Weiland Ross: Many manufactured issues

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Weiland Ross, a resident of Sunderland.

Among the issues dominating public discussion this summer are some that are manufactured as opposed to being real. The problem is that when a manufactured issue morphs into a real issue by attracting attention to itself, the problem takes on a life of its own that is not justified by the realities that underlie the matter in question.

The grievance industry continues to advocate more political representation for African-Americans in Vermont as one of its goals. Since this group makes up about 1.5% of our population, this requires some thought. Our Legislature consists of 180 senators and representatives. All Vermont citizens are equally able to seek election to office. To say to any one group, “You are entitled to a share of this representation” implies that all identifiable groups are entitled to a “share.” The question now becomes which groups are entitled to how much representation. Race is only one aspect of grouping. Culture, national origin, religion, gender and other designations have to be considered. Can a female speak for males? Can a Catholic speak for Jews? Can a Hispanic speak for an Abenaki? Where do people who do not choose to label themselves fit in? Perhaps we should consider this to be a non-issue and continue to let our representatives be chosen according to their ability to convince us that they are capable of representing us fairly, regardless of labels.

Next, the demand to end “state sanctioned violence by police” is, in reality, another non-issue. Our state laws, state officials and local officials do not condone in any way unnecessary violence by police officers who are enforcing the law or attempting to apprehend a person who is a suspect for a criminal act. All of the rules that the police must follow in dealing with the public stress the need to avoid using force of any kind to resolve the matter at hand. Force of any kind, physical or deadly, is to be used only if it is necessary to restrain a suspect or to defend an officer from a threat by a suspect. There exists no statistical or other evidence that our police forces are doing anything other than their stated goals to “protect and serve” the public. The “blue lives” are on the line for us. They deserve our respect and support.

As for another issue, the matter of paying reparations for slavery is almost too illogical to discuss. People who were never slaves want compensation from people who never owned a slave. The evil that was slavery is long gone. We do not have in our legal and philosophical systems the concepts of group guilt or group innocence. Our laws and our social contract are centered on the concept of individuals being responsible for their own actions, not the actions of others. We do not accept as valid the concept of hereditary guilt or innocence. What someone’s ancestor did once upon a time is not something that anyone can be held to atone for now. Likewise, the descendants of a victim are not able to claim they have inherited the injury. The only punishment for a crime that is forbidden in the U.S. Constitution is that family members of declared traitors can not be punished. Our “equal protection” principles guarantee us protection from being held responsible for offenses we did not commit. As a practical matter, determining just who might be eligible to receive compensation for being the descendant of a slave presents serious requirements for proof. At this point in time, the majority of African-Americans in our population are not descended from American slaves. They are descended from parents or grandparents of African descent who immigrated to the U.S. in the 20th century, either from African countries or from countries in the Latin American and Caribbean areas. Examples of well known persons of African descent who do not qualify as descendants of slaves include Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, Colin Powell, Harry Bellefonte and Juan Williams, to name a few. Likewise, the overwhelming majority of Caucasian Americans are descended from people who immigrated here after 1880. How is it fair to ask these people to pay for something that their ancestors could not possibly have been involved with?

Our society is not perfect. We are actively striving and making great progress in that direction. More improvement is possible, and will undoubtedly be achieved. However, we are not a racist society. We do not systematically oppress any group of people. Our social contract requires that we treat each other with respect. This is honored in practice by almost all of our population. People who violate the contract are considered deviants and punished by the laws. The social justice warriors have to find real issues that need to be resolved and abandon these manufactured grievances. The voices of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Shelby Steele, Jason Riley and Bob Woodson need to be listened to. Al Sharpton needs to be ignored for the race-baiter that he has always been. The Black Lives Matter movement needs to be recognized as an organized attempt by radicals to destroy our entire system and replace it with who knows what. The culture can not be canceled by anyone. We are America. We are Americans. There is no better place or people that can replace us.

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8 thoughts on “Weiland Ross: Many manufactured issues

  1. Many thanks Mr Ross – surname duly noted – and thanks for thought provoking commentary. Hopefully more of this keep it coming TNR content creators 😀

  2. I know it is hard to believe but there is a series on Amazon prime titled Hidden agenda that everyone should watch. It is about how communism takes over countries. It is history.

  3. In my opinion, this article by Mr Ross has many points that are very accurate and constitute real issues which affect currents events that are manufactured by an overwhelmingly biased Left’ leaning shill of a media. And it’s especially exacerbated prior to a general election for the Black vote.
    We realize racism exists, but it comes from all races, as a Caucasian, I have been subjected through the years outside 98% white Vermont, to many unwarranted” derogatory terms in life by other races. Racism exists from every race to any other in the world, as any miltary vet knows.
    Racism is exclusive to ONLY ONE RACE!
    A fabulous response to the root” of the problem cannot be said any better than by Candace Owens in a short video on youtube. Please search up: “Candace Owens at hearing on Confronting White Supremacy” (On youtube).
    As just alike addicts; the blame is diverted from one’s self, as the real issues are avoided!
    We need to address the real issues and stop the guilt trip being thrown at us during the election cycle.

  4. So far I can’t believe so few comments on this wonderful and truthful statement. We are living in the age of manufactured fear by social justice warriors, the corrupt media and the government at many levels. Don’t say anything because you are afraid. The rules have been flipped. Citizens do not run the government now, the special interests do. The media flat out lies to sell discord and chaos. We have been scared into our corners and shamed for being privileged even though most of us were born into very little and what we have came through working for it.

    I am ashamed of the way people act. If the governor told everyone to jump in a crater, people would go looking for one because they are scared to not do it. They are so scared they wear masks outside as if the virus is just floating around in the air. They wear them alone in their car. Rioters get up in your face, call you names, burn down your business and you do nothing because you are scared but not of them. You are scared because you will be arrested for defending yourself. the rioters call it peaceful protests and the police are ordered to stand down. All of this is manufactured fear from all sides. This is a horrible way to live. We need more truth bombs like this commentary but I have little faith in our new frightened humanity. The term Vermont Strong and Freedom and Unity are now empty phrases. Taking control of your fear is not buying a license plate from the state that proclaims VT Strong while you cower in your house and keep your mouth shut. Someone needs to protect the sheep. When no one steps up the wolves are empowered. And that’s where we are now!

  5. How welcome, an adult voice that arises above the strident cacophony of anger and irrationality that has dominated our streets and society for far too long.

    A voice that doesn’t threaten, a voice that doesn’t demand, a voice of common sense…….A voice too long in the coming. A voice unafraid to speak the truth. A voice we need to hear more frequently from responsible leaders. A voice most welcomed.

    • Peter, thanks for the good words, very much appreciated! I try to keep a little ‘reality check’ on some of the nonsense floating around our used to be rational little state. Cheers, Weiland

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