Colchester School Board votes to keep flying BLM flag

On Tuesday night, members of the Colchester School Board voted 4-1 to keep the controversial Black Lives Matter flag flying at local schools.

Local resident Genna Barnaby spoke out against the move ahead of the meeting, reading 12 pages of objections, saying BLM flags represent support for a political organization.

4 thoughts on “Colchester School Board votes to keep flying BLM flag

  1. No individual opinions matter. BLM, acting as a supreme authoritarian state, will tell us what is true and what is racist, and will segregate us according to race and in accordance with its doctrine.

    This doctrine now takes precedence over any individual decision-making.

    BLM matters. But, only the few BL killed in confrontations with police M. The thousands of BL killed by other BL in drug wars don’t M. BL killed by other BL isn’t savagery; only BL killed by whites is savagery.

    Burning, looting, shooting and protests are justified if in the name of BLM. All other protests are insurrections.

    Chorus, sung as zombies: “This is what the doctrine states, and we will obey the doctrine in our new world.” Followed by: “Death to America. Long live the new world.” Followed by congratulations and peace to all comrades.

    The Vermont Constitution no longer matters. Only the doctrine of BLM, acting as a supreme authoritarian state, matters.

    This is the little (Vermont) reset, in accordance with the Great Reset that will ensure justice and happiness for everyone who adheres to the doctrine.

    Welcome to the Little Reset.

  2. The Colchester School Board has FORGOTTEN that it is the TAXPAYERS who are THEIR BOSSES – THEY are NOT ours. Take a good look at Loudoun County, VA tonight, school board……this is coming to VT and your Marxism & socialism is going out!!!

    This is a representative democracy: YOU represent US, NOT your PERSONAL, TWISTED ideologies. EVERYONE at that meeting demanded that the flag be removed & YOU are no less than disobedient underlings that are abusing their perceived authority.

    From, Your DIRECT SUPERVISORS: WE, The People!!!!!!!

  3. Sue the School Board & the Town. The only thing they understand is money – they sure don’t care about any resident’s opinion.

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