Deb Billado: Divided Democrats’ spending spree

This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

Is Joe Manchin the only one in the Democrat Party that has any common sense? It would seem that way. Included as part of the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill that Congress is debating is:

  • $2.9 trillion in tax increases;
  • The largest expansion of welfare via additional Medicaid in nearly a decade;
  • An accelerated path to Medicare insolvency;
  • $3 billion on “tree equity” (whatever that is);
  • A methane tax of $6,504 per cow imposed on dairy farmers;
  • Trillions more added to the national debt through a budget gimmick.

Joe Biden claims the plan would “cost $0” because it is “paid for.” Not only is it NOT paid for (to the tune of hundreds of billions), but that statement defies logic. If I buy a maple creemee for $3, does it cost $0 just because I paid for it?

But Democrats can’t even get on the same page. They have the Presidency. They have the House. They have the Senate. And yet they can’t pass their reckless agenda that would cost $27,000 per household.

The Democrat Party is in such disarray that even SNL is making fun of them, calling Congressional Democrats “screwed.” It seems Joe Biden’s foreign-policy-failure summer is quickly turning into an economic-policy-failure fall.

The Democrats’ unpopular agenda is the largest contemporary expansion of the welfare state disguised as “stimulus.” This whole process is just like the so-called infrastructure bill failure — where just 10% actually goes to roads and bridges.

The best thing we can hope for is for Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer to keep doing whatever they’re doing — because each time they talk, the cracks in their tax-and-spend coalition only grow further.

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7 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Divided Democrats’ spending spree

  1. I don’t see the RNC addressing RINOS and the obvious damage those people are doing to the Country or the State. Placating the party with empty words, finger pointing at Dems, begging for more money does nothing for the People. Stop pretending to care and take some action. No position on political prisoners held in DC, no words on forced innoculations, no words on taxing us to the moon, no real support for the People’s concerns at all. Many a RINO are still steering the line and party- still voting with Dems and not taking action. All talk – no action!

  2. We have No Representation at all. Zero.
    We’ve utterly lost control of the government that supposedly we own.

  3. Pelosi is one of the major perpetrators of a large number of evils
    Pelosi is a no-holds-barred, uncompromising Extremist

    Dem/Progs use the coercive power of Socialist-centralized government to create more and more government in every area.

    Their latest fads are:

    1) Open borders to all comers from all sorts of s…h… countries; criminals, rapists, human traffickers, illiterates, unskilled.
    Spread them all throughout the US.
    THEIR way of MAGA.

    2) Have everyone vote, citizen or not, even dead people, criminals, illegals, under-age people, out-of-state people, and the mentally retarded.
    Universal mail-in of ballots; universal harvesting of ballots; no ID required.

    If they HAVE any address, valid or not (we are too busy to check), mail them a ballot. We will count it
    We “care” who fills it out, but we are too busy to check it. We will count it
    Send it in, signed or not, dated or not, return address or not. We will send it to adjudication, “curate it”; and count it
    No signature on file? We will count it.
    No photo ID on file? We will count it.
    We will count, count, count, until the opposition croaks; break their will
    We will keep and extend our power over government, come hell or high water.

    3) Global warming, a la GWSA in California, a failed state, kept alive with federal subsidies, and a la GWSA in Vermont, a failed state, kept alive with federal subsidies

    4) HUMAN Infrastructures.

    Pelosi says no physical infrastructures, without HUMAN infrastructures

    Bernie Sanders is a card-carrying Socialist/Communist, from Brooklyn, NY, who migrated to Burlington, VT, who celebrated his HONEYMOON in the USSR, well before the Iron Curtain came down, now heads Senate Budget Committee.

    His “aim-high” number is $6.0 TRILLION, reduced to a bargain $3.5 TRILLION (the cost is actually ZERO, per Biden, a grifting, grafting, ghost CPA.
    The $3.5 TRILLION is mostly for HUMAN infrastructures

    He says, “the need is so great, a large number is needed”.
    That would be especially true if there continues an 1.5 million per year influx of illiterate, government-dependent, walk-ins across the RECENT-OPENED, southern border

    5) Dem/Progs with Careers in Government Monkey Business

    Dem/Progs are not business people; their typical career-path is in command/control of the GOVERNMENT, including the fraudulent counting of ballots in elections, and Presidential Coup d’Etats

    If they have a “business”, or are “associated” with a business, it likely is a subsidized, non-profit, sucking on a government program.

    The more of such Socialist-centralized government, the more Dem/Progs and their families, friends and allies thrive, at the expense of all others.
    Obama managed a $15 million spread in Martha’s Vineyard
    Bernie has tree abodes.
    Pelosi brags about her $25,000 sub, sub zero refrigerator and her $10/pint gourmet icecream.

    It does not matter what area of “goods and services” they provide, whether in energy, healthcare, education, transportation, infrastructure, “fighting” global warming, open-borders/no-check immigration, etc.

    The steady, insidious growth of Socialist-centralized government in the US is ruining the US.

    The 2010 Election showed the extent of fraudulenc Dem/Progs will engage to grab and keep total power.

  4. If anything the Commiecrats stick together. The latest help that Mitch McConnell and the ten other RINOS that just voted to raise the debt limit instead of forcing the Commiecrats to do it on their own is why I don’t identify as a Republican. They don’t know how to fight and some of them can’t understand why people love Trump so much. They are soft and squishy and want to be loved and admired by people that will never love and admire them.

  5. Maybe just maybe there are some DemocRATs with just an ounce of common sense,
    and put a stop to this spending spree, as they may realize that there kids and grand kids
    will be on the hook for this boondoggle…..

    And Vermont’s Socialist Sanders supports this spending and stating it should be more, now
    there’s an ” Idiot ” ………

    Don’t forget the Democrats own it all, as the have the House, Senate and the WH let the cards
    fall as thy may, if any republican in the House or Senate sides with this liberal nonsense they
    should be primaried out in the next election cycle ” don’t worry VT ” our gaggle of fools are
    backing senile Joe……..pretty sad, as they only care about there agenda

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