Dr. Sandy Reider: Vaccination will confer no benefit to children

This commentary, originally published October 25, 2021, is by Dr. Sandy Reider, of Lyndonville. It is republished here now because of its foresight on COVID vaccines for small children. On June 17, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children down to 6 months of age, despite the fact that only 209 kids under age 4 have died from COVID, and half as many toddlers were hospitalized with COVID in 2020-2021 as were hospitalized with flu.

Putting aside the issues of the pandemic inspired, mind-numbing promotion of fear and division, ongoing scientific censorship, as well as political / economic agendas, one must ask the simple question: Are proposed mandates to administer the experimental injection to our children and youth evidence-based? Equally important, are they ethical?

Dr. Sandy Reider

The media drumbeat of “safe and effective” has been impossible to ignore. When the pandemic began over a year ago, we had no data upon which to make informed public health decisions. We now know that the risk of severe illness and death is highly dependent on age and associated health problems.

COVID-19 risk by age: The data are now available

The survival rate for unvaccinated 0-19 year-olds who may catch Covid-19 is 99.9973% (death rate 0.0027%). For 19-29 yr olds, the survival rate is 99.986% (death rate 0.014%).

Institutionalized persons older than 70, particularly those with comorbidities, have been at highest risk of death from Covid-19, with survival estimated to be 94.5% (death rate 5.5%). About 70% of all Covid-19 deaths have occurred in this age cohort. If one is older than 70 but not in an institution, your survival rate is 97.6% (death rate 2.4%).

The American children in the USA (400 children in a population of 350 million) who have tragically died with a positive Covid-19 test have been very immune compromised (cancer, organ transplant, etc.).

Every death of child is a tragedy. A sickened child with immune compromise is a tragedy. Yet vaccination will confer no benefit to children, whatsoever.

Here’s why.

Safety data now available on theses experimental shots

These Covid-19 shots are not vaccines, as they fail to fulfill the goals of vaccination: They do not prevent a vaccinated individual from becoming infected, nor do they prevent the transmission and spread of the virus in one who is vaccinated. Indeed, a vaccinated person may show few or no symptoms and is still quite capable of infecting others — and as such there will be no achievement of “herd immunity” by giving these shots, even with 100% vaccine coverage. Any mention of that goal, touted by our public health “experts” at the outset of the pandemic, has quietly disappeared from news releases, here in Vermont and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the government has vaccinated much of Vermont and the data are in on the results of this program, too.

The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS), co-managed by the CDC and FDA, is the official system the US government uses for vaccine surveillance. By reviewing the weekly updated VAERS reports (available at vaers.hhs.gov, medalerts.org, openvaers.com), it is quite clear, even with the system’s acknowledged shortcomings, that there has never in history been a drug or “vaccine” that has caused anywhere near this level of harm.

Through Oct. 8, 2021 reports have tallied 16,766 deaths, 18,000 life threatening reactions, 24,805 permanently disabled, 9,470 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis (heart inflammation) as well as other serious events, including neurological damage, anaphylaxis, heart attacks, blood clots/strokes, paralysis, miscarriage, and the list goes on.

Vermont VAERS data shows there have been 1,621 reports of adverse events thus far. Of this total, 87 are categorized as serious (i.e., life threatening, hospitalized, disabled, and/or died). Close to 23% of these serious reactions occurred in the 17-44 age group. I recently saw a mother in my office whose healthy 24-year-old son, two days after receiving his second Moderna jab, developed severe myocarditis and was rapidly placed on a heart transplant waiting list.

The CDC now openly acknowledges about 5,000 cases of myocarditis, mostly in adolescents and young men. The four Scandinavian countries have either stopped giving or no longer recommend the Moderna shot to their youth for this reason. The FDA has delayed approving Moderna’s shot in this age group as well. The UK no longer recommends Covid-19 jabs in 12-15 year olds.

Just considering the risk of heart injury alone in young men, or the risk of blood clots in young women (never mind other adverse reactions), makes the known harms of these shots greater than the risk of contracting and recovering from Covid-19. Additionally, there is zero long-term safety data for these mRNA shots, which employ an experimental genetic technology that has never been used in humans on this scale, let alone proven safe.

