Deb Billado: These are not your father’s Democrats

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

Last week I wrote an article entitled “Republicans truly care for you (Democrats, not so much),” and I pointed out reasons why I wrote that and now want to give further reasons why I stand by what I wrote.

There was a time when Democrats worked with Republicans and did so for the good of the people because those in both parties loved America and would not do anything to harm her. Surely, they would not take her down a socialistic path. I do not want to paint with too broad of a brush here because there are those, especially the older generation, who vote as they always have, when men like President John F. Kennedy led our nation. They fail to watch closely what their party leaders are doing and so they continue to vote the ticket. But things have changed.

Today there are too many Democrats who will do anything and spend any amount of taxpayer dollars to maintain their power and control over the people. These are aliens to that once great Democrat Party, and the sooner these loyal Democrat voters realize it, the better off we all will be. One only needs to look at the Vermont Democrat Party platform and compare it to the Republican platform to see the obvious difference.

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

Vermont Republicans genuinely care. And while Democrats use high sounding rhetoric to convince people they care, their words are empty when put next to their actions. The majority, over the objections of all Republicans, independents and some of their own party, just voted themselves a pay increase. Does that show caring for those who have no paycheck and are struggling to survive?

There is so much more. I believe the Democrats are concerned that the electorate is on to them, and so instead of working to insure that the upcoming elections are fair, they are supporting the scheme of the Democrat secretary of state to send ballots to all on the checklists, including those who are dead, have left the state or are uninterested. The opportunity for fraud is immense, and one can only draw certain conclusions based on who wants to weaken the safety of the voting system and who wants to keep it strong and fair.

The Democrat Party is even pursuing an expensive campaign to paint the Republicans as uncaring to the health of Vermonters in opposing the mail-in voting scheme. Vermont currently has a highly effective and safe absentee voting system and all folks need do is to ask for a ballot or vote early at the town clerk’s office. This bullying tactic by the Democrats to try to paint Republicans as insensitive to the health of voters cannot stand without firing back with the truth. If we can open the economy and safely carry on many activities in commerce, if we can now eat in restaurants, if people can protest without any restrictions, then we surely can vote in person and do it in a safe and effective manner.

There are many examples of the non-caring nature that Democrats/Progressives have exhibited in Vermont over the past couple of decades. Their position on oppressive climate change legislation, legalization of an addicting drug for recreational use, physician assisted suicide, excessive taxing of strapped taxpayers,  business unfriendly rules and taxes, and abortion is shameful.

So many of Vermont’s Democrat leaders also show unwavering support for the agenda of the radical Democrats — people such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Joe Biden — in their push for open borders, no limits on illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, impeachment of our duly elected president, and so much more. Is it not proper to label them as uncaring? I do and I stand by that.

Vermont Republicans truly care and if you do as well, then vote Republican in November. We have many candidates running, and we need them all elected so we can reestablish Vermont as the fiscally and socially responsible place to live and raise families. It used to be that way. Those carrying our banner have a heavy responsibility to unmask the alien Democrats who no longer are true representatives to the once great Democrat Party. They are aliens and must be defeated in November.

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43 thoughts on “Deb Billado: These are not your father’s Democrats

  1. United we stand.
    Divided we fall.
    If the Republican party continues to fight internally, finger point, name call, etc., we will fall.
    Lift up decent people who want to bring change.
    We all have a past. I voted for Bernie in every local election since I was 17 up until the last 10 years.
    I was one of those who gave my vote to him because I was politically stupid and believed the media that Bernie was “for the people.”
    I have to live with knowing I helped him get to where he is today day as well as his movement.
    Now, I am a Republican and Montgomery Town Chair.
    Can we turn things around? I hope so.
    I am going to give John Klar a chance, forgive him for his voting past, and pray for his good leadership. John, like all people in this country, will have to stand before God and be accountable.

    • “Any man who is not a communist at the age of twenty is a fool. Any man who is still a communist at the age of thirty is an even bigger fool.” George Bernard Shaw

  2. Deb, they’re not even Vermont Democrats. They’re a bunch of flat landers who brought their crazy liberal mentality here years ago and could care less about the traditions they have violated. As has been stated many times, these people left a way of life which we find offensive and have forced it on the old timers. A Democrat willing to care for the greater good in Vermont is an extinct museum relic.

