Christina Nolan: Title 42 should be restored

For Immediate Release
April 6, 2022


Today, Christina Nolan, former United States Attorney and candidate for the United States Senate, issued the following statement on the Biden Administration’s decision to rescind Title 42, the health policy in place at the southern border:

“The border is already overrun with fentanyl and other illegal drug activity resulting in deaths in America. The Biden Administration has admitted the policy decision will exacerbate the problem, and I join members on both sides of the aisle in having grave concerns about the implications and timing of the decision. Opioid overdose deaths have skyrocketed in Vermont at a faster pace than anywhere in the country, highlighting the need to secure the border, support the police, and fund recovery programs for treatment and prevention in Vermont.

According to state data released this week, an all-time high 210 Vermonters died of an opioid overdose last year.

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4 thoughts on “Christina Nolan: Title 42 should be restored

  1. Why is no one asking why so many people are deciding to off themselves slowly with drugs in Vermont?

    These are deaths of despair and mental illness plays a large part in this.

    Life has gotten too complex, too expensive, too overwhelming, people are screwed over and failed in education, our medical care is a mess and too expensive-mental healthcare treatment hardly even exists anymore because that is not a money maker.
    Average people of average intelligence cannot even figure out how to conduct their lives anymore.. THIS is why we are here.
    How do they think this all makes people feel about themselves? that they need a coach of some sort help from non-profits just to figure out how to live, problem solve and navigate life today.
    Stripping people of their ability to be self sufficient has stripped them of their dignity.. and they wonder why so many people are driven to suicide, depression, mental illness, then they choose to self medicate themselves to their graves.

    It’s all easy to see if you don’t live in bubble-land and you actually are tuned into all walks of life around you – not just your chosen few that wear the right shoes and vote like you do.

    We’ll never solve these issues if we don’t even know what they are about and take some ownership of the policies that have failed people and driven them downward to despair-says the number of deaths and social issues of today.

    These deaths are a sign of Failure- and they began long before this border crisis.

  2. Some may call her a RINO but I call balls and strikes with Ms. Nolan’s statements and proposals and this one is a home run fly to Lansdowne Street.. New numbers were just announced for Vermont’s overdose deaths, and the fact that most have involved fentanyl. If a wide open border with cheap fentanyl flowing freely across it is not a “health” issue, I dont know what is. The open border is also an issue of human trafficking, which has been a core issue for Ms. Nolan when she was US Attorney.
    She will wipe the floor in a debate with any of the announced demoprog candidates, who are nothing more than a victimfest clownshow.

  3. Seems like Nolan is another Rino who speaks out both sides of her mouth like our turncoat governor.


    How can Nolan claim to be a Republican when she supports the most radical nominee for the Supreme Court?

    Vermonters wake up

    • “We need real conservative Republicans in Government” is a nice, warm fantasy as we are 60 years into the post Phil Hoff leftist migration of Vermont. The reality is that a serious conservative could not at this point in history be elected by a majority of Vermont voters. I blame ignorant voters as well as the masters of propaganda in the major media who adorn any level of conservative with their usual descriptors: racist, white supremacist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, puppy hater etc etc… Freedom-minded Vermonters should be grateful that someone of Christina Nolan’s character, caliber and credentials is stepping forward to run as a Republican in such an important race. Do your homework on any of her democrat opponents and realize what a threat to our Constitutional freedoms it would be to have ANY of them sworn in to represent Vermont in the Senate for the next 6+ years…

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