Many of our youth have already contracted and recovered from Covid-19, and thus now have robust and durable immunity that is far superior to what the shots provide. Immunity from natural infection has in every instance been far superior to that provided by vaccines. There are no exceptions. There is now abundant scientific evidence that this is true of Covid-19 as well. Any person, particularly a child, being injected must first be screened for already existing immunity.

RELATED: 81 Research Studies Confirm Natural Immunity to COVID ‘Equal’ or ‘Superior’ to Vaccine Immunity


It is abundantly clear that children have everything to lose and nothing to gain by getting the Covid-19 jab; the risks exceed the benefits, and some will certainly be harmed if the mandates are imposed. Medical personnel, the state, and drug companies cannot be held accountable and bear no liability at all in the event their jab kills or permanently disables. The injured person and family are left entirely on their own. The medical, financial, and emotional costs of a severe vaccine injury for families are devastating.

Children and students have already paid a high price in terms of education, social isolation, mental health, and masking, not to mention being trained to avoid and fear others. Our societal norm has always been to protect the most vulnerable, especially children and pregnant women. Is it ethical to use them as a means to protect the old and frail, particularly when that strategy has never been proven? Haven’t they sacrificed and suffered enough? This utilitarian tactic, euphemistically termed “the greater good” and employed by all authoritarian regimes, is in the final analysis quite cruel, regardless of the risk/benefit equation. Mandating Covid-19 jabs in our young can, and should, be understood to be medical abuse.

This is exactly the kind of medical experimentation that the Nuremberg Code (1947), The Declaration of Helsinki (2013), the Geneva Declaration (2017), the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (1998), and the AMA Code of Ethics were all written to prevent.

Alarmingly, the fundamental right of each person to bodily autonomy and true informed consent, without coercion, no longer seems to be valued by many doctors, politicians, and public health “authorities.”

Like so many of our human rights in this pandemic, informed consent of individuals, or parents on behalf of their minor children, has become a privilege to be granted, or suspended, at the whim of the state and the stroke of a pen. It is time to wake up.

I trust that the school boards everywhere will keep the wellbeing and health of their students as their first and only priority.

Dr. Sandy Reider practiced family medicine and emergency medicine in Vermont from 1972-1985, and for the past 30 years has maintained a private medical practice in northern Vermont. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1971, and completed his medical internship at the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont.

35 thoughts on “Dr. Sandy Reider: Vaccination will confer no benefit to children

  1. Spike in adverse effects, miscarriages and deaths is not just here but everywhere around the world with high “vaccine” uptake. Personally i know 3 people that died shortly after taking the mrna shots and no one that has died from covid. I also personally know three additional individuals suffering from pericarditis after recent boosters. The world economic forum has said our global population is unsustainable and needs to be reduced in an equitable fassion. Killing/maiming and sterilizing people with shots, ensuring access to full term abortions, genitalia mutilation surgeries and wrong sex homones for children, promoting non-heterosexual relationships, villanizing faith believers as “white Christian nationalists”, fear mongering “climate change”, bill gates reducing access to agricultural lands and nutrition, etc., etc. are all methods to cull our global population. Its Orwellien, its sick, its wrong and its satanic but i beleive this is what is happening. If you like the shots, great. Get another. You’ll be “fully protected ” for about three weeks. Dont worry about what its doing to your immune system, your heart, your lungs, your gonads and your brain.

  2. Thank you so very, very much Dr. Reider!! The data demonstrated from very early in this pandemic that children were at extremely low risk of death or serious illness from COVID-19, and it has never made medical sense to inject them. It also makes no sense to quarantine the healthy instead of the vulnerable. And you are correct that basic constitutional liberties have been flippantly jettisoned in panicked obedience to bunk, politicized science. It is criminal to administer these drugs to children, and there must be accountability for the vaccine harms thus far inflicted.

  3. If the vaccines worked, then we’d be seeing cases, hospitalizations, and deaths lower than before the vaccines were rolled out.

    We’re not seeing this at all. Look up Vermont Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths on VTDigger.

    What part of ‘useless and dangerous vaccines’ don’t we get? The part about blinding groupthink that keeps us focused on the mantras of ‘stay safe’ and ‘we’re all in this together’ without looking up and asking, ‘what is this, that we’re all in together? or, ‘why aren’t these vaccines keeping us safe’?

