Ericka Redic: We need to restore integrity, transparency and accountability to government

This commentary is by Ericka Redic, of Burlington. She is running for U.S. House as a Libertarian.

American citizens need and deserve three things from government: Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability.  Without these three key elements as a foundation, all policies, services, and supports inevitably become inefficient and ineffective.

I know this because I’ve spent much of the last 20 years working in the accounting field with individuals, small businesses, multi-million-dollar non-profits, and government agencies. Innovation and adaptability are essential to any organization if it is to remain efficient and able to serve the needs of its customers.  Otherwise, their customers go somewhere else.

Ericka Redic

Ericka Redic

Not so with the government.  Government has no reason to innovate.  It is not incentivized to run a lean budget or maximize efficiency.  It doesn’t have to. Why? Because in the name of kindness and generosity, government can demand more and more of its citizen’s hard-earned income. However, history shows that money alone cannot correct social woes.

The fact is, we don’t have a money problem as much as we have a culture problem. We no longer instill the values of selflessness and community in our young people. For generations we have been told that each of us is the center of the universe and everything we do should be toward the goal of “feeling good.” We prioritize personal pleasure over duty and responsibility.

Too often, after creating another new government program intended to “help” people, we pat ourselves on the back and turn away. Yet those in need aren’t served by new or bloated bureaucracy, they need community and human compassion.

As Americans we’re happy to contribute to the welfare of those in need. We know good schools, sound bridges, and the protection of fire and police departments cost money.  But let’s face it – We would have more resources available for all those needs if Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability are restored to our government.

Integrity: You need to trust that I will tell you the truth about

  • What is going on in Washington,
  • Why I make the decisions I do,
  • Along with the framework I use for decision making.

You ought to be able to count on your Representatives being consistent and responsive to inquiry.

First Year Plan: Initiate Bill to implement term limits for Federal officials.  Congress was meant to have consistent turn over and be responsive to the people.  With people being in office for 10, 20 and even 48 years, politicians are incentivized to focus on getting reelected, rather than doing what is right for the American people.  It’s easy to win re-election when you promise lobbyists that you will provide them with taxpayer dollars.

Transparency: Rigorous Honesty is more than a campaign slogan.  I am committed to telling you the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.  You deserve that from your Representatives and the agencies that serve you.  The rules must be clear and understandable as should what Uncle Sam is doing with your money and resources.

First Year Plan: Single Issue Bills.  This means no more 10,000-page omnibus spending packages that no one reads, filled with payouts to campaign donors.  Each appropriation or law must be on a separate bill and voted on individually, by roll call vote.

Accountability: Most elected or appointed officials never experience the consequences of their decisions.  They are insulated from the sky-rocketing gas prices, inflation, baby formula shortages, dangerous overseas conflicts, crime rate spiking, increased over-dose deaths, and all the other ills we are suffering – Most of which arise from bad government policy.  As Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

First Year Plan: Balanced Budget Bill.  The Federal government is too big and too inefficient to serve the needs of its customers – the American people.  Real world businesses can’t operate that way. Real people can’t support their families or households that way, and if they tried to, they would be bankrupted – maybe prosecuted for fraud. Government can and does only because it’s playing with your money – not theirs. We need to pare down the budget to eliminate waste, fraud, and just plain government excess; and return your hard-earned labor back into your bank account.

If what I’ve written here makes sense to you, if you feel it in your gut that our beautiful state and wonderful nation are headed for trouble if we don’t correct the course of events, I urge you to consider me as your next representative in congress. Give me the chance to show I’m worthy of your vote.

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  1. Repeal the 17th Amendment to restore the term limits originally in the constitution by having the state legislatures appoint the senators to congress.

  2. Ericka don’t start with a term limits bill. The others will hate you for that and they will give you the Ron Paul treatment.

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