    • “They’re not even Vermont Democrats”

      And herein lies the roots of much of our problems.
      Native New Englanders have been moving down to the South for decades now and being replaced by deep Blue Staters- often city dwellers- whose values and morals are certainly not our own up here.
      How long do we think we can continue to lose the families that built the place and then think we’ll recognize what we now see?

  3. The only thing you need to ask yourself to illustrate Deb’s points: What Democratic actions and policies have actually improved our lives in the last 40 years?

  4. There needs to be unity in the Party. We have sent no one to Washington for over 30 years. I believe every County chair need to be enlarging the list of voting Republicans and Republicans running for places of authority. Where are the younger generations joining the groups of protesters? They need to working to put Vermont back in the lead. Each town chair should be having people make calls and knocking on doors stirring those that have not voted or gotten involved in any way. We need to form an army of conservative Republicans and make Republican a known word to all in each community. We had men and women that went to war to keep this nation free. Let’s start another move to keep each community free and standing on what our US Constitution gives us. And I do not mean join those that are destroying our History.

  5. Quotes from VT Digger.

    The Vermont GOP brought in no contributions in the second quarter and only has around $9,000 in reserves,

    John Klar, a self-proclaimed Agri-publican, raised $21,435 since March, and a total of $28,360, but only has a war chest of $11,000.

    We really need to come together as a party. We’ve tested the needs, a poll of about 500 voters within Vermont, within a very liberal portion of Vermont. 90 % of the people supported the following:

    Affordability – housing, education, healthcare, income, taxes
    School Funding – we’re sadly broken, we need a major overhaul, everybody knows it.
    Drugs – when your the leading in the nation per capita for addicted births…you got a problem

    This is a vision that people can get around, it addresses the Vermont problems nobody is dealing with. It cuts across all party lines. It is uniquely Vermont. It falls completely within the parameters of the Republican Party and among American loving Democrats. (Rino’s and pimps for the NWO not so much). We as a party need to define, frame the conversation, to be in control. This is a winning platform, don’t trust me, don’t believe me, ask any Vermonter they will agree with this, we’ve proven it.

    Take it, run, build it’s free. TGBTG Take back Vermont, from the NWO pimps, please, we’re begging you. 🙂

    • Also note that Digger no longer reports Likes and Dislikes in its commentary – surely because they were consistently 3 to 1 Conservative. Just another example of Digger’s censorship by omission.

      • Boy are you right, Jay. I am censored on Digger. Most times I can’t open to see replies. And I’m not allowed to post much. Every now and then one goes thru. Then Digger saw that reactions to their articles were overwhelmingly negative. This made them look like fools, so they changed it. I also would bet that Digger was getting heavy heat fom the two uber liberal families that keep Digger going financially… get rid of the conservative voices…. What it all comes down to…is that Digger needs to be investigated for TAX FRAUD. They are not a “non profit” and thus avoid paying federal and state taxes….they are a POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE….and are then fully taxable..

        • Agree.
          There is something very fishy about that place.
          My local NH site is so busy they are now nipping at the heels of our only TV station here in traffic and they do all of this with two guys and some volunteer writers. I count 28 names between the newsroom and business staff.. you are right that there should be an investigation.
          This place is a Leftist Jobs Program that is taking the taxpayers for a ride!

      • I can’t even open the comment section because digger is playing games with those they don’t want commenting. The term rag used to apply to shoddy journalism and if digger was a newspaper it would make great bird cage liner. They should be investigated because they clearly are a wing for the progressive movement. They are supported by left wing donors and must protect the message or as I call it, censorship by omission. This is only part of the Vermont media protecting the liberal left.

      • I just noticed this. My comments are rarely posted anyway. Not being a Koolaid drinker flunks me out most of the time.

    • An fyi the Vt’s GOP is much better off financially according to Deb. I should have never taken the information from Vt Digger as gospel, they are still i pursuit of the truth. My apologies.

  6. It’s difficult to do Debs job, she has to do two jobs out of love for her country. She has to work hard to build the party, her first job. She also has to promote the party, because……party mambers aren’t doing it!

    Now don’t get all upset, some are, many are so if the shoe doesn’t fit, please don’t yell at, I’m not refering to you. Republicans are not afraid to recognize the problem children within our own party.