    It’s right there in front of us, in ‘the data.’ Yes, we’re all back to normal, for the most part, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the vaccines: we can see this in the data. It has more to do with the fact that the TV isn’t blasting 24/7 Covid at us anymore, and we’re all tired of living life like the worst thing that could happen to us is that we might get a bad case of the flu. And, the Democrats want to maintain their ‘we know what’s best for everyone else’ power in Washington so want to pretend that their health policies are a success.

    The Covid vaccines were rolled out in December, 2020. So what’s wrong with the graphs that VTDigger shows us on cases, hospitalizations, and deaths? If you were a scientist, what would you conclude? That the vaccines had a magnificent impact, that they had minimal impact, or that they had no impact at all? What would you see just from looking at ‘the data’? You’d say: there is zero indication that the Covid vaccines had any impact on cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. See for yourselves. Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have risen, not fallen, since the vaccine rollouts, and in fact in January, 2022– after most of us had been vaccinated– we had a huge spike in cases and deaths. This is ‘the data.’

    An interview with a PA tells us what she’s seeing in terms of vaccine injuries. The mainstream media won’t touch this with a ten-foot pole. https://originalrebel.net/2021/09/21/whistleblower-deborah-conrad-senior-pa-c-describes-the-pushback-from-her-hospital-on-reporting-covid19-vaccines-side-effect-to-vaers/

    What’s happening is criminal. To give these shots to our children when there’s zero indication of efficacy– in terms of real-life reduction of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths– is criminal. It’s insane. Yet blinded by groupthink and blind trust in the CDC, we march on, unthinking, unseeing, and willing to subject our children to completely useless and dangerous vaccines. This is insane, and it’s insane that Dr. Levine is promoting useless and dangerous vaccines, still.


    • This isn’t about what the CDC or FDA say, and it’s not about what Dr. Levine or Dr. Fauci say.

      This is about we, the people, and what these vaccines are doing to we, the people. If the authorities don’t like it, they can jump in a lake and swim to the other side and don’t come back.


  4. Wow, this retrospective article is a great review of the absolute criminal debacle foisted on the public by the medical community. Some of these older comments are a real education in how critical information can be hidden or manipulated so that the outcome will be interpreted as something which really is true when it is absolutely false.

    We are just beginning to deal with the sordid effects of the Covid-19 “vaccines” now, the future prospects are even worse.

    And yet our medical professionals are still acting like a flock of blind sheep, dutifully following their herder’s commands and ignoring the reality around them.

    Concerned parents should watch Geert Vanden Bossche about NEVER vaccinating your children with the Covid-19 MRNA. See Don’t vaccinate your children with covid-vaccines! Ever!:

    • I should be clear in that Geert Vanden Bossche is a well known vaccinologist who is explaining the difference between live attenuated vaccines and the experimental MRNA gene therapy drugs.
      Watch the video, I’m sure that most MD’s are not aware of the difference or consequences.

  5. We should note that on October 29, 2021, “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 to include children 5 through 11 years of age,” according to their press release. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-authorizes-pfizer-biontech-covid-19-vaccine-emergency-use-children-5-through-11-years-age

    Let’s note that this is EUA, not “approval;” let’s also note that this statement clearly identifies the BioNTech vaccine as under EUA, and that the only thing they’ve done is extend the EUA to children. Further down in the press release is confirmation that this vaccine is EUA, and not FDA approved: “The FDA has determined this Pfizer vaccine has met the criteria for emergency use authorization.” Let’s also note that the only Pfizer vaccine approved by the FDA for Covid-19 is the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine, and that the FDA has instead given EUA to the non-approved Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. Why would they do that? Is it because there are huge liability issues once a vaccine is approved by the FDA, and those issues don’t hold under EUA? So then is it really true that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved by the FDA, or is this doublespeak since there is no Pfizer vaccine in use in the US that has FDA approval?

    Why would the FDA choose to give our children the un-approved BioNTech vaccine instead of the approved Comirnaty vaccine? Is such a move in the best interests of our children?

    “It is mandatory for Pfizer Inc. and vaccination providers to report to any serious adverse events, cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome and cases of COVID-19 that result in hospitalization or death in vaccinated individuals,” further states the press release. Yet we have numerous reports that this isn’t being done, and if we inquire of our hospitals what systems they’ve set up to ensure that all serious adverse events after Covid vaccination are reported (remember, these are experimental and are NOT approved by the FDA, so monitoring them should be high priority) we know the answer we’d get: none. Nothing at all. In fact, many hospitals are preventing employees from filing VAERS reports.

