DC’s mail-in voting mired in confusion as nation debates how to handle November elections

By Thomas Catenacci

Confusion over mail-in ballots caused voting in the Washington, D.C., primary to stretch late into the night Tuesday, according to the DCist.

The District’s primary election, plagued by complaints from voters who said they never received mail-in ballots, comes amid debate over the security and efficiency of voting by mail.

Many D.C. voters complained they never received mail-in ballots, according to at-large member of the D.C. City Council Elissa Silverman.

Silverman tweeted Tuesday that she was “averaging an email a minute” from voters who never received a mail-in ballot Tuesday afternoon. More than 90 thousand absentee ballots were supposed to be sent out according to the D.C. Board of Elections.

Voters who didn’t receive their ballot were forced to go to a physical polling place to cast their vote.

At 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, hours after polls were supposed to close, council member Silverman tweeted that there were more than 60 voters in line at one local polling place. “I am thankful for these voters and livid at the Board of Elections,” Silverman said.

D.C. officials had encouraged voting by mail to avoid having people congregate during the coronavirus pandemic, the DCist reported.

President Donald Trump has been at the center of the debate over nationwide mail-in ballots. Trump tweeted last week that mail-in ballots will be “substantially fraudulent.” He also attacked governors who are in favor of mail-in voting.

Some Republican officials have worried that Trump’s crusade against mail-in voting could wind up hurting the party come November, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Democrats have requested mail-in ballots at a higher rate than Republicans in Pennsylvania, an important 2020 swing state, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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One thought on “DC’s mail-in voting mired in confusion as nation debates how to handle November elections

  1. Another article about Dem/Prog mail-in voting scheme creating CONFUSION, EXTRA COSTS, LOST BALLOTS, DELAYS

    Guy Page has done quite a lot of work to get the opinions of Town Clerks.
    Remember, many of them are good Dem/Progs
    If their party wants mail-in, they likely would not talk against it.

    There are about 480,000 registered voters in Vermont, and in the 2016 presidential election year, which had a high turnout, just 67% of registered voters cast ballots.
    That means the Condos mail-in scheme, would lead to about 160,000 unclaimed or unwanted ballots.
    Many of them would be just floating around, for any unscrupulous, self-serving actors, such as VPIRG, to collect, fill out, and mail in.

    If that is not bad enough, just read this.

    Condos would not know if a fraud would occur, and neither do the Town Clerks.

    Condos can say, with a blank face, “fraud is very rare”, because only the most egregious fraud cases end up in court.

    In Vermont’s case, we are talking about SYSTEMIC fraud, which exists, because the system data base is flawed from the get-go.

    1) The Vermont voter lists are riddled with names of people who left Vermont, or have died, according to interviewed Town Clerks
    2) There likely are great deficiencies regarding up-to-date photo IDs, copies of birth certificates, and copies of citizen papers
    3) Much of that documentation likely does not exist in the Town Clerk files

    Condos, a Dem/Prog party fixture, likely know this, but he acts like he does not, or as if it is not a problem.

    Condos wants to INDISCRIMINATELY mail ballots to everyone on the voter lists, whether they want it or not, whether they want to vote to not, whether they belong on a list or not, whether they are properly documented or not.

    That, in itself, is fraudulent, because Condos likely knows about these corrupted lists and the document deficiencies, as do the Town Clerks.

    He calls his mail-in scheme “universal”, as if calling it “universal” makes it A-OK; sort of like “universal” health care. It has a nice “ring” to it.

    All this is a highly deceptive/fraudulent charade. Few are asking the hard questions. Those who do, get drowned out.

    When will sane Vermonters finally sound off about this travesty and malfeasance?
    When will the Vermont Media, defenders of the faith, wake up and show a conscious?

    Sending out postcards to all registered voters, as some Town Clerks, and Sen. Benning, suggested, is a great idea.
    The cards would advise/remind voters to REQUEST a regular absentee ballot, in case they are afraid to vote in NOVEMBER, MORE THAN FIVE MONTHS IN THE FUTURE!!!

    All Town Clerks already are highly familiar with the absentee ballot process. There would be: No learning curve; No excuses; No fuss; No muss.

    INDISCRIMINATE mail-in voting has been on the Vermont Dem/Prog agenda for years.
    Here comes along a golden opportunity to get it: THE OVERBLOWN VIRUS SCARE

    Interviewed Town Clerks say, “IF THERE IS A FRAUD, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO KNOW IT”.

    No wonder Condos has been saying there is no fraud.
    He does not know, and neither do the Town Clerks.

    NOTE: TSA and all airlines require a photo ID before they check you in, and are allowed on board.
    Voting is far more important than taking an airline trip.

    Requiring recent photo IDs, etc., is not voter suppression, It is PRUDENCE.

    The PAPER TRAIL is not just the ballot, but also the copies of valid/up-to-date documents on file at Town Clerk’s offices, such as: 1) a photo ID, and 2) a copy of Citizen Papers (which likely have an old photograph), and/or 3) a copy of a Birth Certificate.



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