    Our suffering in Vermont is across party lines, it’s across income levels.

    affordability – school funding – drugs

    In order to bring about serious change within Vermont we need

    A vision
    Skills, the right people in the right places
    Incentives, recognition, support for the team
    Resources, money,time equipment
    action Plan, things broken down into pieces so every one can help, many hands make a big task easy, fun and quickly done.

    Without these components, we won’t have massive complex change. We’ll experience confusion, anxiety, gradual change, frustration and false starts, of which is an every day experience in our state.

    If you can give Deb a hand I’m sure she would appreciate the help. Many hands make light work and a good time.

    • ……. Party members are not supporting the party. This is correct, and it starts at the top, with Phil Scott. Deb’s job has been impossible because of that, and then the outright betrayals to those of us who had a little bit of hope, but could see the forest through the trees.
      A Governor in sync with the heartbeat of VT R’s and showing he really cared would have made all the difference.
      Without John KLar being elected, we are headed for bankruptcy, it is just around the corner folks.

      • Absolutely, Phil Scott creates a disconnect that makes it almost impossible for the party to unite behind!

        John Klar on the other hand would inspire and unite us, yet he is being shut out and ignored!

    • As Ms. Billado and others continue to expose the Destructive Democrats and their party platform while uplifting those trapped bc of party loyalty your continual slamming of the Republicans by suggesting only ‘kind hearted’ and “merry” need apply is not our place. Constant reminder hat we may have NWO supporters is counterproductive – doing all this in a cheerful manner is lipstick on a pig.
      Is maligning and casting aspersions on so-called and unnamed “problem children” Republicans promoting the ‘unity’ you claim to support? Focusing on the positive while exposing those who are slamming our candidates would be helpful.

      It’s one thing to call out specific actions of party officials just tell me how steady drumbeat of mysterious hidden globalists amongst us – always in broadbrush strokes and couched terms is helping the party or getting anyone elected. In an election year if they vote R or run on R ticket and support the party I do not care if they are a “problem child” – and why do we need this information. It’s a subtle smear to bring us down to the level of Democrats saying we’re no different? And a NWO Republican is head and shoulders above aNWO Democrat?

      Newsflash: Destructive Dems are officially aligned with NWO and shadowing globalism. We need to know the battle is Zero-Sum and stand in our positions.

      • We need to win. Being nice and likeable helps.

        Broad brush is for a general conversation, to define a problem not cast aspersions. Many people in Vermont have been indoctrinated with regard to Republicans and the adjectives used are not flatteringly, also grossly inaccurate.

        There are at least four divisions within the two major political parties of Vermont. A velvet glove can have an iron fist, doesn’t make it weak.

        • You’re *not* being nice Neil – except when it comes to Democrats – but aim your fire @ Republicans. Please stop slamming Republicans and the weaknesses of the party – even if they are faceless they are real ppl you are boogymanning as “problem child” – demeaning and amounts to name calling. There are bad apples everywhere – call them out & name their actions with reasoned critiques. The Republican Party is our friend – Democrat Party is *not* our friend – there is no enjoining. We can recognize certain ones as allies but pls quit trying to remake the party in your Green Mountain Party image. Obviously didn’t work out Neil.

  7. Blue-collar Democrats are mostly long gone, and those that are still around are
    probably wondering what happened to our party !!

    Republicans don’t have all the answers either, but my God if you listen to these
    Liberal fools and there agenda we are all in trouble

    Yup, radical liberals democrats, blue-collar Dems better take a second look and
    RINO’s need to go from the Republican party.

    Vermonter’s, be it your Blue Collar Democrat or a Conservative Republican think
    long and hard……… our state is in ruin, we deserve better.

  8. Thank you again Deb for an incisive analysis of what we are facing. But voters, please, consider this from a little different perspective. Deb is outlining issues involved here. Issues that have a visceral impact on your lives. You don’t have to throw in with the Dem./Prog’s or us Republicans. These are not clubs you’re committed too. You need only ask yourselves “Do I endorse what my elected officials are doing? Who might advocate for something closer to what I want?” VOTE for that person regardless of what color coat they’re wearing.

