Lack of vitamin D increases risk of severe COVID, according to study

By Laurel Duggan

Vitamin D deficiency was linked to worse health outcomes for COVID-19 patients, including higher risk of death, a new study found.

Israeli scientists from Bar-Ilan University and the Galilee Medical Center found a strong connection between vitamin D deficiencies and negative COVID-19 outcomes. The researchers were able to predict COVID-19 patients’ vitamin D status accurately based on the severity of the disease in a patient, according to the Feb. 3 study.

Patients with pre-infection vitamin D deficiency were 14 times more likely to have severe or critical COVID-19 symptoms. While worse COVID-19 outcomes and lower vitamin D levels were both associated with old age, researchers also found that low levels of the nutrient were still linked to worsened health outcomes in patients across all age groups.

Diet was a driving indicator of vitamin D levels, noting that Israeli Arabs traditionally ate diets low in meat and fish and had lower levels of the nutrient, according to the study.  The demographic’s higher rate of critical COVID-19 cases may also be linked to delayed medical attention seeking, according to the researchers.

Vitamin D is also known to strengthen bone and muscle health which, according to the researchers, is part of a healthy response to viral infections. The nutrient was also linked to a lower risk of COVID-19 infection overall in a University of Chicago study.

In addition to vitamin D deficiency, studies have found that COVID-19 cases are more severe in patients with comorbidities, particularly obesity.

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6 thoughts on “Lack of vitamin D increases risk of severe COVID, according to study

  1. Just like the fleeting northern sun makes solar electricity inefficient it does the same for your
    immune system. Since I’m ancient I’ve started taking a multi vitamin C, D4, Zinc, Quercetin called
    Z-Stack to help mine fight off buggies…

  2. Fauci has been known to take vitamin d supplements, it’s not a flu season but a vitamin d deficiency season.

    This should have been the protocol, not stupid masks.

  3. It’s also known that, those of us living in these northern latitudes do not get enough Vitamin D, particularly in the late fall, winter, and early spring. The question is then: Why do our medical professionals not emphasize the need for supplementing our Vitamin D intake during these periods? Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Probably for the same reason that it is not permitted to prescribe Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as treatment for Covid. Another good reason to leave the Socialist Republic of Vermont for sunnier climates.

  4. This information is hardly news. The need for Vitamin D, and it’s benefits to medical professionals for many decades. Can anyone remember when dairy products didn’t have Vitamin D added? Our Federal and State governments gave lip service only to the benefits of Vitamin D and other vitamins during the SARS-CoV-2 panic. How many may have died or suffered listening only to the whims of government bureaucrats and spokesman? We will never know, but the lack of emphasis on these supplements is attributable to illness and death surrounding this virus.
    There is only one takeaway from this lack of information- That we, as individuals must become informed and aware of all available information to protect our health.Then make our decisions. Listening to whatever garbage disseminated on the Nightly News ain’t gonna cut it, ever again.

    • It’s good to get the reminder of the benefits of vitamin D. I suspect that only if blood work shows a deficiency would anything be said. Doctors and the media aren’t getting the word out because it’s not high profit for the healthcare industry.

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