    So great idea: let’s give this un-approved, un-monitored vaccine to our children, too. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe if we just pretend that this vaccine is approved and is being carefully monitored– yes, that’s it. Let’s just pretend. Let’s do this for our children.

    • Jim, Its all about compliance, nothing more. I for one, as well as my wife, have never believed the garbage coming from the Government or “health authority” bodies and have had no shots, no masks and after going out in the world regularly we are as healthy today as 3 yrs ago.( Actually without them, (VT healthcare and regulations) we are happier and healthier) . “We are from the Government and we are here to help”. that is the same kind killing statements made by the NAZI’s that “it will make you safe. ( referring to them being forcibly put onto trains to deathcamps). Too much is now out about how these shots kill, give you AIDS or better yet make you sterile. AND if that does not scare the bejesus out of you we have MONKEY POX a problem mostly again related to gay men’s promiscuous multi partner sex. So says real science. I can’t make up stuff like that.

  6. Where do I begin with this comment dealing with the multiple issues with this commentary? Too much but here are some major issues:

    1. The COVID-19 shots are vaccines and do fulfill the definition of a vaccination “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease” (CDC). The COVID-19 vaccines absolutely do produce protection from COVID-19. The latest research shows that vaccinated individuals are less likely to catch COVID-19 and spread the virus. I am not sure why the author has made up goals that have never been applied to other vaccines like the flu which has a much lower efficacy rate.

    2.The author makes a common mistake of what the VAERS system is. VAERS is simply a reporting system, it is not a causation system. Anyone can report anything to VAERS however that does not mean that vaccines caused anything. A correlation does not mean a causation and rigorous statistical analysis is required to find linkages. This was actually done and found for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and extremely rate blood clots in certain women (15 cases total).

    3. The author continuously conflates reported injury data for large age groups and deaths for the vaccines but never does this for the virus. You can’t compare injury rates of VAERS vs death rates of COVID-19 and call that a win for your argument. The author does not mention what the rate of COVID-9 induced myocarditis for the concerned age group. The author is also missing a key data point: what is the injury (not death) rate of children who have gotten COVID-19?

    4. A simple search of the VAERS database also shows that there are only 2,224 reported cases of myocarditis (1,337 for 0-29). Seems like their data is not correct and therefore the assumptions should be checked again.

    This commentary comes across as politically charged and dishonest.

    • We have whistleblowers in the medical profession saying that the CDC and FDA are ignoring reports of vaccine harms and aren’t investigating these, and that hospitals are refusing to submit reports of harms from vaccines through the VAERS system, which isn’t supposed to determine causation: it’s supposed to alert to safety signals that would need to be investigated for potential vaccine causation (which the CDC and FDA aren’t doing.)

      This is an example of one report from a physician: https://aaronsiri.substack.com/p/whistleblower-fda-and-cdc-ignore

      As it is, hospital personnel are now being actively trained not to report adverse events after vaccination. The reason to report any and all adverse events after vaccination isn’t to assign blame but simply, as part of due diligence for experimental and unapproved products, to see if patterns emerge. Instead of due diligence, medical personnel are being trained to ignore adverse events after vaccination, and to either say harms are a medical mystery or, per the mantra of “safe and effective,” to simply deny any connection.

      Reports of adverse events after vaccination with Covid vaccines have skyrocketed in the VAERS system, even though these reports are time-consuming to fill out and it seems that many hospitals don’t bother.

      • Agreed on what the reporting system is supposed to be, which is why I pointed the issue of the authot using it for something else.

        So we have one doctor per your source who shared their experience. I don’t see anything else supporting the idea that adverse events are not being reported. In addition, the idea that the FDA/CDC doesn’t care about safety seems to fall apart considering J&J was suspended for a linked adverse event. If the government, hospitals, and multiple other actors are hiding adverse events, why was J&J suspended?

        • I don’t think Dr. Reider was using VAERS for anything else except to point out a clear safety signal.

          Here are more links to medical personnel pointing out harms from vaccines, including one Vermont nurse:





          So let’s consider that it might work like this: the CDC and FDA tell medical personnel that vaccines are safe, medical personnel therefore dismiss claims of harms and refuse to report them because in their minds this lends fuel to “anti-vaxxers,” which is a misnomer because most people opposed to any vaccine program simply want safe, rational vaccines and an accounting for vaccine harms.

