Deb Billado: What the Democrats want for Christmas

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP, who tells of a special letter she received from Santa.

One evening I was making my way home skyward over Vermont heading north when I looked down and noticed there was a warm light far below. The light was atop a hill and softly spread down into the valleys to the towns and villages. Yet, not just any light, but one that conveyed a good feeling to the people, one of security and goodness. You could tell the source was one that exhibited good will, true caring defined by things real and true. I decided to investigate further with my records on Vermont and I was both pleased and saddened at what I learned.

That warm soft comforting light I saw was the VTGOP, a political organization represented by a group of good people who want what is best for Vermont and her citizens. I see that you were chosen to be its head to steer the course, right and true, for Vermont Republicans.

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

The message coming from the Vermont Democrat Party (VDP) is one of government control and power over the people. Unlike the VTGOP message you share weekly at, their message is not inviting, holds out little hope for the future and results in many being forced for economic reasons and more, to leave their beloved Green Mountains for a brighter more inviting place.

Some of the things the Vermont Democrats want for Christmas, with delivery in January and beyond, are not only naughty but dreadful, even ghastly. Last session they led the Vermont Legislature to enshrine unrestricted abortion into Vermont’s statutory scheme that would guarantee abortion availability right up to seconds before delivery, and now they want to enshrine the same into the Vermont Constitution, bringing death to the document that gave Vermont life. They want to commercialize marijuana that has known horrifying consequences for our youth and their brains and Santa cannot countenance that! With increased impairment caused by high-potency THC, I am thankful that I can fly above the highways in my sleigh.

The VDP fails to understand why the Second Amendment is critical to the maintenance of our Republic. They are intent on making fuel costs so expensive through a “carbon tax” and other oppressive regulations and taxes that many will be unable to buy the fuel they need for maintaining life in Vermont. How will they be able to afford to heat their homes, operate their small farms, even use their cars to do grocery shopping, transporting their kids to school, the doctor or to soccer practice?

The VDP is killing economic opportunity and job creation in the state, then they pretend they care about those who are victims of their poor governance. What follows is the use of taxpayer money to create programs that foster an atmosphere of dependence, loyalty and a vote each November. Their goal is perpetual control gained through practicing a form of economic slavery. How hypocritical for these same Democrats to be pushing for an amendment to the Vermont Constitution that supposedly clarifies Vermont’s first in the nation ban on slavery, to ensure “that slavery in any form is absolutely prohibited.”

Because of all the above, the Democrats will be getting some of my special vintage carbon (lumps of coal) in their stockings. You and the VTGOP will be getting something nice in 2020. I didn’t need a list from you to know what it should be, Deb, for I know your heart! It is a gift that will keep giving year after year and it comes in your favorite color, “rosy red.”

This year reflect on the great Republican era of “Christmas Past,” and while “Christmas Present” this year might not be all you might want, after the 2020 election, “Christmas Future” will be superb. Have a “Wonderful Life,” be thankful for your good Republican Party and your ability to leave the world in better shape than when you came in.

To you, your Republican supporters, to all people of good will, and even to Vermont Democrats, a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Merry Christmas
Santa Claus
North Pole, Earth

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Public domain

25 thoughts on “Deb Billado: What the Democrats want for Christmas

  1. For the last 100 years, we have seen climate prediction go from global warming, global cooling, global warming, climate change, climate catastrophe, climate emergency, and climate collapse.
    The goal has been to scare the public and especially the children to give up their freedom and money to the powerful government.

    Instead of journalists investigating and saying how wrong previous predictions have been, they go along with the indoctrination to force the radical leftist agenda and policies on the public.

    These people all pretend they care about the poor and middle class, but the proposed policies would destroy tens of millions of jobs, would make income and wealth inequality much worse, and would make many millions more people dependent on government.

    Everyone should stop pretending Biden, Mayor Pete, Bloomberg, or any other Democrat is a moderate. They are all willing to destroy the economy and give much greater power to the government on the climate and fossil fuels.