  9. Re: “…Democrats who will do anything to maintain their power and control over the people.”

    Unfortunately, it’s not just the Democrats doing this. I’m not sure who to trust. Is John Klar, for example, just another Republican In Name Only (RINO)? Did he vote for Obama and Sanders? I’ve yet to hear definitive answers to these questions.

    Speaking of RINOs:

    Hundreds of George W. Bush administration officials to back Biden,

    Romney campaign veterans turn on Trump and GOP, back Biden
    Tuesday, June 30, 2020 By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times

    The only bogus conspiracy theory of note is the conspiracy theory that there is no conspiracy.

    • John Klar is not currently holding any power so what’s your point? Let’s look at what professional politicians have done to our country and state. Have you ever changed your mind in the course of your life? Are you the perfect human? Have you witnessed what the democratic party has tried to do to a constitutionally elected president? Please, politics is power but the motivation to achieve it is another thing. Look around and if you can point to any current republicans doing what the democrats have tried to do to President Trump please point it out. Pointing fingers isn’t the same as solutions. Without out power there are no solutions for good or bad. The democrats have had 30 years of legislative power. It’s time for a change!

      • My point: Why doesn’t John Klar speak for himself on his alleged voting history and change of mind?

        Am I the perfect human? Is there such a thing? What’s your point?

        If pointing fingers isn’t the same as solutions, why are you pointing your finger at me? I’m not running to be governor of Vermont. I’m just asking a legitimate question, hoping for a legitimate answer – and still not getting one.

        • My point is that people change. I was a democrat until my 30’s. I grew up in a democratic household. My parents were lower middle class and thought the democrats were for the working person. When I started really looking at the party and read the history I changed my mind.

          I held my nose and voted for McCain and Romney, both establishment RINOs. At first I liked GW Bush then realized he was the same as the other two. We can only hope that the people we vote for are who they say they are. We know who the governor is from his actions. He isn’t a republican, he doesn’t defend our constitution and he has turned his back on the republican party both here and nationally.

          As for who John Klar really is, all we can do is go by what he says now and does now. The past is gone, like my democratic past. He did address his past right here on True North as well as his voting record. Obama turned out to be an establishment puppet just like McCain and Romney. His policies have set America back, he doubled the national debt and enflamed race relations as well as police community relations and caused more destruction. I pointed my finger at you because the in fighting has to stop in order to get the changes we need here in Vermont. We need to look to the future and take another risk or definitely lose lose the state completely. We know what we have now and keeping it means more misery from Montpelier. If you are offended by the reality of our situation you have the option of voting your conscience, but when you comment you have to expect that not everyone will agree. I know from my comments not all agree with me but we need the discussion and the decisions will be made be those who read them. I’m for winning and a new course for our state.

          • That Mr. Klar discussed his views openly shows courage. That he had those views, changed them, and explained the changes as he did is little comfort.

            Voting for Bernie Sanders under any circumstance demonstrates a gross misjudgment of economics, whether or not Mr. Klar considers himself a student of the Great Depression. The Smoot-Hawley tariff bill of 1929-30 Mr. Klar referenced, for example, has little if any bearing or relationship to the tariffs proposed by Romney or Trump with China.

            I, for one, am not sure Mr. Klar is up to the task. I’ve now read most of his position papers.

            His complaints about healthcare are legitimate. His proposed fixes are vague at best.

            Klar’s characterization of our dysfunctional education system is similar, as is his solution (or lack of one). Nowhere, for example, does Mr. Klar address the one bright spot in Vermont’s education governance – School Choice ‘tuitioning’.

            And, lastly, his position on our economy reflects concerns we all have. But his lack of specific alternatives reflects what I believe to be his misunderstanding of how ‘free markets’ work, especially given his past support for Bernie Sanders.

            On the positive side, he is certainly a better choice for governor than democrats Ralph Corbo, Rebecca Holcombe, Patrick Winburn or David Zuckerman.

        • John Klar deserves credit -and has spoken extensively and fully explained his positions. Why should he publicly answer single queries? He has an email – perhaps you could ask him. Isn’t it expecting too much to ask a candidate to shine a spotlight on their past when they have already made past record clear. This is campaign season and time to showcase what John Klar will do for VT and how he is different than Benedict Scott.

          Time to move on and stop living in the past. I choose not to slam you with a litany of links and smug retorts however there’s plenty out there:
          True North Reports/John Klar

          vtdigger/John Klar

          • Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we can all still voice our opinions, whether or not everyone agrees with them…and despite your litany of links and retorts.