          Just because J&J was suspended doesn’t mean that other harms from other vaccines are also being closely monitored and that the authorities will step in at a moment’s notice to prevent undue harms. It appears that the opposite is happening, according to testimonies from doctors and nurses: due diligence for these Covid vaccines is being ignored. Part of this is understandable: many believe that the vaccines are the way out of Covid and yes, some people may be harmed, but overall this is the greatest good.

          However, I invite you to balance that thinking against the clear evidence that we have other ways out of Covid-19, the most famous of which is ivermectin. https://covid19criticalcare.com/ There’s absolutely no doubt that we have a clear signal of efficacy and safety with regard to Covid-19, yet this drug is being suppressed mightily. This alone tells us something is deeply wrong with our medical community. This is not conspiracy theory: this is fact. The evidence is right in front of us, it is overwhelming, and it is damning.

          The rational way out of Covid-19 is to vaccinate those at highest risk, and have the rest of the population, at low risk from Covid-19, take the Math+ protocol developed by the FLCCC, or some similar protocol. Anyone else who wants the vaccines is welcome to take them, but no coerced vaccination. We could’ve ended this pandemic many months ago if we had followed the data and the science, but instead we stubbornly ignored the data and the science and have followed a blind, “vaccines are the only true path” doctrine, which is making billions for the drug companies but is now threatening to put our youngest population at risk for these experimental vaccines whose long-term effects are unknown.

          • The other possibility is that adverse events are being monitored and they haven’t found any. I’m still not seeing anything but anecdotes and correlation. Until there is evidence linking vaccines and actual harm then it’s just mere speculation.

            Got a study about ivermectin for COVID-19?

          • The old Faucian trick, eh? It’s just “anecdotal.” The evidence is very clear from the links I’ve provided: it doesn’t matter whether the vaccines are linked to the adverse events or not, the whole point of any safety monitoring is to report ALL adverse events after vaccination. This isn’t being done.

            Ivermectin: https://covid19criticalcare.com/

            There are plenty of studies. The above site can link you to them.

      • Please cite your source for this nonsense of medical personnel being trained to NOT report ADR’s of the vaccine. Secondly, ANYONE can report adverse effects, one doesn’t need to be a medical professional, and thousands of people do report stuff that most likely had nothing to do with the vaccine

        • Carl,

          If you read the links I provided, above, to whistle-blowing medical personnel, then you might understand that reporting to VAERS is an anomaly in the medical profession. This fact is well-known to those familiar with VAERS.

          Yes, anyone can report to VAERS. No, that doesn’t mean that vaccines cause anything. But if we have an astronomical rise in VAERS reports, as we do after these Covid vaccines, then to most rational minds that would be a red flag and call for more investigation. Instead, according to whistleblowers, adverse events after the Covid vaccines are being ignored.

          This doesn’t mean that doctors and nurses aren’t good, decent folk doing what they think is right. It’s simply that many trust the CDC and FDA and don’t ask too many questions, whereas the CDC and FDA and other medical agencies have by now been almost completely corrupted and do what the money tells them to; the money is in big pharma.

          The corruption of medical science may be news to you, but it isn’t news at all. Medical journal editors and practicing physicians have been complaining about this for years. Essays have been published and books have been written about it. Here is one of the most famous of those books, written by a physician and former assistant editor of the New England Journal of Medicine: https://www.amazon.com/Truth-About-Drug-Companies-Deceive/dp/0375760946

          Marcia Angell (author of the above) has also famously said that most medical research can’t be trusted; this sentiment was echoed by Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, and more recently by one of the most famous medical scientists in the world, John Ioannidis, who, when he then said the same thing about Covid pandemic research (namely, that we aren’t following good data) has since been ignored.

          To understand the state of medicine today, all you have to do is look at the evidence for ivermectin in the treatment of Covid versus what our medical authorities tell us. That tells you everything you need to know.

    • Clearly have a dog in this race and part of the Medical Industrial Complex – Pharma and Vaccine Dept and pretty sure a physician or other primary care individual currently failing to report as all who do are essentially admitting to crimes against humanity. Hot under the collar much, whatever little conscience you may have starting to get a little bruised lol.

