Ethan Allen Institutes launches new video podcast ‘Dialogues with Meg Hansen’

The Ethan Allen Institute is excited to present the preview of our new video podcast EAI’s “Dialogues with Meg Hansen.” Our goal is to present thought-provoking conversations about the most consequential issues we face today with guests that are on the vanguard of their respective disciplines.

Podcast listeners have a median age of 34 years — younger than that of broadcast radio (where the median age is 47 years) and network television (57 years). The percentage of monthly podcast listeners in the 12-to-34-age category grew from 27 percent in 2017 to 49 percent in 2020.

Indeed, these numbers will keep growing. Podcasting is booming. With this project, we aim to expand EAI’s reach especially to a younger demographic. It will also strengthen our ability to promptly engage with and drive the news cycle.

You can watch EAI’s “Dialogues with Meg Hansen” on YouTubeVimeo, and Facebook and listen to the episodes on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. The first episode drops on Monday, February 21.

Meg Hansen serves on the Board of the Ethan Allen Institute. She previously led a Vermont health policy think tank, and ran for state-level public office in 2020.

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2 thoughts on “Ethan Allen Institutes launches new video podcast ‘Dialogues with Meg Hansen’

  1. Now we’re talking.

    Today, I’m speaking as one who was trained in advertising management. If the EAI wants to play a major role in our conservative resurgence, it should put out as many carefully prepared (and not necessarily extemporaneous) 5–10-minute videos as it can afford, published at least here on TNR and on VDC, with political candidates choosing one topic at a time on which to elaborate.

    And if folks like Paul Dame, chair of the republican party, wants to be proactive, he should fundraise for this effort.

    For example, this video interview with Ms. Hansen and Rob Roper, on Covid, while two or three times longer than it should be, gives voters an excellent perception of Ms. Hansen’s point of view. And the more we see of these interviews, the more likely the candidates are to get their points across to voters.

    But again, one candidate at a time, one topic at a time, 5-10 minutes each max. Clear, concise, and forthright.

    • And then readers can comment, express their points of view, and critque the perspectives of others. It’s a win-win for the media, for the candidate, and, most importantly, for we the people.

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