Diesel, regular gas hit new record highs

By Casey Harper | The Center Square

Diesel and regular gasoline prices hit a new all-time high Tuesday as they continue their rapid climb in recent weeks.

Diesel, up to $5.78 per gallon, has hit a new record almost every day this month.

Regular unleaded gas continued to extend its record, reaching $5.02 nationally. Several states have surpassed the $5 mark, and many are drawing nearer every day.

California leads the nation by far with the highest prices. On Tuesday, the average price for unleaded gas in California was $6.44. Georgia has the lowest prices at $4.49 per gallon.

Recent polling shows many Americans are cutting back on driving and summer vacation plans because of higher costs.

Republicans have hammered Democrats on gas prices, which have soared since President Joe Biden took office.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., took to Twitter, writing, “When the people in charge won’t produce more oil, put criminals in jail or enforce our immigration laws you end up with historic gas prices, a violent crime wave & a border crisis.”

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Chris Yarzab

2 thoughts on “Diesel, regular gas hit new record highs

  1. This is what you get when you have an illegitimate administration running the country,
    what a feckless commander in chief !!

    Senile Joe, is going over to Saudi Arabia and he’ll be ” begging ” for more oil production
    when the US has more oil in the ground than the Saudis and they’ll be laughing all the
    way ……………. the US begging !!

    Joe thinks you need a car that has a battery from ” China ” that will be charged from a
    petroleum or coal power plant………. fools in charge, and we have the biggest.

    • Pres Trump told us this would happen. There was so much fraud happening even here in Vermont. My husband who died 18 yrs ago got a mail-in ballot. I called and wrote to Sec of state Jim Condo and he wouldn’t even respond and wouldn’t even sign the registered letter I sent him.

      Gas prices I’ve seen are $5.09 and up. and it’s going to get worse…and that fake in the WH said the economy is better than 4 yrs ago, jobs are at an all-time high. Don’t know what planet he’s living on. He doesn’t pay for anything. Before dummy moved in the WH it cost me $20.00 to fill my car now it’s over $55.00

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