      What you are saying is patently false and ridiculously untrue and I’d like to see reliably-sourced links to each assertion for your ‘information’, absent these I for one will assume you are lying, and could disprove them all.

      All sources for this story are sourced using official numbers which are drastically lower than the actual numbers reported by whistleblowers given under oath.

      Clinical trials take 14 yrs – so it’s under EUA. According to Nuremberg Code humans cannot be used for medical experiments – Tony Mengele notwithstanding.

      In animal experiments on cats and ferrets – they all died when exposed to Covid and so will vaccinees which is already happening. Human testing subjects became gravely and seriously ill.

    • Actually it is you who are doing the politically charging and dishonest. You tell people to look at info the CDC has admitted it does not look at nor looked at over the last 2+ years. ANY shot that kills and maims that many people is in pretty much all cases, pulled off the market. AND there are no other shots that took a special law to make them immune from liability for the DEATH SHOT. You have been watching too much MSM and have drunk the kool aid. Jim Jones and Adolf Hitler would be proud. You are part of the team!

    • 1. Incorrect. You fail to mention that last year the CDC conveniently changed its definition of a vaccine. Formerly “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease,” it now reads, “A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” https://web.archive.org/web/20210826113846/https:/www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/imz-basics.htm and https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/imz-basics.htm

      Further, the statutory definition of a vaccine, according to 26 U.S. Code § 4132, is “any substance designed to be administered to a human being for the prevention of 1 or more diseases.” Prevention means immunity.

      There are scores of studies that show the vaccine doesn’t stop the virus, and now doesn’t even stop hospitalizations (if it ever did). Two-thirds of Vermont’s cases and hospitalizations in 2022 are in the FULLY VACCINATED: https://geodata.vermont.gov/datasets/13db4a47cb084c1c8b2226fd7ab7a160_0/explore

      2. Correct that VAERS does not prove causation. But considering the fact that adverse events, including death, already far exceed the combined total for all vaccines combined since 1990, such data cannot be dismissed with a wave of the hand as background statistical noise or “background rates.” It is also a federal offense to falsify a VAERS report, and over 80% of reports are filed by health care professionals.

      3. Deaths from the virus are not the same as deaths WITH the virus, which is the number that is always highlighted. And here again the CDC changed the rules. On March 24, 2020, it suddenly updated its ICD coding guidelines for registering deaths—departing from the longstanding guidelines listed in the CDC’s Medical Examiner’s and Coroner’s Handbook that were in use for nearly two decades—effectively inverting the role of co-morbidities in reporting cause of death. Read the study here: https://jdfor2020.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/adf864_165a103206974fdbb14ada6bf8af1541.pdf

      4. “Only 2,224 reported cases.” You might want to check how that compares to other vaccines and other years. https://openvaers.com/covid-data/myo-pericarditis

      Expert TV watching produces the kind of thinking that runs through your comment. Unfortunately you are woefully behind on the real science and the real harms that people have suffered—extensively documented but largely censored. But it’s there for those with eyes to see: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DczVUPjOli3J4rHHtvRzh94NVT74x0kM/view

  7. Was forced medication the goal in the first place? This is the ultimate form of power and control over individuals.
    Is that why hospitals are being purged of dissenters? So that there will be no one to defend those who don’t comply?
    Is that why safe and effective treatments for Covid-19 have been suppressed?
    Is this why children are being targeted with unnecessary and dangerous vaccines, which will no doubt lead to school mandates?
    Is that why states have been slowly removing philosophical and religious exemptions to childhood vaccines?
    It’s starting to look very, very ugly.

  8. Giving a untested shot to children for no benefit to them is pure insanity.. and should
    be criminal..If it was a vaccine that prevented a virus it might hold merit but the jab
    isn’t a vaccine by any previous definition… (the cdc recently had to change the def of vaccine because the jab didn’t fulfill any of the criteria) and it doesn’t prevent the spread of the chynaCrud so there’s no need for them to be vax’ed..

    The only benefit is billions more to the pharmaceutical industrial complex and the stock holders in congress…
    Save the Children from the JAB…

    • Continuing to call them “untested shot” is dishonest. All three vaccines went through clinical trials, risk/benefit assessment, and full FDA approval.

      • No, they did not receive full FDA approval: none of the shots used in the US has been approved by the FDA.

