‘Defund the Police’ movement emboldened criminals across nation, GOP state AGs say

By Kaylee Greenlee

Republican state attorneys general discussed the previous 100 days of protests across the country on a call hosted by the Republican Attorneys General Association on Wednesday.

Attorneys general from Georgia, Arkansas and Florida said that Democratic leaders took too long to denounce the violent incidents and that officials should support the police rather than defund the police.

“The ‘defund the police’ movement has emboldened criminals across the nation, and anyone who does not condemn this movement is helping to turn America into a lawless society,” Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, the vice-chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association, said on the call.

“We must focus on restoring law and order, ending lawlessness, and ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe,” he added.

“I think it is critically important that every elected official in this nation draw a line between peaceful protests and rioting,” Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr said. “Protesters use words, rioters use violence. The first is protected by the first amendment, and the other is outright lawless.”

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said she was shocked to see what she described as officials abandoning their oaths to protect communities for a political agenda. She said that leaders are working against police by defunding their departments and refusing to prosecute protesters and rioters responsible for criminal acts.

“I am repeatedly outraged to see so many elected officials around our country that have taken oaths to the citizens that trusted them … I have been shocked to see them abandon their oaths and responsibilities to meet some carefully crafted, albeit dangerously misplaced political goal,” Moody said.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said that it would be “ludicrous” and “dangerous” to defund the police. “We must defend the police rather than defund the police,” she added.

Rutledge claimed that protesters and rioters were paid, though she would not provide evidence beyond saying that she was told “at a security briefing” that that was the case.

She said that during the riots in Little Rock, Arkansas, pallets of bricks were put out ahead of time. She also said that she saw protesters in Washington, D.C. “coming out of some of the nicest hotels” and that they were being “shipped in by buses” across the country.

Rutledge said that if post-election violence were to occur, local and state authorities already share intelligence and would be prepared.

The Republican Attorneys General Association is asking every attorney general to denounce violence and destruction, the organization announced in a press release Wednesday.

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3 thoughts on “‘Defund the Police’ movement emboldened criminals across nation, GOP state AGs say

  1. Defund police and create even more chaos?
    Why not defund firemen as well?
    These hooligans are insane?

    Looting, burning, killing, defacing, all unchecked by any law enforcement?
    Violently cancel US culture by ANTIFA?

    Is that the Dem/Prog hidden platform to get elected, and then really put the screws to the US economy, rejoin Paris, all in the name of saving the world from climate change?

  2. We owe a lot of gratitude right now to the many men and women that have dedicated their lives to making sure we kept our Second Amendment Right to bear arms intact and in good shape.. it could be much better but at least we still can be armed to protect ourselves, our family, our property and businesses.
    It’s becoming very clear now that the government we are robbed to fund has really left us high and dry- and then created very dangerous situations. In many places now you dial 911 and no one is coming.

    It looks like all the people that tried to tell us The Founders intended that our guns be used for deer hunting are kinda wrong- as we all knew.

    The Democrats have driven America down to a very unsafe place today and the Mushball Republicans (many of them fake liars) allowed this to happen.
    And then, the icing on the whole sunken cake is this idea to defund the police- at a time when we need them the most.

    As a Christian, I firmly believe God will sort them all out in the end- if we can’t get it done first.

    • 911 = 9mm (not my first choice) + 10 rnd mag + 1 (in chamber) = + Training + Practice

      Remember in November to identify and — vote out the “Mushballs” — and be prepared to participate, if necessary, in the sorting.

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