leading the investigation into the shooting, said Grenon advanced toward Burlington officers while holding both knives before one officer opened fire.

        Officer David Bowers, 23, of Colchester fired multiple shots from his police-issued pistol, Chief Brandon del Pozo said. Six gunshots were audible from outside the apartment Monday night. The chief said he was unsure how many rounds struck Grenon.

        Bowers joined the Burlington Police Department in July 2014. He was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday.

        Grenon was wheeled from the South Square apartment building at 101 College St. on a gurney just before 10 p.m. Emergency responders performed chest compressions on the man, who lay motionless as he was loaded into an ambulance and driven off, with a police escort, toward the Burlington hospital. The man’s body later was brought to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.

        Grenon had been the subject of at least three complaints the police department had received during the past month, Community Outreach Liaison Lacey Smith said at a news conference Tuesday. Police believe he had not been taking his medications properly for weeks.

        After the state police complete an investigation, the Attorney General’s Office and the Chittenden County State’s Attorney’s Office will review the case and determine whether the shooting was justified.

    • it is fair to say that there is one commenter who is a fat, white guy with a criminal record who dislikes cops – cus they are cops… tisk tisk tisk

  7. By the standards espoused by the POLITICAL CORRECT crowd, these three law enforcement officers are guilty as sin. Instead of enforcing the law, they should have turned the other cheek. When will these goodie two shoes let police officers do their duty and halt all these “peaceful” rioters from looting destroying more property?????

  8. BLM protesters say they won’t leave Burlington’s Battery Park, why not ??

    I have lived in Burlington my entire life and the City has never allowed ” Anyone”
    to spend the ” night ” in the park, never mind pitching a tent.and having and mob
    take over the park, so what’s changed ……… Liberal Government !!

    Time for the city officials to grow a pair and stop this nonsense, If you want to
    protest then protest, turning this park into wasteland is appalling, trash and the
    human waste is pathetic.

    I have been to the park and seen first hand, there is no respect for the citizens
    of the city ” Tax-Payers ” and I bet 90% o these fools don’t even live in the City,
    it’s all about an agenda and look at us we’re making a statement,as you can see
    they no nothing about the rule of law and due process……… Idiots.!!

    If the Mayor and City Officials don’t put a stop to this nonsense, then the citizens
    will step in, we pay these fools to run a city not play political games or baby sit
    these fools……….and that’s being kind !!

    Protest if you want, and then go home to mommy & daddy and your cozy little room
    because we don’t care about your protest, we pay the taxes and we support our
    police department…….GO HOME we’ve seen enough.

    Hey ” True North ” Go talk to these clowns, see what you get for an answer, it will be
    mostly ” Crickets ” or one ” loudmouth ” that’s not even from Burlington, stirring the
    pot is all you’ll get

    Burlington Deserves Better, time to staighten out City Hall.

  9. Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect the people of the city in which they work. These brave officers have every right to protect themselves and insure that they are able to go home every night to their loved ones. No one and I mean no one has the right to strike a police officer. If our politicians really cared about our police then a law demanding at least a five year jail sentence would be forth coming. I believe a police officer has a right to defend him or herself if some moron decides to assault them. If the person committing the assault gets badly injured or killed then they brought it on themselves.

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