    Here is a small sample of predictions on the climate that almost all of the media regurgitate with no questions asked:

    2019: The U.N. says we have only a few years left because of warming.
    2008, on ABC, Good Morning America. By 2015, New York City would be under water; milk would be $13 per gallon; and gasoline would be $9 per gallon. Very little of Miami would be left. (They were so close.)
    2005: After Katrina, we were told hurricanes would be more frequent and severe than ever. Instead, we had a ten-year lull in serious hurricanes hitting the U.S.
    1989: The U.N. said we only have a few years left because of warming.
    1970: First Earth Day. Billions would die soon because of global COOLING and an ice age.
    1922: AP and Washington Post: Coastal cities would soon be underwater because the ice caps have melted due to global warming.

    Here is a small sample of questions for politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, educators, Time-persons-of-the-year, and people who pretend to be journalists who are peddling the indoctrination and pushing the agenda.

    Why should we believe current predictions when previous predictions have been 100% wrong?
    What caused the floods that created oceans, lakes, and rivers over billions of years?
    What caused all the ice ages to start and stop throughout history?
    What caused the Sahara Desert to go from a lush savannah to a desert around 9,000 years ago and have a 9,000-year drought so far?
    How did so much of California become a desert?
    Why was Greenland warmer 1,000 years ago than today?
    How did we go from predicting disastrous warming in the 1920s to predicting disastrous global cooling in 1970 if rising CO2, fossil fuel use, humans, and industrialization cause warming?

    It is truly a shame that the media are willing to repeat talking points to push a radical, leftist, SOCIALISTIC agenda instead of doing their job of investigating and asking questions and telling the public the truth.

  2. The “Message” behind the message… The Real story is why they hate Trump. All of the above is good reading and it points to one thing: A Global initiative with Vermont as the experiment laboratory (fund by Soros to our corrupted “hands out” Montpelier Apes). That is where Trump steps in. Trump is “squeaky clean” and smart, a bad combination for the evil ones. MSM tries to sell Trump as “crude and rude” but that is not the case and they know it. Corrupted MSM recognizes Trump’s brand of “Guerrilla Warfare” is working and Trump is not nice about it. In 2020 if we give Trump the Army that he needs the “snide sniper” will cease and the “big guns” will come out in the form of a “cleaned house” DOJ and FBI (happening as we speak) ready to go work on doing their part on Trump’s initiative, “We, The People”… 2020 is where “the rubber meets the road” and we can either turn Vermont around or move to Arizona as the “quitters” do. The Vermont electorate can’t send a few bodies to “kick Butt” in November. It is either “everybody in” or we all lose together. We need to retire Peter and send him to the “dog pound” (he’s scared “—-” and will recruit all the “know nothings” that he can in his desperation to hang on). Done well, that will turn Vermont Red and then we’ll get Vermont back to what it once was. We can then clean up the “Looney Libbie Left” mess that makes our traditional Vermont spring “farm freshener” smell like a rose garden by comparison. Soooo…. “Sic ’em, Deb” and good on ya.

  3. The truth is the fruits of the democrat stranglehold on Vermont can already be seen, and measured. An anemic economy on life support, a zero job growth rate, sky-high taxes and punitive regulation. Add to that an aging population as our youth flee the state for work, and only wealthy retirees moving here, and you have the formula for ultimate failure.

    The democrat supermajority is the symptom. The disease is an ignorant electorate that votes with its emotions and considers voting for incompetent, inept, agenda-driven democrats the ultimate virtue signal.

    These ignorant, sanctimonious voters do not realize every vote cast for a democrat is a vote against their own self-interest.

  4. Deb’s enthusiam is great. Br reality is the last “at bat”. There is nothing more to do. There is no way Repubs can get legislature control….best they can manahge will me a moderate left Repub Gov….but he (or she) is, and always will be “neutered”. The R’s have about 6 seats, while Dems have 30 in the VT senate. Even more scary, in the the House, R’s have 43 vs 150 Dems. Any dreams Deb has are just that….day dreams. The liberal/progressive voting block is huge and intractable. They have a super majority and will do what they want.

    At some point angry Repubs have only two choices. Stay in VT and suffer all consequences as the State slowly goes down the drain….or leave…..A little over a year ago, I left VT for AZ….best thing I ever did. You just cannot imagine the relief of being gone and not surrounded by the ideaologies crammed down your throat daily in VT. It was killing me slowly. The amount we save in taxes is huge $…so much so we could retire early and live far better. So, looking out 5-10 years or so….it is “lights out” for VT…, tax, Unions unfunded, and political. Save yourselves and start planning now. And if you have a high end house, start ASAP….even if you have to rent after till retirement. High end homes are very slow to move, an losing value. Huge Prop taxes and Income taxes NO longer deductible!. It took me a year to sell, and I count myself lucky.