        You may be confusing the FDA approval of the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine with the non-approval of the original Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. The Comirnaty vaccine isn’t used in the US; the BioNTech vaccine is. However, in a confusing bait-and switch, it appears that the FDA has approved the “Cominarty” version of BioNTech but not the original BioNTech, and is rebranding the (new) BioNTech as Cominarty (???) even though the original BioNTech is not approved. As stated in an analysis,

        “The FDA has apparently tried to deceive people by issuing its two confusing letters without proper explanation. Despite the FDA’s sleight of hand, there is currently no FDA approved COVID shot available in the United States.” https://lc.org/newsroom/details/082721-fda-does-a-bait-and-switch-with-covid-shots If you get a Pfizer vaccine in the US, you are not getting Comirnaty.

        Here is part of footnote #9 from an October 20, 2021 letter from the FDA: “In the August 23, 2021 revision, FDA clarified that, subsequent to the FDA approval of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for the prevention of COVID-19 for individuals 16 years of age and older, this EUA would remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses. It also authorized COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved biologics license application (BLA).”

        Note well: “… this EUA would remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses.”

        • Yup you are absolutely correct and I wqs wrong. I thought that the other two had received FDA approval but they are still under EUA.

          I guess I’m confused. From the FDA website:

          “On August 23, 2021, the FDA approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty, for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older.”. Sounds like a name change, not a different vaccine. Thoughts?

          • Yes, my thought is that why couldn’t the FDA come out with a straight and clear message: the Pfizer vaccine currently in use in the US, the BioNTech, is still under EUA.

            The two versions of the Pfizer vaccine are supposedly medically the same but legally different: one, with full FDA approval, carries more liabilities because of this, but the other, supposedly medically “the same,” carries virtually no liabilities because it’s EUA.

            Why the funny dance? To many of us, it sounds like the trick is to make the population think that the Pfizer vaccine in use has FDA approval and therefore can be mandated, since it’s not longer EUA. So OK, we have mandates popping up all over the place, but now suppose we find that these vaccines have harms that were unforeseen? (Or, suppose adverse events snowball and become too many to ignore? Especially if we’re so dumb as to mandate these for children.) Too bad: they’re EUA, you’re on your own. No liability. And, we even told you that the “old” BioNTech was EUA, didn’t we?

            If you think I’m being overly cynical about this, no, I’m not. I’ve seen too much, and I know how this game is played. It’s a sick system. The true path is safe, effective drugs that would’ve saved tens of thousands of lives, but were actively and deliberately suppressed so that we could institute a system of forced medication on the population, with never-ending vaccine boosters because don’t you know, these coronaviruses mutate like crazy? Billions for the drug companies, a population dependent on never-ending boosters and vaccine passports, and freedom, decency, compassion, common sense, authentic science, and plain-old goodness thrown in the trash heap.

            You on board with that?

          • You do remember that this vaccine was developed and mass purchased during the Trump administration. It’s his vaccine and he continues to tell people to get vaccinated

          • Carl,

            This isn’t political.

            Although I have many reservations about the Covid vaccines, I accept what I hear from many physicians who are opposed to over-vaccinating the population with these vaccines: vaccinate only those at high-risk from Covid. So I accept that these vaccines can be useful.

            However, when we start talking about vaccinating young people who are at very low risk from serious Covid, then it starts to sound like insanity, especially when we couple the use of these vaccines– all still under EUA– with the huge rise in VAERS reports and whistle-blowing medical personnel telling us that serious adverse events from these vaccines are being ignored.

            Our Covid policy is insane. Start using safe, cheap, repurposed drugs to control Covid rather than injecting entire populations with experimental drugs whose long-term effects– with yearly boosters that’ll be necessary– are unknown. It makes no sense. For older, high-risk individuals, OK, it makes some sense. Not for our children.

      • Christian, THEY ARE NOT FDA APPROVED! There has only been EUA granted which is a far cry from FDA approval.

    • Looks like the VT DOH is trying to twist the narrative and getting questions and providing ‘answers’ that don’t pass the straight-face test – and you haven’t helped your cause.