    • Don’t trust anyone…that would be prudent. What do people do? Who hangs with them? They give some indication, but man is pretty unreliable.

      People are really tied into their positions of power and money, it’s remarkable how much so.

      With a primary late in the season, August, it doesn’t give any time for the winner to build, we really need to be helping each other out immediately. There is so much work to be done, so much.

      John seems to have a vision, refreshing. Meg Hansen seems like a very smart, kind, conservative that would add so much to our state, youth adds wonderful enthusiasm, support and guidance from those who have been before her would be great.

      These folks and the merry band of conservatives gathering around John, could make a wonderful team for our VT GOP.

      It would be great to water, fertilize, prune and nourish these people, this would feed the tree of liberty, otherwise as the saying goes, the tree needs to be fed with the blood of patriots and that’s just not much fun.

      How to work as a team, coalition, tis more difficult than anyone would ever think, astonishing in so many ways, it is soooo prevalent in so many organizations. Hopefully we can set aside our differences, our pride, egos, ambitions knowing divided we easily fall, but as a team we lift each other up, we circle the wagons, we defend our own and invite others to join our big party…we are supposed to be a party, fun. May a new spirit come to our state, best of luck to all those in this race. In the greatest privilege and honor to run for public office in the United States.

    • If you look to the article from Vermont digger when John announced his candidacy you will see when he spoke of who he voted for.

      I have had enough of people who have voted to destroy not only America but the state of Vermont through their progressive votes for socialist candidates out to destroy our constitution and our constitutional rights.

      I’ve had many people came after me saying John has changed he now understands what is going on…

      I’ve had people come after me saying John was confused he didn’t know what he was voting for at the time.

      I’ve had people tell me the John Clark votes were protests boats when he voted for Bernie Sanders and he voted for Obama twice and he voted for Clinton.

      Well thanks John your protest vote sure helped get those people elected!

      I’ve heard many excuses for John klar but none of them ring true.
      This man has voted for the destruction of our rights in the United States of America including our gun rights through his voting for people who want to destroy us and our constitutional rights.

      it just seems odd to me that a couple of years before he decides to run for governor as an agripublican that all of a sudden he has found his way out of the confusion out of the protest voting he has done that allowed Obama to be elected twice in supporting Bernie Sanders and voting for Clinton and now this man has seen the light.

      This guy is dependent on dumb vermonters to get him elected to finish the destruction that the socialists have brought to the state of Vermont.

      Well I’m a lifelong dumb vermonter and I refuse to vote for this socialist wanting to represent Republicans in the state of Vermont.

      People wake up this is the final nail in our coffin.

      I’m not going to condemn this guy completely if he wants to run for office hr can run under so legislator we are here again proved himself and backup all of these wonderful writing to the encourages everyone to read.

      In the meantime John klar has no business running the state of Vermont as our governor.

      It is fraudulent that he is running as a Republican under a different name.

      Vermonters wake the hell up.

      • Who did your main guy in 2018 John Rodgers vote for? Why don’t you offer the benefits of another candidate? That would be a logical thing to do if your INTENT was to build a more conservative party. Your actions show your intent, just as 2 years ago.

        We get that you’ll likely not vote for who’s your guy and why?

      • Thank you for the VTD reference. Klar’s explanation was published in Oct. 2019. I missed it.

        For anyone who wants to consider it….

        That Mr. Klar discussed his views openly shows courage. That he had those views, changed them, and explained them as he did… the jury is still out.

        Voting for Bernie Sanders under any circumstance demonstrates a gross misjudgment of economics, whether or not Mr. Klar considers himself a student of the Great Depression. The Smoot-Hawley tariff bill of 1929-30 Mr. Klar referenced, for example, has little if any bearing or relationship to the tariffs proposed by Romney or Trump with China.

        Nonetheless, now I know where Mr. Klar stands. Thank you again for the VTD reference.

    • I’ve seen these statements that Obama and Sanders. And who cares. when the voter as a choice of someone who appears rational — and they did at one time in relation to the other candidates, it hard to hold that against him. Hell, I voted for obama too, and now I want to send him to GITMO for life. Ya gonna hold that against me.

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