  5. The second dreadful and ghastly thing that Democrats want into the future will not be on the forefront of this year’s legislative session because they accomplished as much of it that they can to date in one biennium which they did last session. They passed H.57 that embedded Vermont’s unrestricted abortion practice into statutory law but went further to pass PR.5 in their attempt to make such gruesome killing a part of our founding Vermont Constitution. The process has 3 parts before it is done, and the passage last year is part one. Part 3 is the presentation to the voter for the final decision, but part two must first happen when a new legislature is elected in 2020 and that group must pass PR.5 before it moves to the voter stage.

    When you consider who to vote for, make sure you know where they stand on this and vote accordingly. Maybe this thought, while very unsettling, will help you dedicate yourself to defeat this evil. Picture a new born darling baby. You are smiling at this baby as she explores all the new sights, she is experiencing revealed to her after her birth. As you watch, but are unable to intervene, people, dressed in white gowns with instruments, start to use them to tear off her arms and legs, stick a suction device in her brain to suck it out, carefully cut out her little heart and other organs to preserve them for sale, then discard her like a piece of unnecessary tissue in a waste receptacle. You cry out MURDER, STOP IT and you would if you could. You recoil and are sick at the horror of the sight. Welcome to abortion practice in Vermont and the hope of many Democrats that it will remain as part of our law and Constitution. The only difference from the horror above is that it can occur legally as long as the abortionist, dressed in white, does his murderous deed before, even seconds before, the wonder of her birth occurs.

    One last thought is enough. Do you really believe even this would stop them from their murder if the baby somehow survives the assault on their little life when inside Mom?

  6. Democrats want to have more government command and control for Xmas.

    Vermont’s Economic Development Policy:

    Left-leaning Democrat politicians have adopted an unwritten “economic development policy”: Maximize the schlepping of federal funds into Vermont to start/subsidize government programs, and start/subsidize government/business partnerships, which, as a side benefit, create a spectrum of subsidy-dependent constituencies, that produce reliable votes year after year.

    These programs and partnerships usually pay too little in state and local taxes to more than offset their subsidies, i.e., they do not provide a significant net gain.

    Annual government budget deficits are offset by means of annual increases of taxes, fees and surcharges imposed on the near-zero, real growth private sector.

    The “policy” has failed to create a vibrant, growing private sector, with prosperous households and businesses, since 2000.

    If the carbon tax bill were enacted, special interests, seeing this large source of funds, would pile on it, and grab as much of it as possible, as happened with the ARRA funds a few years ago. The Vermont approach would be complicated and lead to more bureaucracy and rules and regulations. It would definitely not be hands-off.

    For Vermont to impose a unilateral carbon tax would make its economy less competitive versus other states, i.e., more brain drain, and fewer good-paying, steady, full-time jobs, with good benefits in the private sector.

    The carbon tax would be another headwind for the near-zero, real-growth Vermont economy.

    The carbon tax would further aggrandize Vermont’s government, which is too large, too inefficient, spending too much money, is bloated with programs, and is running annual deficits, that are offset with annual increases of taxes, fees and surcharges, as if money grows on trees.

    The carbon tax would transfer up to $520 million per year, less sales tax reductions, into incompetent, inefficient government hands for “disbursements”; EB-5, Health care website, Montpelier Heating Plant, etc. come to mind.

  7. Democrats want CARBON TAXES for Xmas

    Carbon Tax Impact On A Typical Vermont Family, as reported on VTDigger:

    Any tax, including a carbon tax, passing through the hands of government suffers from “the sticky fingers syndrome”, 2 dollars go in about 1.5 dollars come out. The difference stays to feed the growing government bureaucracy.

    The key word missing in most discussions is UNILATERAL. VT’s government imposing on Vermonters a unilateral carbon tax is like shooting them in the feet.

    If the carbon tax were nationwide, I would support it.

