Friends of Liam Madden demand correction from Sanders camp for mischaracterization

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On Thursday, October 20, Senator Bernie Sanders released a fundraising text through the PAC ActBlue in support of Becca Balint for U.S. House which also attempted to mischaracterize her opponent Liam Madden. The text, which promoted Ms. Balint’s political experience in Vermont, offered the erroneous statement that “she’s up against an anti-choice opponent who won’t fight to lower prescription drug costs.”

While the text did not label her opponent by name, it is obvious the statement was meant to denigrate her chief opponent, the independent candidate Liam Madden (; and, as such, is demonstrably false. Upon learning of this mischaracterization, Mr. Madden sent several messages for over a week through various channels to the Sanders camp — including to his personal cell phone — but has yet to hear back.

“I am for protecting ~99.9% of all abortion choices, federally, and am to the left of Roe in that regard,” explained Madden, in response to the false statement claiming he was anti-choice. To the falsity that he wouldn’t fight to lower drug prescription costs, he wrote: “I have explicitly supported the bill you champion, the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act, in numerous debates.”

Citing the fact that he has publicly supported Senator Sanders on several occasions throughout his campaign in 2022, Madden wrote: “As someone who has looked up to you and sang your praises even when it was incredibly disadvantageous for me … please continue to be the person of integrity I’ve always thought you to be and make this prompt correction of your mistake.”

Madden, a founder of the group Iraq Veterans Against the War, is a relative newcomer to politics in his home state of Vermont, but has become well-known nationally, appearing in 2006 on 60 Minutes for his anti-war work; and in 2022 on The Hill’s show “Rising” and “The Jimmy Dore Show” for his innovative ideas around rebirthing democracy.

The friends and supporters of Liam Madden represent a diverse cross-section of Vermonters from across the political spectrum and find the lack of a response from the Sanders and Balint camps to be unacceptable and demand a complete correction immediately.

On Behalf of the Friends of Liam Madden:

Offie Wortham, Ph.D., Assistant Campaign Manager
James Gage
Kurt Staudter
Tonya Gunn
Geri Procaccini

Image courtesy of Liam Madden for Congress

8 thoughts on “Friends of Liam Madden demand correction from Sanders camp for mischaracterization

  1. Vermont Republican Party Chair Paul Dame told VTDigger that the GOP has “too many other things that are bigger priorities” to do so before Election Day next week.

    This is a quote from Vermont Digger…….from VTGOP Chair Dame.

    Setting an example of what would be tolerated within the VTGOP would be paramount in changing it’s course. It would send a message, a message to many within the party that it is serious and serious about righting this ship.

    It shows the VTGOP is not serious about keeping house clean of crooks, cheats and those who are actively and publicly harming the party. Nope nothing to see here….birds of a feather flock together.

  2. Folks, can we get one thing straight here ? It is clear that Mr. Madden is a fluid thinking candidate, but he has become an imposter with his willingness to adopt the Republican party and then abandon it AFTER the primary. Yeah, snake is an apt term. Personally, as a long time conservative, I have no intention of voting for him or anyone else who supports the wicked Article 22. What does he mean by saying he is “to the left of Roe” ? So he will advocate for third trimester abortions (i.e. murder) ?
    Liam Madden looks like a nice guy and I am sure that he means well, but he is a loser and unfortunately for him will prove that in a week. We get Balint on a forfeit.

  3. I’m sorry to say this, but this was sort of silly to take on and it shows poor judgement really that should concern voters really.. it speaks about how he prioritizes things.

    Politics is really very dirty business today and dragging the opponent through the mud is par for the course. Honestly, being only dragged through the mud is a blessing, as we now see violence even.
    I mean Donald Trump couldn’t even wear his hair right for these people.

    Liam needs to focus on other more pressing issues.
    People get that the opponent is not going to say one nice or accurate thing about the other candidates they are trying to win.

    • He’s trying to stay in the news cycle…..and this publication is helping him.

      This is a press release, just as he wanted. A news story would contain his press release and have a reporter asking questions. Many in Vermont believe a press release is news, it’s usually not, it’s usually propaganda…..

      We need more news.

      It is good that the organization makes it clear…..this is a press release.

      • I agree Neil, that he’s trying to do that, yes.
        But my gosh, there is so much that he could do that would be truly newsworthy..
        There are so many things in flat out crisis and this is the strategy he takes?

        I say throw this fish back in the water until he’s grown some.

        • It’s interesting that he gets some light. We we shunned pretty much on a regular basis, most everywhere with the political party who’s name I can’t mention on certain sites, otherwise I’m automatically censored.

          Yet this gentleman gets a free ride, and he’s clearly not a republican and clearly all his moves benefit the uniparty…..

          This is another serious lack of judgement.

  4. Let’s see how many friends Liam really has when the votes come in, I don’t believe he’ll
    carry the majority of the conservative votes, he’s a “snake in the grass ” within the GOP
    It’s people like him why the state is in the condition it’s in, snakes !!

    Vermont has a better choice, Ericka Redic, for Congress no matter what banner she is
    running under……………………………………

  5. Why aren’t we reporting about his campaign finance violations to get into the debate?

    Why, AGAIN, is the VTGOP allowing him to be on their ticket?????

    Oh that’s right they want the uniparty candidates to win, not a woman of the people like Erika….

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