Dartmouth Republicans secure free speech — by fleeing campus

By John Klar

In an ongoing embarrassment for Dartmouth College, the once-venerable institution has repeatedly demonstrated that it is unable — or more likely, ideologically opposed — to allow students the free speech that once breathed air on its “Live Free or Die” campus.

The school’s student Republican organization has found the Dartmouth doors increasingly closed to any effort to discuss the anti-American ideology with which Dartmouth has surreptitiously polluted every aspect of campus life and curricula. Thugs and criminals rule Dartmouth now, so the Dartmouth Republicans wisely arranged for their latest speaker — nationally acclaimed author James Lindsay — to speak off campus, where free speech is not (yet) verboten.

John Klar

Dartmouth bureaucrats claim they favor free speech, while they elevate the rights of permitless, foul-mouthed, speech-silencing protesters over those of a peaceful student organization with a permit. The nation first watched this disgrace when Madison Cawthorn spoke at Dartmouth, and hateful children screamed anti-police epithets to intimidate attendees. But at least that event went forward, under security reminiscent of inner-city or prison policing. The college feigns concern over security but has clearly demonstrated it has no concern about assaults on speech liberties.

The Dartmouth Republicans tried yet again, with national speaker Andy Ngo. This time Dartmouth College canceled the event, claiming vague threats by far-left criminals who appear to have organized with campus Antifa (and perhaps college professors who hate America) to stifle opinions that expose the filth of their hateful cult. The college silenced Ngo just an hour prior to the event, claiming that students’ free speech rights were protected because they were allowed to proceed remotely by Zoom. Dartmouth officials claim that this “separate but equal” discrimination was merited by the criminal threats: Dartmouth favors criminals over the tuition-paying students whose rights it throttles.

This student organization has done a stellar job of recruiting fantastic, highly informed speakers to New England, yet they are shunned by a college too stilted by stupidity to remember what “institution of higher learning” even means. So after Andy Ngo was rudely treated and his event destroyed, these brave student thinkers arranged for James Lindsay to speak across the river from Dartmouth’s campus, at a public restaurant in White River Junction, Vermont.

There was no security presence at this event, let alone the scowling Dartmouth black-ops bulldogs who treated attendees like prison inmates at the Cawthorn event. Without power to conjure hidden menaces as grounds to shut down free thought, poor Dartmouth was compelled to permit free speech in its students! Doubtless the college is pleased with itself, having protected the ideologically indoctrinated campus majority from any facts or intellectual challenges to its racist, trans-stupid, imploding new religion. Dartmouth should change its name to Jonestown College and advertise the potent Kool-Aid it supplies for young liberals seeking priesthood.

James Lindsay gave an impressive dissertation on the Marxist roots of every aspect of this new far-left hatred that seeks to eviscerate “rights,” hates the working class, and is dominated by a professional class of academics who will rule over the new totalitarianism already displayed by Dartmouth in its recent actions. At least the progressive eugenicists halted their programs when the light of reason exposed their evils — these people wear blinders and have closed their eyes to truth.

James Lindsay has exposed the threat to America by this ideology in his book (with Helen Pluckrose), Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity ― and Why This Harms Everybody, now followed by his new truth-telling effort, Race Marxism: The Truth about Critical Race Theory and Praxis. Mr. Lindsay explained that CRT is designed to cow white people and is built on racist anti-whiteness, and that it will not go away unless Americans who understand their culture and constitution rise up forcefully to resist at every level. He explained that this garbage “theory” is “as big as a lake but only an inch deep”: it is easily dismantled with facts and logic.

Dartmouth College and the fascists it favors desperately inflict those very privations of free speech rights the nation witnesses in all aspects of this partisan battle — because its elitist ideology cannot survive intellectual scrutiny. Pretty ironic that Dartmouth is now the center of opposing intellectual pursuit.

There was not a whiff of violence at the delightful Vermont Turkish restaurant where the Dartmouth Republicans relocated for James Lindsay’s erudite presentation. In the future, all such events will likely be arranged off-campus, where Dartmouth has not yet contrived to cancel them. Also in the future, this vile ideology will either stand or fall: if it stands, Dartmouth will be a full-blown indoctrination center and will no longer have to deceive would-be students with pretenses of open thought. If it fails, as with the eugenics movement, the credibility of this institution will lie irrevocably shattered on the ground…as it should be.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. This commentary originally appeared at American Thinker.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Gunnar Klack

9 thoughts on “Dartmouth Republicans secure free speech — by fleeing campus

  1. Dartmouth’s wallet is tied to the pay to die pay to pretend you’ll get healthy industry that has run this scamdemic for the past 2+ years – and its fiduciary purse strings are directly tied to supporting the narrative.
    Qui bono?

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    ― Upton Sinclair, I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked

  2. “Dartmouth College and the fascists it favors ….”

    That’s right. Let’s stop thinking this is all about Marxism. There’s a new game in town and it’s the fascist/Marxist hybrid of the Great Reset, whose minion, Justin Trudeau, is preparing to win Canada for the new fascists. They’re allied with big tech/big finance/big pharma. This is the fascist element: corporatism allied with the state. The non-elites will be the socialist part.

    Marxism is being appropriated and used by the Party of Davos. Marxism is not driving the Party of Davos.


  3. We need a new saying for the old worn out “institute of higher learning”..
    I’d recommend a more appropriate institute of propaganda.. which more reflects the policy of
    Vt’s collages one voice theme.. Go Woke Go Broke Hopefully..

  4. De ja vu?

    Doesn’t this seem a bit like Vermont? Doesn’t it feel the same?

    We are taught, no not one of us is without sin. The ultimate sin is pride, nothing more than I’m right and your wrong. Pride is the under lieing cause of all fights. America is fighting. Pride is what keeps us from God, because it’s nothing more than I know more than God. I know more than what is in the bible, even though I haven’t read the book, God’s I spirited book.

    Professors know more than anyone, just ask them! Yet our schools, once a center for higher learning, once founded on biblical truth has become a bastion of sexual gratification on multiple levels, completely devoid of science and factories of the most prideful peole on earth, narcissists extraordinaire.

    Classically in the bible they are known as fools. Solomon gives excellent advice on these matters, our modern day psycilogists do too, remarkably they agree.

    Lord might you help us turn toward your ways, might you open our hearts and minds so that we may turn to you, might you forgive us our sins so that we may joyfully do your bidding here on earth as it is in heaven.

    In Jesus name I ask and pray. TGBTG

    • And you wonder why VTgraveDigger doesn’t publish your ‘works’- aforementioned nuttiness complete with glaring ‘typos’? Get a clue they published Jay Eshelman and conservative op-eds from state officials. If you want ppl to read your carpet-bombings at least make them somewhat legible and readable 🙂

      • And…JC commanded his followers to go into a closet to pray…we now know why lol…and further we are commanded to ‘be not many teacher’s as they will receive greater condemnation for holding selves up as religious authorities…blow the dust off your bible if you even have one…see the “Pharisees” section

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