    The carbon tax would:

    – Impose a $10/ton tax of carbon emitted in 2017, increasing to $100/ton in 2027.
    – Generate about $100 million in state revenue in 2019, about $520 million in 2027.
    – Be added to the fuel prices at gas stations and fuel oil/propane dealers.
    – Drivers should expect a tax increase of 9 c/gal of gasoline in 2018, increasing to about 89 cents in 2027.
    – Homeowners, schools, hospitals, businesses, etc., should expect a tax increase of 58 c/gal of propane and $1.02/gal of heating oil and diesel fuel in 2027.
    – A typical household (two wage earners, two cars, in a free-standing house) would pay additional taxes in 2027 of about:
    – Some of the carbon tax extortion would be at the pump, some when the monthly fuel bills arrive, and some as higher prices of OTHER goods and services.

    Driving = $0.89/gal x 2 x 12000 miles/y x 1/(30 miles/gal) = $712/y
    Heating = $1.02/gal x 800 gal/y = $816/y
    Total carbon tax in 2027 = $1528/y
    Sales tax reduction 5/6 x 1400 = $233/y
    Net tax increase = $1295/y

    – The hypocritical sop of reducing the sales tax from 6 to 5 percent would save that household about $233 in sales taxes, for a net loss of $1295 in 2027. That means such households, the backbone of the Vermont economy, would have about $1300/y less to make ends meet.
    – Many of these households have had stagnant or declining, spendable real incomes (after taxes, fees, surcharges; other recurring expenses, etc.), plus dealing with a near-zero, real-growth Vermont economy, since 2000.
    – With less real income, and higher real prices for goods and services, they also would have to make their own energy efficiency improvements.

    • Bob Orleck: Good points. Where do you think this would go if the baby had an advocate and we got to vote on whether it was the baby or the mother who got aborted? I think that might reverse the trend.

    • Willem: Thanks for bringing up the “Carbon Tax” the ultimate in ignorance and insanity. It truly takes a “dumbed down” electorate to buy that one. There is NO recognizable science behind that “boondoggle”… It is based on false premise after false premise that is defied by a simple understanding of basic science (which our idiot education system and its proponents are incapable of comprehending). It takes about two minutes to dismantle the whole argument. The “core science” is sound and irrefutable, the “fluff” being promoted is “hot air” with a big price tag attached.

  8. Fantasizing Democrats, with MINIMAL experience in energy systems, want to spend ONE $BILLION PER YEAR to turn the Vermont economy upside down, and MONOPOLISTIC COMMAND CONTROL over everything, just like they EXPENSIVELY did in EDUCATION AND HEALTHCARE.

    How about THAT for a merry Xmas?

    The Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan, CEP, goal aims to “transform” the Vermont economy. It would require investments of about $33.3 billion, about $1 billion per year for 33 years, during the 2017 – 2050 period, per Vermont Energy Action Network 2015 Annual Report.

    The CEP could not be implemented without a very high carbon tax and other taxes, surcharges and fees of at least $970 million per year for 33 years.

    • Addition to above comment:

      Almost every morning, when I get up at around 6AM, there is NO WIND and NO SUN and the same is true for almost EVERY late afternoon/early evening, when Vermont has its PEAK ELECTRICITY DEMAND.

      I go downstairs and turn on my 95%-efficient, condensing, propane furnace in the basement, and my 25-y-old Rinnai stove in the kitchen.

      I turn on the burner of the cooktop stove to make hot water for tea, and get two slices of bread out of the refrigerator to make toast.

      I turn on my desk lamp and computer and see fantasizing Democrats want to do all of this with wind and solar.

      Democrats want to ruin tens of thousands of open-space acres with solar panels and several hundred miles of 2000-ft high, pristine ridge lines, a la Lowell, and to satisfy self-serving, give-me-subsidies-or-I-move-to-NY Blittersdorf.

      Democrats want to CARBON TAX EVERYTHING.

      Their mantra is:


      Are Democrats nuts, or just pretending?
      How long can dreamy/fantasizing nut cases keep up that charade?
      Do Democrats think we are stupid?

      Let us face it: Vermont is just a fly on an elephant’s rear.
      Democrats, with all their CARBON-TAX-SUBSIDIZED government programs, want to turn the fly into a flea?

      But wait!!

      All of this has to do with Democrats gaining and holding MONOPOLISTIC, PSEUDO-SOCIALISTIC, CENTRALIZED, COMMAND AND CONTROL of the Vermont economy, like they EXPENSIVELY did with EDUCATION AND HEALTHCARE.

