Billado: Let the Vermont legislative computer games end

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

Let the legislative computer games end. Pull the plugs. Turn off the WIFI. It is time for the stay-home legislators to cease getting pay-checks for playing expensive computer games with and inflicting pain on Vermonter’s lives. They should finish by dealing with the budget and transportation bills and do no further damage.

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

It costs the taxpayer $250,000 each week extra for the lawmakers to stay home and play legislative computer games with your tax money.  They need to let the dust settle on the damage caused by the shutdown ordered as the result of the COVID-19 scare and not add more to the costs and burdens on hard working and hurting Vermonters.

The Democrat super-majority is loving the power and opportunity to impose reckless policies with a key stroke or two.  Even though we’re facing a massive budget gap that the Governor has wisely proposed to close without raising taxes, the Democrat leadership  cannot help themselves in following Rahm Emanuel’s advice of not letting a crisis go to waste.

Still on their radar are the following that will cause more pain to our citizens, damage their ability to survive and provide a living for their family.

  • A massive regulatory bill designed to address climate change through permitting new rules and red tape, including the possibility of banning wood stoves and ATVs;
  • A barrage of tax hikes, including raising the sales tax, taxing clothing, bringing back the cloud tax, the sugar tax, candy tax, tax on services like salons, carpenters and landscapers and more.
  • The Vermont Democrat leadership’s solution is $167 million in new taxes and that is like tossing a drowning person a steel anchor instead of a life preserving flotation ring.
  • Resurrecting a disastrous Act 250 bill to make economic growth even more challenging in Vermont; and
  • Creating a retail market for marijuana sales even though recognizing that any revenue will take years to realize, if ever, and the need for large input of taxpayer money (in the neighborhood of $1 Million Dollars) to pay for the commission and to initiate the process of licensing.

They consider these things priority but at what cost to us all.  It is time to pull the plug and stop them from playing expensive computer games while at the same time staying home and receiving a paycheck.  Many Vermonters have been forced to stay home, but they are getting nothing to help them with their expenses.  Tell your legislators to sign off and close the session.  We do not need any more harm done to us.

Less than six months until the election.  We can use our computers too but will use them to do good things for the people.  Spread the truth that Republican leaders offer a bright light of hope of good governance for Vermonters, something that has been lacking for decades under Democrat rule.  Run for office, support good candidates, vote, and encourage others to do the same.

7 thoughts on “Billado: Let the Vermont legislative computer games end

  1. It was and is unConstitutional and should have never have occurred and needs to end post haste . Each and every supposed representative who voted for it should be charged and tried for the gross violation of their oath.

  2. Arm-chair power brokers—absolutely disgusting. How do they sleep at night? I’m willing to bet that if the voter fraud (Dem-favoring, of course) is dealt with, we will get our beautiful Green Mountain State back from the swamp, which showed their true totalitarian colors during COVID.

  3. We are not being governed by a thoughtful Legislature, doing the will of the people. We are being tyrannized by a cabal of Mafia-don-like star chamber social experimenters who are determined to ram the Progressive, Green, Socialist agenda down the throats of ordinary Vermonters who never asked for any of this. And to h— with the Vermont and federal Constitutions. These people have no boundaries and no respect. They are really lawless, governed by their own passions, connected to UN Agenda 21/30 if they are connected to anything. And universal vote-by-mail and abortion up to the moment of birth are just two of their outrageous plans for this state. As a lifelong Vermonter, I am newly shocked each day, it seems, and wondering what they have planned for us next.

  4. Rahm Emnauel is a new world order pimp. He is not an American loving Democrat.

    All of these United nations bills are proposed and prospered by the pimps. They have nothing to do with Vermont or it’s citizens.

    The swamp in Montpelier is a protected class. It consists of the pimps and rinos.

    Vermonters of all parties need to come together and drain this swamp, even though it violates Act 250 and the VNRC and VPRG will protest much about the swamp draining as it has been a perfect environment for them to thrive.

    American Loving Democrats, like Browning and Rodgers need to come together with the kind hearted conservatives of team Klar and right this ship.

    Peace and cooperation are kryptonite for swamp creatures, which thrive on hatred, looting, burning and propaganda. Which side will we feed and help prosper.

  5. Banning something (such as wood burning stoves or ATV’s) requires an enforcement arm. Good luck with that. For many, wood is their only source of heat and hot water.

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