Former Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie endorses Ericka Redic for Congress

July 29, 2022

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Former Vermont Lt. Governor Brian Dubie endorses Redic as GOP candidate for US House of Representitives.

Ericka Redic

Ericka Redic

In yet another sign of the growing momentum of the Redic campaign to win the GOP nomination for the US House of Representatives, former Vermont Lt. Governor Brian Dubie, last night endorsed her candidacy. In a letter dated July 28th, dubie wrote:

“I am pleased to endorse Ericka Redic to represent Vermont in the United States Congress. Ericka is a great listener. She will listen to Vermonters and work hard to find common sense solutions in Congress. Ericka will scrutinize Federal spending, support US energy independence, and will support policies that will grow the economy. I trust Ericka will always do the right thing for her constituents. I fully endorse Ericka Redic for Congress to represent Vermont.”

Given his long and successful career in Vermont politics, Dubie’s endorsement carries considerable weight. He served as Vermont’s Lt. Governor from 2003 – 20011, is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a retired Colonel of the United States Air Force Reserve. Dubie’s endorsement amplifies the likelihood that Redic, who is already projected to win the GOP primary election on August 9th, is a serious contender for Vermont’s only seat in the US House of Representatives.

Learn more about Ericka Redick’s campaign for Congress and her platforms by visiting and her social media at Generally Irritable on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram — You’ll find a WEALTH of information on her positions and how you can get involved!

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5 thoughts on “Former Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie endorses Ericka Redic for Congress

  1. Brian…we hardly knew yet…pls come back and run for something you would win bc of name recognition and a steady hand on the wheel when Lite-Gov 😀

  2. Whatever integrity he may have once had, Brian Dubie is now completely betraying conservative voters. He has lost all credibility and all respect by aligning with lying RINO’s to support Christina Nolan.

    Nolan supports second trimester abortion and Biden election fraud, lying to voters that “Joe Biden won the election” and “Donald Trump is the past.”

    As a Military veteran, Brian Dubie is breaking his Oath to the Constitution by supporting Biden election theft.

    Dubie has become a disgrace, and an endorsement from someone who supports Christina Nolan’s treachery against the American people is not something to be proud of. On the contrary, an endorsement from the RINO contingent is a huge red flag. Conservatives should vote the opposite of whoever the RINOs endorse.

    • Any time a RINO endorses a candidate one has to wonder. In this case I believe Ericka is the real deal. She isn’t a Scoot-Nolan-Benning clone. See her positions and listen to her and you’ll know.
      I like both Ericka and Anya and will be proud to support either in the general election. And if you know me you know I’m a rock solid conservative who is very principled and would not support a RINO.
      Ericka is not in the same category as Nolan.
      I think he was asked to support Nolan but it seems he is standing on his own to support Ericka. After all she isn’t running against a RINO.

      • The way Ericka Redic brown-noses RINO sleazebag Joe Benning is repulsive.

        It’s obvious why RINOs support her, and she is tainted by association.

        Redic also reportedly supports treacherous RINO liar Christina Nolan and was seen flying Nolan’s banner at an event.

        The theory is that VTGOP gave Redic a pass on her criminal background so now she’s supporting Nolan for them.

        If true, that would be beyond disgraceful.

  3. Vermont’s former Lt. Governor Brian Dubie’s endorsement of Ericka Redic sights the fact that she is a “great listener”. It looks to me like that’s really the point of her candidacy. She of course has positions. They are outlined in her campaign materials and on her web site. But her core issue is that she aims to REPRESENT her constituent. I think you’ll find that she objects to the legislature culture that pursues an agenda and seeks to impose it on her neighbors. She wants to hear what the folks think?

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