      Gaining command and control is the reason Bernie, NEAR 80 YEARS OLD, is flying on private planes, making lucrative speeches (fees go to his tax-free foundation!!), waving arms, making faces, pointing fingers, and running for President, because he knows Vermont does not have enough tax money to finance all his nutty, un-American, Socialistic ideas.

  9. Thanks, Santa, for making us aware of how fortunate we are to have Deb Billado at the helm of the Vermont Republican Party. Santa touched on things he knows are of major concern for Deb on bad things that Democrats want for Vermont. History will certainly condemn these things in the future but for now they present a real and present threat to the life and lives of Vermonters and especially our young. “Some of the things the Vermont Democrats want for Christmas, with delivery in January and beyond, are not only naughty but dreadful, even ghastly.” There is an overwhelming amount of scientific and medical evidence available today that should easily guide these Democrat politicians to reject commercialism of marijuana, but they have it as a priority in their party platform. Sadly, as well, some left leaning Republicans are following suit. The marijuana of today is a highly addictive drug, still illegal to possess for any reason by federal law, that especially in high potency products, causes psychosis, violence including suicide as well as maiming and death on the highway cause by drivers who are impaired. All the thin justifications for commercialism will evaporate as the evidence of increased crime, death, destroyed lives is presented at the inevitable trial that history will conduct on this. There is a sign of hope in Democrat House Speaker, Mitzi Johnson, as we can only hope she will act in ways that will bring her colleagues to their senses to reject S.54 which they will shortly be considering in January. How short sighted if they think present political gains can outweigh the terrible causes they will be responsible for in the future if they vote to do this!

    • Thanks, Bob: You are talking about “Slavery in the making” when Potheads get dumbed down enough they’ll make great slaves… Just give ’em a puff and send ’em back to the mines. Personally, I’m in favor of making all illegal drugs free, just open all of our closed military bases and herd ’em in. No exam needed to get in with free food, drugs, and guitars, but HUGE screening to get out. The savings in insurance premiums will pay for it. Now that’s a little bit of humor, but there is some truth in there somewhere…?

  10. What do the Dems want for Christmas? That’s a no brainer, they want President Trump thrown out of office and sent to prison. Rota ruck.

    • Mike: The irony is that they know that as Trump grinds them down they will eventually be in the prison cells that they were hoping for him. They get it. They aren’t dumb, just evil.

  11. What we need is a concerted effort to get right thinking conservatives to run and a state-wide effort to get them elected. — And that is hard because people don’t want to hear then have been on the wrong path. But one element that needs to be sent home is; Republicans equal taxpayer protection for ordinary Vermonters.

  12. The portion of this message RE: second amendment. The D’s know full well that they cannot be successful in initiating some of their plan if Vermonters are armed. They are scared to death of the implementation of their plan, so that is why they want guns gone. They care not about safety of you or I and our families. It is so obvious in their years of attempts to disarm the populace. They care not that VT, NH and ME are the safest states in the country right now. These twisted, mind boggling, carpet baggers from wherever have to be stopped NOW and relieved of their seats in the VT Legislature. They do not fit in our mold, and we do not fit in theirs.Vermonters need to wake up, get their names renewed on the voting lists, if they haven’t voted in a few years, and send this crowd off to the places they came from. They are not welcome here.

    • James Hall: You just touched on what got Hitler his start. Hitler was as far Left as anyone can get and these guys all read his book. They are “copycatting” Hitler’s model and the “Progressive Dems” think that they can improve on it and make it work. They can, too, if enough people stay home in 2020. We need to “guard the ballot box” if we want to make any change stick. Remember: Its not who votes that counts as such as it is who counts the votes that matters. That means no stuffed ballots. The California system: A warehouse full of phony ballots to be delivered after the polls close.

  13. They want the end of the US Constitution and well as the Constitutional Republic,that’s all they want . If they don’t get it they will pitch a hissy fit,bad children get a lump of coal,clean coal but coal.

  14. Progressive Democrats, they want for nothing as long as they have Vermont
    taxpayers to fill their ” red kettles ” for foolishness !!

    Vermonter’s vote these fools out, before they finish ruining the State, what you’re
    getting for Christmas from Democrats is Debt, unfunded liabilities, drug issues to
    name a few gifts. Oh yeah, Happy New Years, and a Carbon Tax.


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