  9. We can be thankful there are professionals like Dr. Reider speaking out. But, too many doctors are silent.

    Doctors have no special ethical sense– they’re human like the rest of us. They have significant medical education but that makes them no experts on ethics and on what’s good and right and true. In fact, they can botch it badly, as they did when they advocated for lobotomies and for forced sterilization. Many were full, willing participants in the Nazi euthanasia programs, which preceded the mass exterminations, and they were full, willing participants in the exterminations, which couldn’t have taken place without their complicity. They were willing participants because they bought into the ‘master race’ and eugenics thinking of their time and instead of putting individual self-determination and informed consent to medication– and compassion– first, they put dogma and doctrine first. They failed this particular real-world ethics exam, badly.

    So it’s especially shameful when we now hear our medical professionals advocate for vaccinating children against Covid, which is sheer madness since the risk/reward equation is so skewed. It’s especially shameful when we see hospitals on the very front lines of firing people for refusing compliance with their vaccine mandates. Hospitals are on the very front lines of disregarding informed consent to medication without punishment or penalty, a cornerstone of medical ethics if ever there was one.

    This is even more egregiously and inexcusably shameful when we have safe, effective early treatments for Covid that the medical profession, as a whole, is suppressing. Why? Because they are being obedient to unseen, dark authorities who are making them understand that the way forward is compliance, not resistance.

    These supposedly-enlightened medical professionals, who believe they know what’s best for everyone and therefore can force their wills on everyone, should read “The Nazi Doctors” by Robert Jay Lifton. https://www.amazon.com/Nazi-Doctors-Medical-Psychology-Genocide/dp/0465093396 This is a profound and deeply disturbing book, and I have a confession: it’s so dark and that I can’t finish it. Yet, it’s completely relevant to what’s happening today with this utterly immoral push by the medical community itself– the medical community!– to throw informed consent in the trash can. History is repeating itself. It wasn’t pretty then, and make no mistake, no matter how enlightened we think we are, how righteous, how decent and good and helpful, there’s no way in hell it will be pretty this time, either.

    The evil of throwing out informed consent to medication far, far outweighs the “evil” of people making decisions for themselves. The contest isn’t even close. One can make a strong case that throwing out informed consent to medication is the greatest evil, period: Lifton’s book sheds so much light on this that’s it hard to look. And yet, here we are, and we’re being led into this evil by none other than the medical community itself.

    As Dr. Reider said, it is indeed time to wake up.

  10. “Breakthrough cases should also be analyzed as a proportion of the total vaccinated population. Over the two-week reporting period, cases occurred in 244 out of 100,000 vaccinated Vermonters. That’s compared to 1,085 out of 100,000 people who are not fully vaccinated or whose vaccination status is unknown.”

    Beware Vermont statisticians. When comparing the number of infections and deaths of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated on a proportionate basis (e.g. deaths per 100,000), Vermont State officials persistently list the cohorts as ‘vaccinated’ and ‘unvaccinated or unknown’. That means if the State doesn’t know the status of a victim at the time of death, the death is automatically assumed to be unvaccinated. If the State wanted to be accurate, it would create three cohorts, vaccinated, unvaccinated, and unknown. And then adjust the data as the status is determined.

  11. It is beyond my limited comprehension that Governor Scott, his cabinet and particularly Dr. Mark Levine continue the dogma of vax for all. There’s some really smart people working for Scott, I cannot believe that none of them question the policies enacted, both federal and state. Every vaccine carries risk- and weighing that risk against the disease it’s meant to counter is an obligation of Health Care Providers, and the Vermont Department of Health. As Dr. Reider writes, the risk/benefit associated with these experimental gene therapies is far beyond the normal risk level associated with traditional vaccines.
    What then is the motive of these public officials to push so hard for this vaccine? Public health? Based on Dr. Reider’s reporting of the Vermont VAERS data, it appears that it’s only a matter of time before a death occurs from vaccination in the 0-19 age group, with a continued zero deaths from or with SARS-CoV-2. Dr. Reider’s assessment of the ethics surrounding these apparently political decrees is correct and truly alarming. That politicians and Medical Professionals consider the current state of medical ethics satisfactory is frightening. I could not ever allow my child to be injected with any of these treatments- the unknown risks of the “cure” far outweigh the twenty seven one thousandths of one percent (.0027%) chance of death to that age group- actually, here in Vermont it is a zero percent chance of death.
    As your school jumps at the requirement to “vaccinate”, and it will- be very sure that you as the parent are very accurate in your assessment of the risks. Your child’s life depends on it.

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